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Slayer of Gods
Breathe Fire to the Sun
Brymir Jul 10, 2018
We will be part of the Lost in Music -festival in Tampere in early October! Hope to see you all there! /,,/
Brymir Jun 25, 2018
Interested in where we're at with the new album? Joona had a quick word with A&p-REACTS about all things Brymir: plans, visions, and, of course, music. Check it out!
Brymir Jun 01, 2018
Chasing the Skyline hits 50k streams on Spotify! Thank you so much for listening. Some news inbound very soon & new shit is on the way! Follow @brymirofficial on Instagram for more frequent updates & stories! (and the usual retardation...)
Brymir May 07, 2018
Thank you for the kind words!
Brymir Apr 19, 2018
Imperiumi rates our new single 9,5/10! 🏆 What would YOU rate it? 🤘🏼
Brymir Apr 18, 2018
Chasing The Skyline has streamed over 11k in just one week and hits Finland Viral 50 chart at 6! Thank you so much for listening, let's get that album done shall we! 😈
Brymir Apr 13, 2018
Official lyric video out now! We proudly present you this lyric video for our new single "Chasing The Skyline". Enjoy & share!
Brymir Apr 11, 2018
Brymir Apr 10, 2018
Brymir Apr 10, 2018
Brymir releases the new single ”Chasing the Skyline” from the upcoming third album! This first single is definitely from the lighter, more hopeful stuff of that horizon that is our new material. Maybe the most melodic Brymir has ever been, the song is a good showcase for the dawn-side of the upcoming third album. Filled with yearning, energy and drive; gaze proudly fixed to the future. With the blackest night-time spaces still left waiting to be revealed… Available on all digital formats worldwide!
Brymir Apr 10, 2018
Brymir Apr 09, 2018
? ;) by The Art of Claudio Bergamin
Brymir Apr 05, 2018
Joonas Ahtikallio Photograpy ©
Brymir Mar 10, 2018
Viktor applying his signature mixing techniques on the soon-to-be finished... NEW SINGLE! 🐸 - #brymir #mixing #studio #newmusic #metal #melodicmetal #melodicdeathmetal #explosion #flashdance #whatafeeling #moves
Brymir Mar 02, 2018
Two years ago to date we published the video for Slayer of God's lead single "For Those Who Died". So stoked to get the next one out to you guys ASAP-FTW-WTF (As-Soon-As-Possible, Final-Touches-Wanted, When-'Tis-Finished)... XD
Brymir Jan 29, 2018
Good Monday to all! To brighten your starting week; here's Viktor's fun little interview for Stalker Magazine where light is shed on the absolutely most important questions about Brymir...
Brymir Jan 24, 2018
Here's some nice pizza action from Metal Crane Festival last Friday! Old-school epic humppa metal is always fun to play! ✌🏼
Brymir Jan 21, 2018
TOTALLY INSANE weekend at @metalcranefestival and @jklmetalfestival 💣💣💣 Insane crowds... Your warm embrace makes all the work worthwhile! 🖤 - Big up @nemagency @kalmahofficial @catameniaofficial @amongtheprey - #gratitude #bestinlife #metalcranefestival #jklmetalfestival #metal #melodicmetal #melodicdeathmetal #metalband #live #tour #brymir #kalmah #catamenia #amongtheprey
Brymir Jan 20, 2018
Thanks to everyone who came to yesterday's kebab festival. 🌯 We were extremely stoked that you were so many!🙋🏼‍♂️Here's a piece of some moshpizza-explosion! 🍕🍕🍕
Brymir Jan 19, 2018
Tänään alkaa rillailut Nosturissa! Huomenna Jyväskylä.🤘🏽🔥🍔 Pe 19.1 @metalcranefestival La 20.2 @jklmetalfestival - Lauteilla: - 💀Kalmah 💀Catamenia 💀Brymir 💀Among The Prey #brymir #kalmah #catamenia #amongtheprey #metalcranefestival #jklmetalfestival #metal #melodicmetal #melodeath #melodicdeathmetal #helsinki #jyväskylä #nosturi #live #showtime #tour
Brymir Jan 04, 2018
Catch Brymir live this month: 5.1 - Tampere / YO-talo 6.1 - Nivala / Tuiskula 19.1 - Helsinki / Nosturi 20.1 - Jyväskylä / Ilokivi We will be sharing stages with awesome bands including Wolfheart, Kalmah, Catamenia, Whispered and more. Don't miss out! Can't wait! 🔥 📸 Raisa Krogerus / Metalliluola at Nosturi 14.10.2017 #Repost @v_storm ・・・ #brymir #epicmetal #finnishmetal #metal #concertphotography #metalliluola #stagelights #musicphotography #wolfheart #kalmah #catamenia #whispered #metalcranefestival #jklmetalfestival #tour #band #finland
Brymir Dec 29, 2017
VENUE UPGRADE! Our show in Helsinki 19.1.18 was upgraded from Elmun Baari to Nosturi due to being sold out. :) See you there!!!
Brymir Dec 21, 2017
It's the darkest day of the year... so we booked some shows for January! 5.1.2018 YO-talo, Tampere (+ Wolfheart, Whispered) 6.1.2018 Tuiskula, Nivala (+ Wolfheart) 19.1.2018 Metal-Crane Festival, Elmun Baari, Helsinki (+ Kalmah, Catamenia, Among The Prey) 20.1.2018 JKL-Metal Festival, Ilokivi, Jyväskylä (+ Kalmah, Catamenia, Among The Prey) See you there! :)
Brymir Dec 07, 2017
Backstage Rock Shop tarjoaa ilmaisen toimituksen kotimaan tilauksiin Suomen satavuotisen itsenäisyyden kunniaksi su 10.12 asti! Paidat niskaan tai vaikka pukinkonttiin!
Brymir Nov 17, 2017
Hailz! A week from now, we are joining forces again with our brothers from the Japan-tour: Tampere's Truest Samurais of Whispered and Kerava's Killer Thrashers from Re-Armed! And to add a little atmospherics, the evening will be opened by the dark/black metal act Kausalgia. So get your ass to Tikkurila, Vantaa on Friday the 24th for some epic mosh-pizza!