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Brendan Maclean Oct 14, 2017
new passport photo
Brendan Maclean Oct 14, 2017
a busy barbie 🐰
Brendan Maclean Oct 09, 2017
RIP ME - MURDERED TODAY IN BROAD DAY LIGHT BY Katya ZAMOLODCHIKOVA!!! brb I must leave now to retrieve my scalp from the moon
Brendan Maclean Sep 29, 2017
Macklemore going number one for marriage equality is cute but you know what would be WAY cuter? 🌈
Brendan Maclean Sep 20, 2017
First review in from the big man of Australian music himself Bernard Zuel calling Inside Outerspace, "hugely impressive."
Brendan Maclean Sep 16, 2017
Solo, a new EP by Brendan Maclean, on iTunes now. πŸ”₯
Brendan Maclean Sep 14, 2017
Brendan Maclean Sep 13, 2017
The heck you guys think I was singing about? Vote yes, hug your friends, come on Australia - I know we're exhausted from fighting but we're on the home stretch. I love you! 🌈
Brendan Maclean Sep 08, 2017
Brendan Maclean Sep 08, 2017
SYDNEY - TIX TO MY EP LAUNCH ARE ON SALE NOW - GET INSIDE OUTERSPACE WITH MY SPECIAL GUESTS Donatachi ⚑️ stereogamous ⚑️ FROYO ⚑️ Nic Kelly ⚑️AND THEN WE WILL GO DEEP INTO THE HOUSE OF AIR β„’β„’β„’ AT The Oxford Circus 😍 IT'S gonna BE incredible πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Sept 23 - Tickets are limited! 🌈🌈🌈
Brendan Maclean Sep 04, 2017
A visionary, a hero and a friend. We'll never forget you Dean. πŸ’”
Brendan Maclean Aug 24, 2017
This is only my favourite interview about House of Air EVUH. I talked with Sissy Screens about why we made it, what went on at the set and some great questions about visibility and my responsibilities as a white cis male pop singer. πŸ’™ Also, you might recognise the shirt I'm wearing! πŸ‘¨πŸ»πŸ¦πŸ’©
Brendan Maclean Aug 15, 2017
House of Air has been officially selected for the Raindance Film Festival. We're the only Australian music video to make the cut in 2017. Bursting with queer pride. Xx
Brendan Maclean Aug 15, 2017
Brendan Maclean Aug 02, 2017
Brendan Maclean Jul 31, 2017
Delighted to join Osher Günsberg on his podcast. We talked mental health on tour, creating space for creating weird art and... ultimately what I did with that art! (He watches House of Air for the first time during the podcast.) Enjoy! 😘
Brendan Maclean Jul 29, 2017
Arranged by my friend Joe Louis Robinson this is our fully re-recorded 2017 orchestral take of Never Enough from funbang1 πŸ’™
Brendan Maclean Jul 14, 2017
Brendan Maclean Jul 10, 2017
Let's go outside...
Brendan Maclean Jul 09, 2017
From learning lyrics on Monday to back-to-back sold out shows on The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall stage. Over three days 8,000 fans came out to pay tribute to the great man George Michael and his stunning body of work. And what an honour to sing before the Sydney Symphony Orchestra alongside Sam Sparro, Diesel, David Campbell and a cast of Australia's finest musicians who breathed love and care into the reflective yet truly joyous concert his legacy deserves, and I'm not sure has been done anywhere in the world since he passed. Show pics coming soon, but for today, I think I'll just celebrate the world and walk in the midday sun - because you are amazing. ❀️ We miss you George. xxx
Brendan Maclean Jul 04, 2017
It's your new favourite boy band boom bam slam Sam Sparro and B-Mac McBang! Packing in the lyrics and dance moves in the lead up to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's Tribute to George Michael: Praying For Time. Diesel, David Campbell, Jade MacRae and Gary Pinto are all teaching me some big kid music lessons. Bursting with pride and can't wait to start the show this week on the Opera House Concert Hall.
Brendan Maclean Jul 02, 2017
Not every week New York Magazine's Vulture puts you in a list with Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, M.I.A and HAIM. πŸ’™
Brendan Maclean Jun 30, 2017
A year ago I released my independent record funbang1 - it debuted in the iTunes Top 5 and peaked at number 2 on the Carlton Dry Independent Charts beaten out by Sia. A journey of six music videos which started with Tectonic and now ends with the track closest to my heart: Directed by Steve Lees and Josh Harris with music by Paul Mac. This is Undetectable:
Brendan Maclean Jun 25, 2017
PRO-TIP: Always say yes to playing queer local art raves for they are where angels prance. πŸ–€ Sandwiched between Earth's finest Le Gateau Chocolat and Betty Grumble!
Brendan Maclean Jun 16, 2017
Heaps Gay was incredible last weekend, can't wait to do it again Saturday! We're all sold out Bellsprout! πŸ’™ Amaze moment captured by Satusuki Minoda🌈