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Live at Koko, 2011
Black Rainbows
Black Rainbows (Deluxe)
Brett Anderson, An Introduction
Slow Attack (Deluxe)
Slow Attack
Wilderness (Deluxe)
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson (Deluxe)
Brett Anderson Sep 06, 2017
Look what just landed..
Brett Anderson Aug 21, 2017
'This is a book about failure. It’s a book about poverty and family and friendship and the scruffy wonders of youth and, inevitably, it’s a book about love and it’s a book about loss. The very last thing I wanted to write was the usual ‘coke and gold discs’ memoir with which we’ve all become so familiar.’ Coal Black Mornings is available for pre-order @waterstones now #CoalBlackMornings
Brett Anderson Apr 20, 2017
There’s a limited Brett Anderson - Live at Koko 2011 LP being released for Record Store Day UK. Here’s the blurb that the label are throwing about the place: “Brett’ s fourth solo album, ‘Black Rainbows’, was released in September 2011 and in October he undertook a six-date tour: Leuven, Paris, Luxembourg, Manchester, London and Istanbul. At KOKO London in Camden on 12th October, Brett and his band (Jim Dare on guitars and backing vocals, Didz Hammond on bass and backing vocals, and Kriss Sonne on drums) played a rousing set that concentrated on ‘Black Rainbows’ and its predecessor ‘Slow Attack’ from September 2009. The best performances of the evening, seven songs from ‘Black Rainbows’ and five from ‘Slow Attack’, have been re-mastered especially for this exclusive Record Store Day release. The album is pressed on dark green vinyl and the inner sleeve features previously unpublished photos from the rehearsal sessions. Limited to just 1500 copies in Europe. Track Listing: Side A 1. Unsung 2. Wheatfields 3. The Exiles 4. Actors 5. Ashes Of Us 6. The Hunted Side B 1. Julian’s Eyes 2. Thin Men Dancing 3. Possession 4. In The House Of Numbers 5. The Swans 6. Brittle Heart”
Brett Anderson Mar 20, 2017
Good news to kick off the week. You can now stream the following Brett Anderson albums over at Spotify. Enjoy. Brett Anderson (Deluxe) Black Rainbows (Deluxe) Slow Attack (Deluxe) Wilderness (Deluxe) Brett Anderson: An Introduction Live At Koko 2011
Brett Anderson Mar 02, 2017 Brett Anderson Vs. Luke Turner "...why didn't you just stay in your band?" - BAHQ
Brett Anderson Feb 28, 2017
Guess what? Brett’s just unveiled an unreleased solo track called ‘Forest Lullaby’. Heard first over at NME earlier today, you can listen to it right now using the link below. The track features on the CD version of ‘Brett Anderson –Collected Solo Work’ box set which is released on March 17th on both CD and vinyl. 5CD+DVD - 4LP (+ signed Print) - 4LP -
Brett Anderson Feb 20, 2017
Guess who's on Instagram? Loads more great visuals to come.
Brett Anderson Feb 15, 2017
'Brett Anderson, An Introduction' is now live on iTunes for pre-order. 15 of his best tracks hand-picked by Brett himself.. A snip at £4.99. Enjoy.
Brett Anderson Feb 15, 2017
Brett Anderson's cover photo
Brett Anderson Feb 15, 2017
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson Feb 15, 2017
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson Feb 15, 2017
Brett Anderson's cover photo
Brett Anderson Feb 01, 2017
In case you missed it, Brett Anderson – Collected Solo Works is now available to order as a 5CD+DVD media book, or beautiful 4LP vinyl box set featuring the four studio albums on vinyl for the first time. 5CD+DVD - 4LP - 4LP + Signed Print – SOLD OUT
Brett Anderson Jan 20, 2017
This looks fantastic. 5CD+DVD Brett Anderson "Collected Solo Work" box set, plus limited edition (500 only) 4LP vinyl box with SIGNED print. P.S - Until midnight tonight (UK time) get £10 off any Amazon UK spend over £50..
