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Cycles of Life and Sound
BROOKROYAL Mar 16, 2018
Back to the Future fans. “Run for it, Marty!” BROOKtotheROYAL. Comin’ for ya, Pointfest!!!! Can’t wait!
BROOKROYAL Mar 11, 2018
Editing prepro demos from our work earlier today. And drinking whiskey. Happy Sunday, everyone.
BROOKROYAL Mar 09, 2018
Yeah... it’s Thursday. Yeah... we’re writing new music. Yeah... you won’t expect what’s coming. Yeah... Bon got to eat Crack Tacos from DB's Sports Bar without us. He’s forgiven... sorta.
BROOKROYAL Mar 04, 2018
Happy Sunday! Fantastic writing session today. And now it’s time for BBQ. 🍗🍻
BROOKROYAL Feb 23, 2018
photo by: Ryan T. Phillips
BROOKROYAL Feb 13, 2018
PUMPED to announce that we'll be a part of this year's Pointfest!!! Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am! See details below--->> Hmmm...what to do in the meantime? Studio time for some new music sounds like a good plan:)
BROOKROYAL Feb 13, 2018
BROOKROYAL Feb 13, 2018
BROOKROYAL's cover photo
BROOKROYAL Feb 11, 2018
Today we feast on wings and toast to life. Happy Sunday, everyone.
BROOKROYAL Feb 05, 2018
On top of such a wonderful night with friends and family last night and the continued massive support from Pop's Concert Venue for our band we want to add how much Pop’s loves this music scene and our fans. They won’t post this so I will... We had a married couple that are Veterans (one still currently active) that attended the show last night and Pop’s took care of them all night. Didn’t pay a dime for anything. Amazing. Enjoyed some music and got a much needed night out. Thank you, Rich Donald and Pop’s for continuing to be an amazing venue. And huge thank you to our friends Jeremy and Kayla for your service.
BROOKROYAL Feb 04, 2018
It’s very difficult to describe how grateful we are to everyone for coming out to support St. Louis music last night at Pop’s. The bands on the bill all worked extremely hard to give everyone the best show we could. We were informed by the venue the show was officially sold out. Thank you to everyone for believe in us and St. Louis music. #LoveYourScene.
BROOKROYAL Feb 03, 2018
Home from the final rehearsal. Now to try and sleep before we party it up tomorrow. We’ll see you guys there! Can’t wait!!!!!! #LoveYourScene.
BROOKROYAL Feb 01, 2018
TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR ONLINE SALES via our Square site (it will stop taking orders at midnight tonight 2/1/18)! Get on it! Less than 200 tickets left! HOLY CRAP! 2 days!!!!!!!!
BROOKROYAL Jan 30, 2018
FRIENDS...there are only a couple hundred tickets left! LAST CHANCE! Our online store is only up til this Thursday 2/1/18! It's your last chance to purchase tickets directly from us AND your last chance to pre-order merchandise before the show! Only a few more days...
BROOKROYAL Jan 30, 2018
First poster and tickets already gone here at FRAILEY’S! Who’s gonna be next????
BROOKROYAL Jan 29, 2018
Hope to see you all tonight at 7pm!! Who’s coming to hang with us???
BROOKROYAL Jan 27, 2018
We’ll be live TODAY with Agitate the Airwaves today at 1pm CST. Check it!!!!!!!
BROOKROYAL Jan 27, 2018
Friends! Monday night 1/29/18 at 7pm we’ll be hanging out at Frailey's Southtown Grill selling tickets, eating the best wings in town, and may or may not have a beer or 7. Come hang with us! First two people to come up and say hi get 2 free tickets to the show on Feb. 3rd. I’m already hungry. 🍗🍻
BROOKROYAL Jan 26, 2018
GUYS/GALS! We are only 8 days away!!!! We are absolutely blown away by the response and tickets are moving WAY faster than we ever thought. about something special for you guys? LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE this post and we'll give away 2 pairs of FREE TICKETS and 2 autographed posters from the show for 2 lucky fans! #TwosAreWild CAN'T FRIGGIN WAIT FOR NEXT WEEKEND!!!
BROOKROYAL Jan 22, 2018
Another rehearsal in the books today. Having so much fun jamming these tunes. Can’t wait to see everyone. Did you get your tickets yet??? #LoveYourScene
BROOKROYAL Jan 19, 2018
Hey 4 Hands Brewing Company, rehearsal sounds pretty damn good with more of this.
BROOKROYAL Jan 17, 2018
Check it!!! Had a blast with Shane!
BROOKROYAL Jan 16, 2018
Only a couple weeks to go!!! Be sure to buy your tickets in advance! Don't forget you can pre-order merch (AND get tickets) on our Square site! Can't wait to see you all
BROOKROYAL Jan 14, 2018
Great time today with Shane from Rock, Paper, Podcast. Thanks for having us, dude! Also, big thanks to our favorite restaurant, Frailey's Southtown Grill, for the absolute BEST wings in St. Louis. Music, Wings, Beer, Friends. Doesn’t get any better than that. 2/3/18. Tickets going fast. Get em while you can. #LoveYourScene