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Man Is Deaf
Hayat Zor
Brassica at Rainbow Venues (November 3, 2017)
Venue: Rainbow Venues (Birmingham, UK) Find tickets
Plissken Festival Plissken Festival 2017
Venue: Unknown venue (Athens, Greece) Find tickets
Brassica Sep 29, 2017
🌡 Here's my remix of Eduardo Muchacho - 'Intoxicated'. Out now via Of Leisure. πŸ“Ό
Brassica Sep 13, 2017
Here's my remix of Firmin - 'La Selva' on Tessellate. Drops on the 29th of Sept, with 2 originals and another remix by Moscoman Smash that Like button or whatever.
Brassica Sep 04, 2017
DECEMBER! I'll be in Athens at PlisskΓ«n Festival // Winter 2017 !!! Frickin' sweet line-up. <3
Brassica Aug 09, 2017
THIS WEEK Friday / London: Live Set + DJ Set Hypnotic Tango v.16 with Brassica, Joe Hart and Vilma Rae Sunday / Netherlands: DJ Set Paradigm Festival 2017 😲
Brassica Aug 03, 2017
Brassica Aug 01, 2017
Brassica Jul 12, 2017
Pumped for this next month in London.
Brassica Jun 30, 2017
Tonight - Summer House Cafe Delhi
Brassica Jun 29, 2017
Glasgow - big date for your diary coming up. Cannot heckin wait for this.
Brassica Jun 23, 2017
Today: Brassica @ Contra in Seoul, Korea, Republic Of
Brassica Jun 22, 2017
I'm in Seoul. It's amazing. Just eaten Bibimbap βœ”οΈ Playing tomorrow night here, then Singapore and India next. By the time I've sampled all the local cuisines, I will actually look like that drawing - high cholesterol and ready to die of a heart attack. S/O to the guy who drew it anyway :) Catch me play before it's all too late!
Brassica Jun 16, 2017
Next Week: Brassica @ Contra in Seoul, Korea, Republic Of
Brassica Jun 08, 2017
I've got a few live dates in Asia at the end of this month! ✊😸✊ If you reside in that part of the world, please come out and say hello! I also have some time to kill in Singapore and Delhi, so if you have any suggestions for things to do while I'm there, let me know. Fri Jun 23 Contra Seoul, Korea, Republic Of. Sat Jun 24 Kilo Lounge Singapore, Singapore. Fri Jun 30 Summer House Cafe Delhi, India. Sat Jul 01 Antisocial Mumbai, India.
Brassica Jun 01, 2017
Brassica Jun 01, 2017
🐻 New Remix incoming 🐻 I had the pleasure of remixing a monster for Henry Saiz's fourthcoming Balance Series mix, which explores 10 years of his Natura Sonoris Label. Hear the original - 'Goliath' - Tentacle Remix clip appears at 11:57 Will post a longer clip ASAP. ✌️
Brassica May 31, 2017
Hello. This Friday, FYI. DJ set at Groom - Lyon, France. Thank you. Have a lovely day.
Brassica May 29, 2017
πŸ³πŸ’¦βœŒοΈ New mix for Deep House Amsterdam Transvolta / Kruton (Milo Smee) / Carl Finlow / Buttechno / Jack Roland / Acidwolf (The Flashbulb) / Lake Haze / Jacob B Official / Unfinished Portraits / Chaos In The CBD / Black Meteoric Star / Dillon Francis Mella Dee / I-F / Osborne (Todd Osborn) / DJ Guy / Gatekeeper / Mark du Mosch / Walter Ego / Drexciya / Neil Landstrumm πŸ™ Thank you all for the music
Brassica May 27, 2017
Next Month: Brassica @ Kilo Lounge in Singapore, Singapore
Brassica May 26, 2017
Brassica May 26, 2017
Next Month: Brassica @ Contra in Seoul, Korea, Republic Of
Brassica May 23, 2017
Friday night in London w/ Corsica Studios, Tessellate, Harri & Domenic, Konstantin Sibold and myself.
Brassica May 19, 2017
πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ– Whacked a handful of Blue Function 12"s up on Bandcamp Thanks to everyone who's grabbed one already, it has pretty much sold out in 3 days apparently thanks Ali Renault / VIVOD πŸ™ πŸ™
Brassica May 11, 2017
Capracara et moi - Paris this Saturday!
Brassica May 08, 2017
V. looking fwd to this in August. Playing a Sunday daytime DJ set alongside some household names. Paradigm Festival 2017