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Luck or Magic
Mistress America (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Britta Phillips Dec 09, 2017
The Killer Whales
Britta Phillips Dec 09, 2017
Thank you "Mind Hunter" for leading me here today.
Britta Phillips Dec 01, 2017
Dean Wareham
Britta Phillips Nov 17, 2017
On our way to play some Luna songs live on Soundcheck (WNYC Radio) at 2pm!
Britta Phillips Nov 16, 2017
On my way to play Philly tonight w/ Luna
Britta Phillips Nov 15, 2017
Last Saturday in Atlanta! #friendlyadvice #luna2017
Britta Phillips Oct 23, 2017
Jem/Nirvana mashup : )
Britta Phillips Oct 21, 2017
New Luna video!
Britta Phillips Oct 21, 2017
MAGNET Magazine
Britta Phillips Aug 28, 2017
"Chinatown" from our 'Penthouse' show in Atlanta on 10.2.15.
Britta Phillips Aug 22, 2017
Download "Fire In Cairo" & "Let Me Dream if I Want To" with pre-order of the new LUNA album or any purchase in the pledge store:
Britta Phillips Aug 21, 2017
New Luna video starring Rose McGowan Featuring Paige Elkington Shakira Ja'nai P Marte Solbakken Dante W Harper Amy Nicholson Dino Stamatopoulos Anthony Ausgang
Britta Phillips Aug 17, 2017
Just watch and enjoy : )
Britta Phillips Aug 16, 2017
Feeling rather dark these days, but really looking forward to this intimate little show/event next month : )
Britta Phillips Aug 02, 2017
a clip of Luna playing with Justin Harwood in NZ back in 2015 (part 2). See the whole video Here:
Britta Phillips Jul 22, 2017
Here's the full track listing of all the covers on the new LUNA album : )
Britta Phillips Jul 19, 2017
Listen to track #9 from the upcoming Luna album! "Let Me Dream If I Want To" - an obscure live-only track recorded at CBGB’s back in 1976 by Mink Deville.
Britta Phillips Jul 17, 2017
Posted a new song: "02 Do It Last 1"
Britta Phillips Jun 28, 2017
Los Angles Luna show/video shoot/listening party JULY 11th! Very limited TIX
Britta Phillips Jun 27, 2017
I made another pledge video! Justin Harwood (whom I replaced on bass) came to L.A. in June 2015 and we invited him to our rehearsal room. I immediately started playing with my fingers (rather than just thumb or pick). Here's a snippet of "Friendly Advice" : )
Britta Phillips Jun 23, 2017
From the new LUNA pledge campaign! Everything in the store comes w digital download of both LP & EP by the release date. Plus video updates, bonus tracks, be-sides etc... : )
Britta Phillips Jun 21, 2017
I made another video pledge update! Posters by Darren Grealish are beautiful! + snippet of new Luna instrumental track, "Captain Pentagon"
Britta Phillips Jun 12, 2017
Thank you for all the Birthday wishes!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Britta Phillips Jun 10, 2017
Singing 🎤 "Drive" earlier tonight at #huichica2017 Huichica