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All the Beauty in This Whole Life
Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color
The Bite Marked Heart
Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color
Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color (Instrumental Version)
Truth Is Here
Truth Is Here
The Truth Is Here
The Undisputed Truth
Truth Is
Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party (feat. DJ Rhettmatic, Brother Ali & J Live)
Shadows On the Sun
California Roots Music & Arts Festival California Roots Music & Arts Festival 2018
Venue: Monterey County Fair & Event Center (Monterey, CA, US) Find tickets
Brother Ali Feb 22, 2018
Very excited to be sharing the stage with Ice Cube at the 2018 Minneapolis X-Games on Saturday, July 21. Find your tickets here:
Brother Ali Feb 14, 2018
A few years ago on Valentine’s Day, I released a collection of songs called The Bite-Marked Heart. Production was shared between Ant and Jake One and the EP features Phonte, Stokeley Williams, Nikki Jean & Aby Wolf My man Eric Inkala did the art. Head over to @fifthelementrse and getchu a copy!
Brother Ali Jan 31, 2018
Big shout out to Blueprint & Illogic for reaching the 100th episode of their podcast, Super Duty Tough Work. Blueprint remains one of the most inspirational independent artists in our community because of his consistent ability to structure, organize and execute his plans as an artist and entrepreneur. Every week, he and Illogic Break down the theories and techniques of establishing and maintaining a long-term career. If you want to learn to make a living doing what you love, don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity. Head to iTunes or sound cloud and put this good game up in your ear.
Brother Ali Jan 25, 2018
Minneapolis, so excited to perform January 27 at Super Bowl Live along with Dem Atlas and PROF. It's free for everyone, I'm on at 8pm. See you there at 8th and Nicollet 2pm - DJ Mad Mardigan & MC Tonez 4pm - Beats And Rhymes 5pm - Lexii Alijai 6pm - ILLism 7pm - Dem Atlas 8pm - Brother Ali 9pm - PROF
Brother Ali Jan 02, 2018
Inspired to post this when I saw my brother, @murs316 post his. The average person may see that a million fans in 61 countries spent a million hours listening to my music (on the Spotify app alone) and assume that I must be wealthy. In the industry, my team still needs to fight to get me on festivals and included in the press that covers hip hop. -as if we had little to no value at all. My teachers are adamant that numbers are utterly insufficient in appraising the true impact of what we do. I measure my success by what I see in your eyes and feel in your presence. Whether these numbers look big or small to you, I’m grateful that people open their hearts and spend their time with what comes out of mine. Shoutout the good people @spotify for being good to us.
Brother Ali Dec 30, 2017
Hip Hop lost one of our true legends a few days ago. @reggieosse was not only an incredible journalist and documentarian, he was also a friend to my wife and me. As I sat trying to collect my thoughts and feelings to write a post about Reg, I realized that I actually took the opportunity to tell him what he meant to me on his podcast, The #combatjackshow a couple months back. This was before we knew Reg had cancer and I’m so grateful we caught this conversation on wax. Please go check out the podcast. Pay special attention to the @djdnice episode. Much love to. @smcampion for bringing Reggie to The Twin Cities for @giantstepsmn and to the whole Combat Jack Show family. 📸 @annamin612 @laurazabel @jewjeffner
Brother Ali Dec 27, 2017
Morrison, CO: So excited to be performing at Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre January 26 Tickets available now:
Brother Ali Dec 19, 2017
Another one of the self-produced, one-minute freestyles I’ve been posting on my Instagram. Photo by BK-One who shot it with a real camera on the back of a tour van circa 2003. My IG is @BrotherAliIsBlind and the series is #BrotherMinutester. Feel free tonight share.
Brother Ali Dec 18, 2017
Have you been peeping my #BrotherMinutester series of one-minute, self-produced #freestyle drops on instagram? I’ve recorded them everywhere from my basement to flights across the ocean. Raw snapshots of a vibe I caught in a moment and captured in a one minute clip. Hit @brotheraliisblind on IG to hear the whole series.
Brother Ali Nov 25, 2017
I don’t know the Muslims usually seen on the news. I don’t recognize them. In nearly 25 years as A Muslim, I’ve never met those people. These are the kind of people who’ve loved, embraced and taught me.
Brother Ali Nov 20, 2017
So excited to bring the #OwnLightTour to EUROPE! Join LAST WORD and I this November in select cities. Tickets are on sale NOW: + VIP Meet & Greet upgrades:
Brother Ali Nov 20, 2017
Monterey, Ca: Excited to be playing California Roots May 25! Tickets available:
Brother Ali Nov 13, 2017
So honored for Rolling Stone to provide this piece about “Dear Black Son”. I’d consider it a favor if you’d share with with your loved ones.
Brother Ali Oct 06, 2017
Last night in Michigan on The #OwnLightTour I recalled the story of Meeting KRS-ONE at MSU and him talking about The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
Brother Ali Oct 06, 2017
The #OwnLightTour starts NOW. Come celebrate with Sa-Roc Last Word & Sol Messiah. Hit for show info & tickets and we’ll SEE YOU THERE!
