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Cassette Backs
Stay Gold
Afraid of Ghosts
The Spade
I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart
Sycamore Meadows
Leavin' the Game On Luckie St
The Rise and Fall Of...Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
The Rise and Fall Of... Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
This Is Me...Justified and Stripped (Live)
Left of Self-Centered
Butch Walker Oct 13, 2017
I will never get over you.
Butch Walker Oct 09, 2017
There were SO MANY AMAZING submissions for the side stage spot... And the winners are..... @jamiethedrake and @johnnysings (Jamie Drake) (Johnny Gates)!! They will be joining us for the festivities at the sold out TALPanga concert for Pancreatic Cancer in Topanga Canyon, Ca. On NOV 4th at the Will Geer Theatricum!!! So excited for you guys to join me, #jakobdylan @aaronleetasjan @soozanto for an awesome day of music, food, drinks, awareness and love!! - BW
Butch Walker Oct 06, 2017
The deadline for the TALP Topanga Charity Concert side stage acoustic submissions is today! We will decide and announce the winner, early next week! We’ve gotten a ton of great ones so far. Can’t wait to see who wins!
Butch Walker Oct 03, 2017
Still can’t believe it this morning. Only good news was that my @klipschaudio Cornwall handmade speakers came knocking on my door at ЯR today. I’m gonna christen these bad boys by taking the day off, and listen to my favorite artist of all time.... I Love you, Tom. -BW @klipschaudio @mcintoshlabs @tompettyofficial
Butch Walker Oct 02, 2017
My heart can’t take this one. You were my everything, musically. What is happening in this fucked up, sad, crazy place we live in... big tears of heartache.. I was just screaming my lungs out to your songs at your show last Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl. I will never listen to Wildflowers, ever, without crying. This world of rock n roll wouldn’t be the same without your contributions and existence.. I love you, Tom.. with all of my ♥️ - Butch
Butch Walker Sep 26, 2017
Hey all! Just letting you know that the little record I did, full of B-sides and demos called "Cassette Backs" (recorded on my 4-track cassette recorder) will be released in digital form and on a limited edition vinyl Friday!! This is a very rare album and I want you to be able to enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. Look out for it on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc or pre-order the vinyl now before it’s out on!!!! TRACK LIST: Its Gotta Get Easier Jamie Wilder In The Heart Bad Friends Stay Gold Smoke And Mirrors Did We Ever Really Fall In Love Roll Me Out
Butch Walker Sep 25, 2017
Been on a big Bob Dylan kick again lately. "They say that patriotism is the last refuge To which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they throw you in jail, Steal a lot and they make you king...." “Sweetheart Like You," by Bob Dylan
Butch Walker Sep 03, 2017
Sad to see you leave the party so soon, Walter. Rest In Peace... #steelydan #walterbecker
Butch Walker Aug 11, 2017
You all may remember Suzanne "Suzanimal" Santo @soozanto form the Stay Gold Tour last year that I did. Yes? Well.. her record is out today and it's really really good. I'm not just saying that because I produced it. I would listen to it, even if I didn't. Go to her page and show some love. Congrats on the album, Suze!
Butch Walker Jul 19, 2017
SOLD OUT! See you guys there. More details to follow. Thank you for supporting the cause. I promise to give ya the best show, in return! - BW
Butch Walker Jul 18, 2017
Only about 30 or so tix left for the Autumn Leaves Concert in Topanga, Ca at the Will Geer Theatricum on Nov. 4th with @soozanto @aaronleetasjan #jakobdylan and me! Thanks for all that bought them up so quickly and looking forward to a fun day in the woods with y'all.
