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Caps On, Hats Off
Nice Catch Biggy!
Dogwood, Odd Robot, The Beautiful Mistake, and Bossfight at Chain Reaction (March 23, 2018)
Venue: Chain Reaction (Anaheim, CA, US) Find tickets
Dogwood and No Innocent Victim with The Beautiful Mistake and Bossfight at Brick By Brick (March 24, 2018)
Venue: Brick By Brick (San Diego, CA, US) Find tickets
BOSSFIGHT Mar 20, 2018
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BOSSFIGHT Mar 17, 2018
D.I. In May? Yes!
BOSSFIGHT Mar 15, 2018
BOSSFIGHT's cover photo
BOSSFIGHT Mar 15, 2018
BOSSFIGHT Mar 15, 2018
Here is one of our new shirt designs that we will be offering at our upcoming shows Brick By Brick and Chain Reaction. Come see us with Dogwood and The Beautiful Mistake (Official) with special guests Odd Robot, Havok Faction & No Innocent Victim (NIV) on March 23rd and 24th!
BOSSFIGHT Mar 13, 2018
Special thanks to D’Addario for the care package received today. Looking forward to stringing up the axe and checking out the new strings!
BOSSFIGHT Mar 12, 2018
Our buds THE HEROINE just dropped their new video! Check it
BOSSFIGHT Mar 08, 2018
Excited to announce that our shows with Dogwood and The Beautiful Disaster are both coming close to selling out! Special guests each night include Odd Robot from OC @Chain Reaction and No Innocent Victim at Brick By Brick in San Diego. Better jump on it!
BOSSFIGHT Mar 06, 2018
La Escalera 7 is going to be killer his year. Grats to our buds who are playing, we will be there hanging out.
BOSSFIGHT Mar 05, 2018
Timeline Photos
BOSSFIGHT Mar 05, 2018
BOSSFIGHT Mar 05, 2018
New merch on the way. Stay tuned!
BOSSFIGHT Mar 05, 2018
BOSSFIGHT Mar 04, 2018
BOSSFIGHT's cover photo
BOSSFIGHT Mar 04, 2018
Thanks to San Diego Music League and Pour House Oceanside for a great night last night. Parade of Horribles and The Heroine for a killer show last night. Here is our next show in a few weeks... This one is really something special get tickets while you still can!
BOSSFIGHT Mar 03, 2018
Special thanks to Marty In Your Ear for having us on the show last night. Here is the link below if you missed it.
BOSSFIGHT Mar 01, 2018
Our buds in WAR FEVER just dropped their new album. Check it out, it’s a burner.
BOSSFIGHT Mar 01, 2018
Tune in to Rock 105.3FM or iHeart Radio tomorrow at 7:30pm where we will be talking to Marty about our upcoming shows and nomination for the San Diego Music Awards!
BOSSFIGHT Feb 28, 2018
BOSSFIGHT's cover photo
BOSSFIGHT Feb 27, 2018
Melting Faces this Saturday with our brothers from Parade of Horribles and THE HEROINE at the Pour House Oceanside. A San Diego Music League event. Come and join us won’t you? No Cover!
BOSSFIGHT Feb 24, 2018
Next week is in Oceanside!
BOSSFIGHT Feb 23, 2018
Gilly tapping dat keg! See you in a few at the Tower Bar!
BOSSFIGHT Feb 21, 2018
Thursday night!
BOSSFIGHT Feb 17, 2018
See you tonight!
BOSSFIGHT Feb 16, 2018
Orange County we are headed your way! This one with Dogwood,The Beautiful Mistake (Official), and Odd Robot at Chain Reaction is something special. See you there!