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Brendan Maclean Jul 04, 2018
ABC iview
Brendan Maclean Jun 30, 2018
Hooray - in the lead up to new stuff I've uploaded my EP Thought I'd Cry For You Forever and some tracks from my baby EP White Canvas (2010) to the Spotify. Why so many EPs? Why didn't I upload it back then? How did I get Neil Gaiman to collaborate with me on a song about wifi? Who knows. Anyway, thanks to Spotify for adding The Feeling Again to their Alternative Pride Playlist because I'm pretty cool and alternative like that. We love a 2016 folk moment flourishing in 2018.
Brendan Maclean Jun 28, 2018
New music - August.
Brendan Maclean Jun 09, 2018
Long weekend? All six episodes up of our show for you on iView now if ur in β€˜straya!
Brendan Maclean May 31, 2018
So happy to let you know F*cking Adelaide is now up on ABC iview! Starring Pamela Rabe, Kate Box, Tilda Cobham Hervey, Audrey Mason-Hyde and me as Eli! It's a beautiful Australian comedy directed by Adelaide's very own Sophie Hyde (52 Tuesdays). I loved every second of the filming. Binge it! Tell ABC you like it, all that jazz! Love you! Congratulations Closer Productions! Totally iconic team.
Brendan Maclean May 20, 2018
πŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒπŸ’’βŒ [by brock elbank]
Brendan Maclean Apr 04, 2018
Brendan Maclean Mar 26, 2018
I have selected 20 songs for you to enjoy yourself too. Huzzah! ⛡️ 🌀 Straight from my most listened tracks (so from the one time I went to the gym and made a playlist) Azealia Banks, Ngaiire, Me, Roisin Murphy, Alecia Jordan, more me... have a squiz, have look, have a peep. πŸ– It's really quite good, motivational you know, really solid UP vibe. πŸ„
Brendan Maclean Mar 20, 2018
Happy 5th Birthday to this banger. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
Brendan Maclean Mar 02, 2018
Learning from the past, moving to the future. πŸ’œ
Brendan Maclean Feb 28, 2018
Hey friendos - this is @queeraz - a new global queer social network. It's invite only at the moment but they've asked if I could share out 50 invites here. Jump on 'em if that's your thing! Had a great chat about what I'm up to after House of Air. Lovely people and a great initiative: https:/
Brendan Maclean Feb 25, 2018
As we edge ever closer to my debut album, here's a song off my first ever EP White Canvas (2010). This is Beat Me To It live at Chapel Off Chapel. πŸ’™
Brendan Maclean Feb 22, 2018
Ya got to sass it! Cuddles to Liam Wright Photography for capturing my queer aura at Gaytimes and stereogamous for keeping me light in my loafers all weekend! πŸš€ Next stop Chillout Festival πŸš€
Brendan Maclean Feb 20, 2018
πŸ”³fumble when I roll for two πŸ”³ didn't smoke when I met you πŸ”³didn't know a way we could relax πŸ”³
Brendan Maclean Feb 07, 2018
Brendan Maclean Feb 03, 2018
Never Enough live at Chapel Off Chapel. ✨
Brendan Maclean Jan 29, 2018
Thank you Chapel Off Chapel. Shall treasure that show for quite some time. Photos by Jeevs 🌹
Brendan Maclean Jan 02, 2018
"To observe his projects and collaborations over the last few years, one cannot help but feel he’s been restlessly trying to find something that gelled... in 2018 his debut album will show the artist in full."
Brendan Maclean Dec 27, 2017
A very happy birthday girl in her kooky party dress. πŸ‘— And you know what? I reckon this gal has made enough EPs for one lifetime; time to take off the training wheels and put my name to something big. Real big. See you in 2018 lovers! ❀️
Brendan Maclean Dec 24, 2017
Merry Everything from the Australian in New York. Here's the only Christmas song worth a dime. x PS. So many double chinned singing faces! Wow, I should not have watched that back lol
Brendan Maclean Dec 21, 2017
Thanks for listening in friends. This really does warm the heart. All I want for Christmas is to be on your Spotify playlist!
Brendan Maclean Dec 19, 2017
Huge hat tips coming in for House of Air from Huffington Post, New Yorker, Highclouds Magazine and Junkee. Now... how to out do ourselves in 2018? 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳
Brendan Maclean Dec 12, 2017
❀️ Congratulations and a big circle of love for everyone in the House of Air!!! Vulture have immortalised us in GLORIOUS bronze, giving it the no. 3 spot for Music Video of The Year just behind JAY-Z. Noice. Everyone put themselves on the line for House of Air and to be considered amongst artist like Bjârk and Charli XCX is the popped cherry on top of 2017. Brian & Karl, you did it!
Brendan Maclean Dec 06, 2017
That, my friends, is what you call a line-up. See you on the mountain Gaytimes! #GayTimes2018 LAST TIX UP NOW:
Brendan Maclean Dec 05, 2017
We made it to the end of another year of living! It goes without saying I would not exist without you. Thank you, so, so much. Wanted to let you know I'm seeing your posts and feeling the love from people sending their Most Played Spotify lists for 2017 from Spain, Russia, South Africa, the states, all over the joint. When you release your music babies to the world you always wonder... so nothing but thanks from me. Bring on 2018. πŸ’ž