Butch Walker Jul 17, 2017
Remember that announcement I was talking about? Read on.. On Saturday, Nov 4th, the 2017 Autumn Leaves Concert in Topanga Canyon (Los Angeles, CA) is happening and tickets are on sale NOW. This is going to be a beautiful, intimate show in a pretty damn magical outdoor setting (The Will Geer Theatricum) with music by @soozanto Suzanne Santo (of Honey Honey fame), @aaronleetasjan Aaron Lee Tasjan, Jakob Dylan, and YOURS TRULY! The festivities are IN THE DAYTIME from 3-8pm (Saturday Afternoon hangs in the trees of Topanga, what more do you want??), and there will be live intimate stripped down performances by the aforementioned PLUS a cool side stage, where we will be having musical folks (hey maybe that's you) submit your videos for a chance to play on the side stage (details for this will be announced soon)! ALSO we got food, regular and grown-up beverages, merch, and raffle contests to win signed guitars and other cool shit! This is a small intimate venue that has VERY LIMITED CAPACITY so don't sleep on these tickets. They're gonna sell out super quick. So to recap, Saturday, Nov 4th in Topanga Canyon at the Will Geer Theatricum, from 3-8pm. Tickets are only $40, and it goes to providing TALP (The Autumn Leaves Project) with funds to help patients diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer (event is ages 16+ and must provide your ID with your ticket purchase). When you click on the link to buy tickets, read up on our mission, and subscribe to us and follow us on social media. We've already helped a ton of folks with their treatments, special meals, gas money, and overall just trying to make unfortunate people's lives a little easier while dealing with the deadliest cancer there is. My Dad and best friend died from PC and I want to continue to make a difference, in his honor, and for others. Ok let's do this!! Click or the link in my IG bio to go grab your limited tickets! ⁃ BW
Butch Walker Jul 15, 2017
Big announcement coming on Monday! Hint: don't make any plans on Saturday, November 4th... and plan to be in Los Angeles.. ;-) - BW
Butch Walker Jul 10, 2017
Cool guitar alert. 1969 Yamaha FG300. You can pick these up for pretty cheap and if they're set up right, they're a secret weapon in the studio. Good enough for Elliott Smith.. good enough for me! @yamahaentertainmentgroup @yamahamusicusa @yamahaguitardevelopment @yamahaguitars_official
Butch Walker Jul 04, 2017
The very same year I was born (just a few months before I popped out into the world), a black man with a Fender Stratocaster guitar played our National Anthem to a shocked and amazed audience at the Woodstock Festival in upstate New York, cementing not only his place in rock n roll history, but also breaking down any walls of race, politics, or musical preference. I would be about 6 or 7 yrs old when I remember finally hearing and seeing that performance of the National Anthem re-ran on our little television box, and it did nothing but feed my growing obsession for all things rock n roll and guitar at my young age. Thank you, Jimi, for making America even GREATER that day, and for showing Americans that art is a Universal unspoken language and knows no boundaries.. and most importantly, providing us with the most KICK ASS version of the National Anthem ever displayed (Whitney Houston, yours was pretty dope too). Click the link here or in my profile to see the full Jimi version and also a version with me and many others paying tribute. #AllVersionsMatter #fender #happy4th
Butch Walker Jul 01, 2017
This girl @soozanto Suzanne Santo has a new record coming out, that I produced, called "Ruby Red". She shot a hot video for a song called "Ghost In My Bed" (backing vocals by little ol' me!) and the link is here and in my profile. Our friends at KCRW posted it. Enjoy this jam!! -Butch
Butch Walker Jun 26, 2017
Hola! My buddy and fellow music junkie, Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters has a bitchin podcast called "Walking The Floor" and he has interviewed some pretty badass artists. Now it's my turn to sit down with him and fill him in on my past, present, and future. Follow the link in my bio on IG or click this link here: Recline back in the Lazy Boy chair with the beverage of your choice, and give us an hour and 45 of your time. -Butch
Butch Walker Jun 18, 2017
Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there. I love you and miss you, Pops. -Butch
Butch Walker Jun 16, 2017
Listened to the vinyl test pressing of the forthcoming @soozanto (Suzanne Santo) album entitled "Ruby Red" last night. Holy Shit. This record is so damn dripping with sex and sweat I don't know wha to think. It's made to played on vinyl, I can tell you that. This is going to blow people's hearts out of their chest. Proud of you, gal. Footnote: this is clearly not the artwork. -Butch
Butch Walker Jun 01, 2017
They say to always wear white in Spring. No problem. From left to right: @officialgretsch Custom Shop Master built White Falcon, @fender Custom Shop Strat, @iduesenberg Fullerton Elite, @yamahaguitars_official Custom Built SA2200 #guitarded #fender #gretsch #yamaha #duesenberg #nerdalert
Butch Walker May 27, 2017
Had a blast at the Ryman Auditorium for Dylan Fest. Thanks for letting me do an uptempo version of "All Along the Watchtower" folks. Y'all know by now that I don't do "subtle". Much love to my brother of guitarmageddon, @sadlervaden for the dual lead meltdown. #musicisouronlyhope -Butch
Butch Walker May 24, 2017
If you missed last night at Dylan Fest at The Ryman in Nashville, oh need to get your butt out to the finale tonight. Come feel what that one guy standing on the front row was feeling 👍🏽 📸: @chrisphelps
Butch Walker May 23, 2017
At @lightning100 today promoting Dylan Fest at the Ryman tonight and tmrw night! Gonna be a hoot. Come here me rip some guitar and vocals! @djdanbuckley behind the wheel! See yo tonight. Link for tickets in profile or here:
Butch Walker May 18, 2017
My rock n roll brother from another mother, @deandelray had me back on his podcast yesterday. Click my profile link or here to hear us discuss Porsches, politics, and pinball machines. He's a fun hang and we have so many parallels in our lives and our journeys (we even discuss the band Journey so there's that..) so click it and give yourself about an hour and a half to soak in the babble. - Butch
Butch Walker May 17, 2017
WE HAVE A WINNER! Mike and Tisha Darnell are the winners of this Goodsell amplifier! Very excited to give it to them! Someone from @theautumnleavesproject will be in touch on how to receive it. Thank you to all who donated your $20 for raffle tickets. It is all going to a great cause and will help out many unfortunate people with pancreatic cancer. My heart is warm and full today as I see this baby off to their new family. It has served me well on the last few records I've been recording, so I'm happy to see it go to someone else who will love it as much as I did when I fostered it for a few weeks :-) Love, Butch