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Slayer of Gods
Breathe Fire to the Sun
Brymir Oct 17, 2017
Sean, the messiah of shred! 📸: Toni Salminen / Metalscope @zero_scope #brymir #metal #melodicmetal #guitar #ibanez #shred #fasterthanlightning
Brymir Oct 16, 2017
Brymir performing a new song titled "Ride on, Spirit!" at Nosturi... We have alot of new stuff brewing and can't wait to share it with you all! Stay tuned #Repost @kaaoszine ・・・ Brymir Nosturissa. 😈 #brymir @brymirband #nosturi #kaaoszine 🎥@eini1979
Brymir Oct 16, 2017
Thank you Nosturi! Now our two weekends with two folk-metal legends is done, and this last one didn't disappoint in the least! Always great to make some new friends: "I remembered to make a note to move Brymir from my "Check out sometime"-list to my "Check out immediately"-list" - Aleksi Peura / :) Review in Finnish:
Brymir Oct 14, 2017
Getting ready for tonight at Nosturi with Draugnim & Turisas 🔥🔥🔥 #brymir #turisas #draugnim #nosturi #metal #folkmetal #melodicmetal #showtime
Brymir Oct 12, 2017
Repost from @kimno_ 🔥 A view from amidst the storm! Brymir bangin' it last weekend at Virgin Oil Co. @hmhfestival 🤘🏼Next up Nosturi with #Turisas, who's ready for the next round? #brymir #live #metal #melodicnetal #blastbeat #hmhfestival #virginoilco
Brymir Oct 07, 2017
We're ready to slay some kebab at @hmhfestival with #korpiklaani & #winterthroned 🍖🌮
Brymir Oct 04, 2017
We want YOU at HMH! Virgin Oil, Helsinki, sat 7.10.2017 🔥Sharing the stage with the mighty Korpiklaani and Winterthroned! @winterthronedband @official_korpiklaani @hmhfestival #brymir #hmh #festival #korpiklaani #wintertroned #metal #melodicmetal #folkmetal
Brymir Oct 02, 2017
HMH is already next weekend!Are you ready? 🔥Heavy Metal Heart • Virgin Oil Co. • 6.-7.10.2017. @hmhfestival @official_korpiklaani @fearofdomination @amberiandawn @winterthronedband @lostingreyofficial #metal #heavymetalheart #hmh #helsiniki
Brymir Jul 18, 2017
Viktor did some greasy cookin' with Heavy Cooking Club! 🔥🧀🌶
Brymir Jun 15, 2017
Hailz from the mysterious island studio sessions! We will shortly unveil what it is we've been up to lately 😏 Pretty decent working conditions since this pic is taken 20 m from the studio with the Helsinki #Skyline *wink wink* (?) behind us 👌🏻 #brymir #suomenlinnanstudio
Brymir Jun 11, 2017
Kiitoxia Oulu, Blasthyrkh! ⚔️ #brymir #overandout #yhentähenmetalli
Brymir Jun 11, 2017
Here's our retrospect of our most insane trip so far a couple of weeks back. Japan proved to be everything we dreamed and more: insane places, insane experiences and insane but/and amazing people. We have to thank all those who came to the shows from the bottom of our hearts, and we hail and are humbled by the great crews and fellow touring bands for making this trip so wonderful. Thanks to the great people at Evoken de Valhall for making this happen and taking care of us so well. Hails to Ares, Re-Armed, Dark Flood, Whispered and Insomnium for magical friendship and a real brothers-in-arms atmosphere. You guys are the best! Special thanks to Caroline Misokane for the great pics she took from our Duo Exchange gig, and to Sean's brother Joel and his wife for showing us all around Tokyo and being just the best tour-guides a couple of newbies from Finland could hope for... Wow... What a ride!
Brymir Jun 10, 2017
Onko Oulu + Brymir = 🍕? Mysteeri ratkeaa tänä iltana Ykän Pubin pihalla... #yhentähenmetalli #brymir #grillitkuumax
Brymir Jun 06, 2017
The infamous Godslayer Squad launches their next assault at Oulu, sat 10.6.2017 🔥 See you in the moshpitsa 🍕🤘🏼
Brymir Jun 05, 2017
Skippers, ahoy! ⚓️🛥Mysterious recording sessions have begun at the Brymir HQ in Suomenlinna, a fortified island outside of Helsinki. More details on the context to follow shortly! 😎 #suomenlinnanstudio #newshit #braceyourselves #brymir #metal
Brymir Jun 03, 2017
Some news, guys! We have something yummy brewing and it has to do with drum recordings... and pizza! 🍕🤘🏻🌤
Brymir May 29, 2017
Back at the studio after our incredible tour in Japan!🔥New stuff in the making, stay tuned 🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿
Brymir May 27, 2017
Just off the plane from the Orient, and already we have some more great news for the autumn: We'll be playing with the legendary Turisas for the first time! Nosturi, Helsinki, 14th Oct. Prepare your warpaints for a night of Varangian kebab!
Brymir May 26, 2017
Thousand arigatou Japan, we miss you already! 🇯🇵 🇫🇮
Brymir May 24, 2017
Brymir's cover photo
Brymir May 24, 2017
Japan is totally awesome and we're having the time of our lives!!! The only complaint is that Viktors burger was too small 🍔 🙈
Brymir May 22, 2017
Our last night in Tokyo! Thanks to the insane crowd, amazing crew and all our fellow bands! 🔥🔥🔥 #brymir #whispered #darkflood #rearmed #evokendevalhallproduction #blastbeat #tokyo #japantour #suomifeast2017
Brymir May 22, 2017
Sushislayers in action last night!! 🍣⚔️ Kanpai!! 🍻
Brymir May 21, 2017
Arigato, Tokyo! 🤘🏼🇯🇵🤘🏼You blew our minds! We have the pleasure of doing one more Tokyo show tomorrow 🔥 See you in HOLIDAY SHINJUKU! #tokyo #suomifeast #japantour #brymir #whispered #insomnium #darkflood #rearmed #ares #evokendevalhallproduction
Brymir May 21, 2017
Osaka x Tokyo x Shibya x Duo Exchage! #bullettrain #tokyo #japantour #brymir #metal