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Bury Your Dead Jul 17, 2018
Coming up: Quebec, Manchester, then Fort Worth. A nice couple of weekends coming up. Plus, that’s me at Ozzfest back in 2005 when I still had hair on the front of my head (not pictured). -*Mat #WhoRemembers?
Bury Your Dead Jul 11, 2018
This one is gnarly. Texas always does things a little... bigger. You ever notice that? 3 stages, 30 bands, Drowning Pool, and plenty of people eager to smash and be smashed. If there are tickets left, they’re here: -*Mat
Bury Your Dead Jul 08, 2018
Sunday, July 22, we come back to NH for the first time in... well, forever. I can’t imagine how this is going to go. With @gagboston setting the tone, I just hope everyone’s cardio is in order. -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #Hardcore #Metal #SearchingForTheTruth #InTheBiteOfSharksTeeth
Bury Your Dead Jul 06, 2018
July 21, we’re coming across the border to celebrate stage dives, sing-alongs, and people being generally unfriendly to one another. Plus, I took French in high school, so I’m ready! Salut! -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #Hardcore #Metal #DadCore #IUsedToMosh #TiredAllTheTime #GetABabysitterForAHardcoreShow #LifeIsWeird
Bury Your Dead Jun 20, 2018
If you happen to be in Quebec July 21, come relive your youth with us. We’ll be playing a song I know we have only played once in 10 years. I’ll give you a clue: it goes, “duhdum daduhdum dadudum dadudum dadudum daduhdum da da da da.” -*Mat #Practice #BuryYourDead #BYD #Hardcore #Metal #DadCore
Bury Your Dead Apr 08, 2018
Syracuse, really ALL of Upstate, NY, Long Island set the bar VERY HIGH. Last night will forever be one of my favorite. Please, help me forget about it @thelosthorizonsyracuse -*Mat #Repost @andy_apparition ・・・ Bury your fucking dead. Such a killer night to be a part of. Thanks to everyone who came out and bought tickets from us, selling out the venue, @ecclongisland for having us and to @buryyourdeadofficial for the heavy back to long island . . . #buryyourdead #buryyourfuckingdead #amh #longisland #moshnroll #hardcore #metal #metalcore #breakdowns #beatdowns #youhadmeathello #music #shows #pileup
Bury Your Dead Apr 08, 2018
Tiny room. Big expectations. Come be the last person they let in @amityvillemusichall -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #HardCore #DadCore #Metal
Bury Your Dead Apr 06, 2018
This should be a good weekend. -*Mat @sincethefloodband
Bury Your Dead Apr 05, 2018
Sunday finishes off the weekend in style. Since the Flood! Again, just awesome. Come loose your breath with me! -*Mat #HardCore #DadCore #Metal #BuryYourDead #BYD #SinceTheFlood
Bury Your Dead Apr 03, 2018
Saturday should also be one to remember. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve been to Long Island... I think Ozzfest? This should be much more... terrifying. You coming? -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #HardCore #DadCore #Metal
Bury Your Dead Apr 01, 2018
Less than a week away! Next Friday we come to CT and I’m gonna need all the help I can get after screaming along to Since the Flood for the first time in a decade! Join us?! -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #HardCore #DadCore #Metal #TheWebsterUnderground #SinceTheFlood #DoesBrickshotHaveIG?
Bury Your Dead Mar 24, 2018
I know two things: Tonight is going to be wild. Free show, free whiskey, heavy bands. And, @comeandtakeitproductions spares no expense on fancy shiny laminates. See you tonight! -*Mat
Bury Your Dead Mar 23, 2018
#Repost Aaron Būbblé Patrick ・・・ Giggin’ a sold out show in Austin tomorrow with DevilDriver 🔥 Who are we gonna see!? We fhaakn love Texas!!
Bury Your Dead Mar 16, 2018
Come check out some Northeast shows in April! These are coming up fast and these venues are TINY by design. Before the first ticket was sold, they were already limited. BE THERE! Links below: Friday, 4/6 - Hartford, CT: Saturday, 4/7 - Amityville, NY: Sunday, 4/8 - Syracuse, NY:
Bury Your Dead Mar 16, 2018
's cover photo
Bury Your Dead Mar 15, 2018
The hits keep coming. Our home-away-from-home, Connecticut has always brought the heat. Plus, Mark only has to drive 20 min. to get there! I don’t care about your drive or your excuses, Since The Flood will be there, and so should you! -*Mat
Bury Your Dead Mar 10, 2018
New York, I feel like you’re being spoiled: first Brooklyn, now Syracuse?! People are going to start thinking we’re playing favorites! Sunday, 4/8. Come see up play with a bunch of great bands including our great friends in #SinceTheFlood This should be the cause of a lot of “sick days” on Monday! -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #Hardcore #DadCore #Metal #IAmNotAlone #SoHereWeGoAgain
Bury Your Dead Mar 05, 2018
's cover photo
Bury Your Dead Mar 01, 2018
Check out the video from this past tour! 5 adults in a van for 10 days. Could you hang?
Bury Your Dead Feb 25, 2018
Three miles from my house. I drive past this everyday to get to work. Somehow, this means more to me now with a wife and two kids than I ever pretended it did when I was 20. Join us. Celebrate. This world is crazy. -*Mat #BuryYourDead #BYD #HardCore #Metal #DadCore #HomeTown #LiveForTheWeekend @reconhc @gagboston @massconcerts @worcesterpalladium
Bury Your Dead Feb 21, 2018
This Saturday is gonna be lit! Can’t wait to get back to PA.
Bury Your Dead Feb 21, 2018
A couple days off here to get our bodies ready for the last few shows including Great American Thrash Fest in Easton, PA on Saturday! So... Many... Bands! If you’re on the fence, maybe a glance at dashingly handsome Bubble will push you over. -*Mat Aaron Būbblé Patrick 📽iam_gnosis
Bury Your Dead Feb 20, 2018
I’ll tell you, when they were smashing each other and jumping on top of me, it felt like we had a new leader. You decide. And if you come to Orlando tonight, the bar has been set! #Repost @djfivevenoms ・・・ My youth summed up in one song! @buryyourdeadofficial #MoshNRoll
Bury Your Dead Feb 19, 2018
Savannah set the bar, Tampa raised it last night. Margate, do you have what it takes tonight? See you soon! #Repost @jonathanxwilson ・・・ Mellow Sunday night with @buryyourdeadofficial
Bury Your Dead Feb 18, 2018
If your not in it, you can’t win it #Repost @aurafestsavannah ・・・ BURY YOUR FUCKING DEAD #tfptakeover #aurafestsav