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Cycles of Life and Sound
BROOKROYAL Oct 05, 2017
Who's pumped!?!?!!!! LGB!!!!
BROOKROYAL Aug 09, 2017
Hello again, Friends. STL scene pioneers, Not Waving But Drowning, are returning after a long hiatus Sept. 30th at Blueberry Hill. Come supports these great humans and a big reason we played music. #STLlegends #STLHardcore Returning after a long hiatus... hmm... solid idea. 🤔🤔🤔
BROOKROYAL Oct 15, 2016
Great meeting my new homie, Josh. Thanks for the love! We appreciate it! -Jack
BROOKROYAL Oct 13, 2016
Who's ready!?!!?!!!!!
BROOKROYAL Sep 19, 2016
Check out this Beaut!!!
BROOKROYAL Aug 13, 2016
Hey friends! Be sure to get out to the InkSpot Block Party today in Troy, MO. Bon's band The Hush List plays at 9pm. Tons of great bands out there today. Always a good time!!!
BROOKROYAL Jun 20, 2016
Happy Father's Day!!! Hope all the dads out there had a great day!!
BROOKROYAL May 26, 2016
Well............... I'm bummed but at least it's May 25th and there was a Blues game today. Happy for that and a great run. Thankful they still play us at games and will always Bleed Blue. Thanks for a great season, boys.
BROOKROYAL May 26, 2016
Alright Blues. You can do this!!! #WeAllBleedBlue
BROOKROYAL May 18, 2016
Pumped for this game tonight. Hope the boys can keep their foot on the gas pedal. #WeAllBleedBlue
BROOKROYAL May 16, 2016
From our buddy Josh. Way too good not to repost. BLEED BLUE!!!
BROOKROYAL May 12, 2016
Holy hell.... YES!!!!!!!!!! Bleed Blue!!!!
BROOKROYAL May 12, 2016
Cmon boys!!!! Finish this out!
BROOKROYAL May 08, 2016
Happy Mother's Day to the wonderful moms out there and to our band mom, Mickey, looking down on us from Heaven. We miss you.
BROOKROYAL Apr 26, 2016
Just gonna have a seat real quick. Been standing and pacing since the start of the 2nd period. Congrats boys!!! Round Two, here we come!!!!! #WeAllBleedBlue
BROOKROYAL Apr 25, 2016
Cmon boys! PLLLLLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!! Finish it!!!
BROOKROYAL Apr 22, 2016
Big game tonight!!! So pumped! GO BLUUUUUUES!!!!! #WeAllBleedBlue
BROOKROYAL Apr 13, 2016
Playoffs baby!!!!! BLEED BLUE!!!!!
BROOKROYAL Jan 01, 2016
We hope everyone has a great time this evening. Be safe and please call a cab. Happy New Year!!!
BROOKROYAL Dec 25, 2015
Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!
BROOKROYAL Dec 14, 2015
Big thanks to Mr. Brooks and his History of Rock n Roll class at Grandview High School for letting me(Jack) come in and talk some music with them today! It was a blast!
BROOKROYAL Dec 12, 2015
Congrats to the homies in Fivefold on their new album release tonight! Have a kick ass show, dudes!!!!
BROOKROYAL Nov 30, 2015
Prepro. Excellent. Also... Bon's shirt is glorious.
BROOKROYAL Nov 29, 2015
Solid writing was done this weekend. Still work to be done though. Excited for new tunes. Hope you guys are too.
BROOKROYAL Nov 28, 2015
Time to get to work....... 🎶🎶🎶