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Caitlin Rose Apr 25, 2013
I have a few favorites....but first I want to know who YOUR favorites are on The Voice!!!
Caitlin Rose Apr 24, 2013
Who has been watching The Voice this season?! I haven't seen anyone I was with at the auditions yet!! Good season so far!!!
Caitlin Rose Mar 20, 2013
Ok, starting to get serious here!!! Court and I have looked through all of our songs that we have written and picked out 14 of them for the album!!!
Caitlin Rose Mar 05, 2013
Ok, I need to speak about songwriting more often because THAT was fun!! Thanks ECC for the opportunity!!! #lovetosing #fun
Caitlin Rose Mar 05, 2013
I am about to do a presentation on how to write a song for my public speaking class and i get to perform one of my songs!!! This is going to be so fun!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 17, 2013
Finally home!!' It was a long weekend but a fun one. Now I have to record some songs!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 16, 2013
Ok everyone!!! The long awaited news!!! I didn't make it to the next round, however, TWO people in my group did and I cant wait to see if they make the show!!! I was REALLY nervous but I think it went really awesome and this experience has been so fun!!! Now that I have this experience under my belt, I can't wait to keep pursuing my dream!!! Thank you everyone so much for all of your prayers and support!!! go see NYC!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 16, 2013
We made it around the building and inside in about 45min! @lac15002 @KrizteenOuw had to leave us at the door!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 16, 2013
We're here and we are doing this thing! Almost inside!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 16, 2013
Good morning NYC!!! 6:30am and the line is wrapped around the building! I'm glad I have time to get my voice warmed up!!! Gotta be over 1000 peeps already!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 16, 2013
Dunkin' Donuts pit stop in New Jersey!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 15, 2013 we come!!! @KrizteenOuw @lac15002 @CourtneyConnors
Caitlin Rose Feb 15, 2013
Road trip!! Heading to NYC now!!! Can't believe it's only ONE day until THE VOICE auditions!!! Incredibly excited!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 14, 2013
TWO days until the audition but only ONE before we leave for NYC!! Can't tell you how excited and nervous I am at the same time!! I really don't think this day can go fast enough!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 13, 2013
THREE Days!!! Thanks for all of the clothing suggestions! I will have to figure it out soon! We leave Friday afternoon....ROAD TRIP!!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 12, 2013
FOUR days peopele...FOUR days!!! I haven't even figured out what I'm wearing to the actual audition....any suggestions?!?!
Caitlin Rose Feb 11, 2013
So my sister, Courtney, just singed up to go to THE VOICE auditions in NYC with me! Can't wait! So blessed!
Caitlin Rose Feb 11, 2013
Ok peeps...a MAJOR update: Courtney just signed up and we are now going to the auditions together!!! Woo hoo!!! This is going to be crazy!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 11, 2013
And the countdown begins...FIVE days til the audition!!! This week can't pass by fast enough!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 06, 2013
Got booked our hotel for THE VOICE auditions in NYC!!! This just upped my excitement by a thousand times!! Woohoo!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 06, 2013
We just booked our hotel in NYC!!! This makes it all so real!!! I'm freaking out!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 04, 2013
Wish I didn't have to work!!! All I can think about is my audition!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 03, 2013
My fortune cookie had a message from God today!!!! I will take it!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 02, 2013
Signing up for THE VOICE has inspired me!!! I wrote a few songs this morning!!! Can't wait to record them!!!
Caitlin Rose Feb 02, 2013
Emily by Caitlin Rose This is one of my original songs!!!