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After the Disco
Broken Bells
Broken Bells Jun 26, 2017
Listen to Danger Mouse’s jukebox playlist.
Broken Bells Jan 05, 2017
The Shins
Broken Bells Oct 05, 2016
Check out the Danger Mouse playlist on Spotify- A Danger Mouse mixtape updated on the regular.
Broken Bells Jan 14, 2016
Sign up for the 30th Century Records newsletter on their website for a chance to receive a vinyl copy of the 30th Century Records Compilation Volume I and a super cool pink Broken Bells LP.
Broken Bells Dec 18, 2015
Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records Vol. 1 Compilation is available on AppleMusic now.
Broken Bells Nov 13, 2015
Danger Mouse launched 30th Century Records. Check out some new music from the first release on NPR.
Broken Bells Sep 28, 2015
Watch a couple of clips from our 'Live at The Orpheum' special here
Broken Bells Sep 25, 2015
Stream “It’s That Talk Again” here:
Broken Bells Sep 25, 2015
The new song from Broken Bells “It's That Talk Again’” is now available for download. Get it here:
Broken Bells Sep 24, 2015
Listen to Broken Bells’ brand new song “It’s That Talk Again” available 9/25.
Broken Bells Sep 24, 2015
's cover photo
Broken Bells Sep 23, 2015
Got something special coming your way tomorrow
Broken Bells Sep 23, 2015
Broken Bells: Live At The Orpheum premieres this Saturday, September 26th at 9/8c pm on Palladia.
Broken Bells May 05, 2015
The Broken Bells After The Disco Tour is nominated at the Live Design Excellence Awards in NYC for best concert design. The vote is open until May 13th.
Broken Bells Dec 04, 2014
Happy December- there are a few merch packs for sale on the Broken Bells store if you need some new gear.
Broken Bells Nov 07, 2014
Tune in to a live performance and interview from Broken Bells on Sound Opinions now:
Broken Bells Nov 06, 2014
Some new merch items, previously only available, on our tour, are now up at the Broken Bells store.
Broken Bells Nov 05, 2014
Check out Broken Bells in the new “After The Disco” music video here:
Broken Bells Oct 28, 2014
Limited Tickets still available for tonight's show in San Francisco. The very last show of the tour!
Broken Bells Oct 25, 2014
Come out and see Broken Bells perform at Orpheum Theater (Los Angeles, California) tonight or Saturday night. A limited amount of tickets are still available:
Broken Bells Oct 11, 2014
Tune into to see Broken Bells perform live at the Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) tonight at 10/9c.
Broken Bells Oct 09, 2014
See Brian and James in the brand new video for “After the Disco” here:
Broken Bells Oct 08, 2014
Broken Bells Ticket Giveaway
Broken Bells Sep 22, 2014
Listen to J-Zone remix another, “Holding On For Life,” exclusively on Okayplayer and get it for free on our SoundCloud:
Broken Bells Sep 16, 2014
Listen to James' band before The Shins when they were still Flake Music. Sub Pop Records is reissuing 'When You Land Here, It's Time To Return' on 11/25!