Brett Anderson Dec 07, 2016
Guess what? Good news for those of you that might not have checked out Brett’s solo albums the first time round, they are all now available to download and stream right here. ITunes - - Brett Anderson (self – titled) Spotify - ITunes - - Wilderness Spotify - ITunes - - Slow Attack Spotify - ITunes - - Black Rainbows Spotify -
Brett Anderson Aug 31, 2014
Just reached 5,000 Trackers! - Track Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson Jun 27, 2014
Been a while since we've had any BRETT news, what with all the Suede activity and so on and so forth. Yes, the badge itself is an MP3 Player, with a 2GB mini SD card, on which the three Live in London series albums are pre-loaded, so the following: Live at Shepherds Bush Empire Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall Live at Union Chapel Here's the link: So, you're essentially getting The Complete Brett Live in London Series for only £10, plus a free MP3 player. The MP3 player comes with headphones, a USB cable to charge the device and to download the albums to PCs or MACs, as well as upload new albums tracks if that takes your fancy. OFFER ENDS AT 17:00 UK TIME TODAY SO GET YOUR SKATES ON. - BAHQ
Brett Anderson Oct 13, 2012
Quick reminder: Brett will be singing at The Union Chapel, London for Dirty Pretty Strings' benefit for Noah's Ark Children's Hospice on the 23 November Ed Harcourt, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Carl Barat (Dirty Pretty STRINGS, Dirty Pretty THINGS. Geddit? Hilarious!) FB Event Page here: Tickets here:
Brett Anderson Sep 10, 2012
So, Brett's going to be helping out Dirty Pretty Strings and Noah's Ark Children's Hospice by doing some of his lovely singing on 23 November at Union Chapel, Islington, London. If any of you don't know about or have tickets for this yet here's the links... Dirty Pretty Strings FB Page ('Like' it) : Ticket link: Events page: Cheers - BA HQ
Brett Anderson Aug 13, 2012
Who wants to know what Brett has been looking at and listening to this summer? Woah, woah. Ok, ok... you'll all get your turn. If you wanna see and hear music and movie trailers you can go here: If you wanna see book and exhibition reviews you can go here: See? Sometimes it pays to be patient doesn't it? Now, please file to these sites in an orderly fashion. No running! That includes you Osman! - Suede HQ
Brett Anderson Jun 18, 2012
Tickets for Sonic Attack festival, Thailand which Suede play on the 4th August are now available here: Just got to "Enter Website" and type "Sonic Attack" into the search bar and - Hey Presto! - you can buy tickets. - Suede HQ
Brett Anderson Jun 08, 2012
Well, it came and went. Thankfully, it remained dry for Suede's set and thankfully there are more festival appearances to come. Here's the setlist from last night (thanks @champagner). Coupla surprises in there. Be good - BA HQ
Brett Anderson Jun 06, 2012
Right, You all know this but tomorrow evening will be Suede's first festival appearance of the year, as Primavera finds a second home in Portugal. To mark this event and to get you in the mood, here is a pretty unhinged performance (from both Brett and the cameraman) of the Sex Pistols' 'No Feelings' in Tokyo from 1994. A great example of how some casual swearing from the vantage point of the stage can lead to things going a bit too far. Enjoy! - Suede HQ
Brett Anderson May 30, 2012
Tomorrow at 11:30 (UK Time) Pete Paphides will get the scoop from both Brett and Bernard on the fraught and unsettling crucible in which Dog Man Star was formed. This is the last in the series of Pete's investigations into follow up albums and judging by his look at Fleetwood Mac's 'Tusk' ( this one's gonna be very special. - BA HQ
Brett Anderson May 22, 2012
Hi All, Some of you might have seen this already, but here's the official ticket link and poster etc for Big Love Festival, Cheng Du, China which Suede will be playing on Saturday 23rd June. Get your tickets here: Festival website here: Enjoy! - Suede HQ