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C418 Mar 13, 2018
Hi friends! Over the course of the month of April, I will be doing a ton of stuff! (4th month of 2018, get it? hyuck hyuck) Like, on the first week I'll be rereleasing old stuff on platforms other than Bandcamp! And then I'll be releasing new music too! WAY more than 3 hours of music! Way way more! Stay tuned! I love all of you so much!
C418 Dec 18, 2017
hi here's a mixtape
C418 Sep 11, 2017
If you want to write me a personal message, something nice, something loving, something constructive... you can do that here! ❤️
C418 Sep 10, 2017
C418 Sep 07, 2017
Hi! I've had a tumultuous last 6 months. HOW ARE Y'ALL
C418 Mar 25, 2017
C418 Mar 22, 2017
I should schedule some work time inbetween my playing Zelda life, shouldn't I...
C418 Mar 16, 2017
Hey so I'd like to take Facebook pages seriously but I can't lol. Facebook is real bad for getting a message across unless you spend cash bux, which kind of makes me feel like garbage every time I post something here. IDUNNO FEELSBADMAN
C418 Mar 14, 2017
Yay! Dief is on the 4th place on Bandcamp. I think that's a p good achievement considering how popular Bandcamp has become. Thanks everone!
C418 Mar 13, 2017
I released a new short and smooth Album called Dief. I've made it in under two weeks. Please check it out and tell me what you think!
C418 Feb 16, 2017
C418 Feb 14, 2017
Nothing is a waste of time. Nothing at all.
C418 Feb 08, 2017 do you do good Facebook page marketing? asking for a friend
C418 Feb 08, 2017
I'm facing the books so hard
C418 Jan 29, 2017
C418 Jan 27, 2017
I completely changed my website! I hope it's way more informative than it was before. Check it out!
C418 Jan 27, 2017
's cover photo
C418 Jan 01, 2017
2016 is over. It's dead. Here is a commemorative mixtape to mourn its corpse
C418 Sep 13, 2016
Here's a completely free album for all of you! Because I love you
C418 Sep 09, 2016
Here's a Stranger Things theme song remix. The original of course is by the brilliant S U R V I V E.
C418 Jun 21, 2016
Some new music up on my soundcloud! It's a remix of an older song of mine with the AKIRA soundtrack.
C418 May 08, 2016
Here's day two and three of my daily music challenge. I've gotten seriously ill over the course of these two, but I'm not giving up yet!
C418 May 07, 2016
Decided to try out making short quickly made songs every day starting now. Here's the first one!
C418 Dec 29, 2015
Here's a mixtape from a friend of mine whose taste in music I adore a lot.
C418 Dec 20, 2015
Thank you everyone for sharing my album release! I wasn't even forced to pay Facebook to get the news out. You're the best! <3