Brother Ali Sep 27, 2017
Perhaps you'll enjoy this conversation with VEVO. We explore the creative process of All The Beauty In This Whole Life, our song Dear Black Son and the social climate.
Brother Ali Sep 26, 2017
The next leg of The #OwnLightTour with Sa-Roc LastWord & Sol Messiahh starts next week! VIP packages are selling out and tickets are moving fast. Hit and GET YOURS NOW!
Brother Ali Sep 25, 2017
Honored to speak & perform at Princeton University this evening at 7:30. It's free & open to the public at the McCormick Hall Art Museum on campus. Along with the Princeton students and staff, I'd love to see my supporters & friends from the New Jersey area. Kindly spread the word and I'll SEE YOU THERE!
Brother Ali Sep 22, 2017
They tell me the album Ant and I made called "Us" came out 8 years ago today and I'm flooded with memories. Ant recording a gospel choir in their church, jumping around backstage in Boston when we got the intro from Chuck D and writing songs in the cold Minnesota winter of 2009. I wanted to stretch the autobiographical writing of "The Undisputed Truth", to include the stories of people who've shaped me. It didn't take long to figure out it's corny to talk about them in 3rd person. I needed to write, in first person, about my own loving and witnessing them. Babygirl is the hardest song I've written. Each of the women who held and molded me lived through sexual violence. Hurting and healing alongside them has broken and built my heart. I sought and was granted permission from one beloved companion in particular to write and perform the song. I've received recognition and praise for my work, but nothing compares to the honor of people around the world singing along, crying along and healing along with Babygirl. I asked recently if I should continue performing the song, or give it a rest. She reminded me that one of the crimes of sexual violence is that it's easier for people to deny and disbelieve, than face the truth. "People singing along with that song every night lets me know that they believe, not only me, but the people who hear themselves in the story."
Brother Ali Sep 08, 2017
Tickets for the next leg of the #OwnLightTour ON SALE TODAY at 10am local time. Come see me with Sa-Roc LAST WORD & DJ SOL MESSIAH! Limited quantity VIP meet and greet packages available! SEE YOU SOON! Tickets:
Brother Ali Sep 07, 2017
So excited to announce NEW TOUR DATES for The #OwnLightTour with Sa-Roc LAST WORD & DJ SOL MESSIAH This tour has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. We'll SEE YOU THERE. This footage was shot by Amal Flower Kay on the first leg of our Own Light Tour with Sa-Roc, Last Word and Sol Messiah. It's show footage, meet & greets with fans and backstage moments that Amal and I put together to give a glimpse into the incredible love and beauty we experience on the road connecting with fans, friends and family. The song is "It Ain't Easy" from our new album "All The Beauty in This Whole Life", produced entirely by Ant. Shout out to all of the beautiful people who came out to show your love and support. There were a lot of folks we weren't able to include in this cut, but you're in our hearts and memories for life. Special thanks to Ant, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd Allah, The Reminders, Musab, Fashawn, Jasiri X, Paradis Gray, Sway, Azhar Usman, Imam Talib Abdur Rasheed, Dr. Rami Nashashibi, Student Minister Abel Muhammad, Paul Wichmann, Imam Khalil Abdullah, Deja Camacho, Alex Robinson, Jay Bird, Adam Strohl, Siddiq, Tiffany Jones, deM atlaS, Iman & Khadijah (Al Taw'am), Slug, Talia Schlanger, Savera Iftikhar, Ismail Ibrahim, Sadia Nawab.
Brother Ali Sep 02, 2017
TEXAS! You've shows us so much love over the years and my brother @techimmortal put this benefit show together to give back whatever small pice we can. Hold tight and we'll see you soon. TICKETS HERE
Brother Ali Aug 29, 2017
A few days ago the world lost the great humorist and humanitarian, Dick Gregory. This man lived an entire lifetime before 40. He was the first black comedian to sit on the couch on late night TV, fathered 10 children with his wife, Lillian, wrote a best selling book, set records in track & field, helped to pioneer the vegetarian and raw food movement and financed & organized much of the Black liberation movement. I pulled out my Dick Gregory records to have a memorial session and found this clip. At 39, Mr. Gregory officially retired from show business to dedicate himself entirely to the service of his family, community and humanity as a whole. Luckily enough for his fans and the comedy community, Bro. Dick still performed after that point, but it seemed to serve as a statement to himself and the world that his intention and priorities ity from that day forward wouldn't be the raise to stardom or the acquisition of fortune. He made an intentional shift to service and sacrifice. Several in his circle of successful friends and colleagues made similar decisions. Muhammad Ali, Nina Simone and Harry Belefonte come to mind. Each of them legendary for not only their art, but their commitment to service. Praying I'm given the ability and state to not just pay them lip service, but actually act upon their mighty example.
Brother Ali Aug 26, 2017
#NeiceLove! Ms Layla had bars her whole life! Probably because her mama keeps her fed with the good stuff. #PenToPaper #AllTheBeautyInThisWholeLife
Brother Ali Aug 17, 2017
The one and only...