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Contexture: Gods, Men, And the Infinite Cosmos
Gentlemen's Brawl
Gentlemen's Brawl
Hilary Duff
Meg Ryan Would Play You In the Movie
Broadway Jan 31, 2016
So, if we told you guys we have a very limited amount of new t-shirts left after our reunion show, how many of you would want one?! (Sorry, pug not included)
Broadway Jan 17, 2016
Last night was absolutely insane! Thank you everyone who came out, especially all you wonderful people who traveled from out of state and across the country. You guys made it, hands down, the best show we've ever played! If you took any nice pictures or videos, please send us links, we'd love to see them and post them! - Misha
Broadway Jan 11, 2016
I might Periscope a few of the songs tonight at practice, so follow me to get a sneak peak of what you'll hear Saturday! My username is @mishiesings - Misha
Broadway Jan 07, 2016
Only 9 more days until our big reunion show at Backbooth in Orlando, FL! What song off of KINGDOMS are you most excited to hear? We can't wait to hang with all you guys!
Broadway Dec 22, 2015
Your wish is our command! Come hang with us Jan 16th at BACKBOOTH in Orlando! Be sure to share with your friends. Hurry up and grab your tickets here, they're going fast: - Misha
Broadway Dec 19, 2015
How would you guys feel about an Orlando show, mid January, where I'm joined by the original Broadway line-up (Jack Fowler, Jake Garland, Gabe Fernandez, and Bryan Camara) and we play the entirety of KINGDOMS front to back? Is that something you guys would be interested in? - Misha
Broadway Sep 13, 2015
Are you as stoked as us about this Fall weather approaching?! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! <3
Broadway Sep 06, 2015
Broadway Jul 26, 2015
What's everyone been up to?
Broadway Jun 12, 2015
Hey guys! Hope everyone has been doing well! Just wanted to let you all know our entire third album #CONTEXTURE is now on Youtube! Go check it out! <3
Broadway May 08, 2015
Its been almost two months since Contexture came out, and your guys love has been overwhelming. Thank you for all your support, and know that as long as you guys want it, we'll bring you more music. You guys rule! - Misha
Broadway May 07, 2015
Broadway Artificial Love (Official video)
Broadway Apr 26, 2015
We Were Gods and Men: Broadway Interview 2015
Broadway Apr 05, 2015
Want to wish all of you a Happy Easter and hope you're still jamming out to CONTEXTURE! Let us know your favorite songs off of the album! Also, what's everyone doing for Easter today? Let's talk!!! <3 BROADWAY
Broadway Mar 17, 2015
Hey guys, come over to /r/posthardcore and ASK US ANYTHING!!! - Misha, Sean and Felipe
Broadway Mar 12, 2015
Hey everybody! Got any burning questions to ask us about Contexture? Life? Whiskey? We'll be doing an AMA over at next Tuesday at 2pm EST!!! - Misha, Sean and Felipe
Broadway Mar 10, 2015
#Contexture is out now on all digital retailers!!! iTunes - Google Play - Amazon - Thank you guys so much for sticking with us. We busted ours asses and spent all of our money making this album because we believed in it. What got us here was your incredible support and love. There have been many rocky moments in the Broadway timeline, yet every bump we hit, our fans were there to ask us to keep going. To let us know that we were reaching someone. To let us know that in no uncertain terms, if we made music, you'd be here to hear it and connect to it. That is the pursuit of art. It is communication. Our ability to share sound, sight, smell and touch. To create messages that cross barriers older than time. That is what #Contexture is about. These songs are about the journey of humanity to understand itself in all contexts and textures. We only hope you understand us a little better after hearing them. We may not be the biggest band, the most technically proficient, or even the style of the current pop zeitgeist. But we are artists that simply and wholly crave the worlds attention and connection, which you alone have provided these past 6 years. So truly, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! - Misha, Felipe, and Sean
Broadway Mar 02, 2015
Just for our fans, we'll be streaming our new album "Contexture" for the next 24hrs!!! Tell us what you think! You can pre-order now on iTunes! - - Misha
Broadway Feb 19, 2015
Pre-Order on Itunes - It's finally here!!! Thank you guys so much for sticking with us this whole time. I hope you dig it - Misha
Broadway Feb 16, 2015
Broadway Feb 16, 2015
CHECK IT OUT!!!! Here's the album artwork(by D-Dub Designs!) and track-listing for the new album CONTEXTURE: GODS, MEN, & THE INFINITE COSMOS! We have a HUGE announcement this Thursday, the 19th! So, keep an eye on our Facebook page! Let us know what you think of the album artwork and the track-listing below! <3 BROADWAY Track-listing: 1. Manifest Prosperity 2. Prometheus 3. Artificial Love 4. One Night on Mars 5. Found You 6. Volcano Jack 7. dOPPELGANGER 8. Interstellar Avalanche 9. I Am Man 10. Gods and Men For more artwork by D-Dubs, check out his work here!
Broadway Feb 12, 2015
Hey guys! Want to know a little bit more about Broadway's new album coming out?! Check out this exclusive interview between Misha, and Zack Lee from SwitchBitch. Let us know what you think!
Broadway Feb 02, 2015
Hey guys! check out our instagram to keep up with our photos! Tag us if you have any Broadway photos,tattoos,or of yourself wearing our merch!