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Borknagar Jun 26, 2018
First festival for 2019 confirmed!
Borknagar May 31, 2018
Our friend Ramon @ And Justice For Art has just recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to print the book "And Justice for Art- Volume 2". The book includes an in depth story about the BORKNAGAR debut cover. Last but not least, perks with BORKNAGAR goodies are also available. Check it out and support Ramon's amazing work in the name of metal!
Borknagar May 21, 2018
DONE WRITING. ONWARD! #borknagar #newborknagaralbum #crosoundstudio #steinberg #espguitars #englamps #tegeler_audio_manufaktur #centurymedia
Borknagar May 16, 2018
Vortex and Baard’s first bath of the year
Borknagar May 12, 2018
Check this out! The one and only Baard Kolstad (Official)!!
Borknagar Mar 25, 2018
RELATED: Do yourself a huge favor and check out the new Sojourner album 'The Shadowed Road', just recently released by Avantgarde Music! This album was mixed by me(Øystein G. Brun) at my very own Crosound Studio, and mastered by the one and only Dan@Unisound AB. This album will for sure be one of my absolute favorite releases this year, maybe even for years to come! Damn good album! And hey, for anyone up for a sneak peek behind the curtains of the new Borknagar album, just curious about various musical projects or even at the lookout for mixing/mastering services, feel free to head over to my studio page: Crosound Studio. Cheers! 🙂 --- Øystein
Borknagar Jan 22, 2018
BORKNAGAR AND GUITARIST JENS F. RYLAND PART WAYS Borknagar and long time guitarist Jens F. Ryland have decided to part ways. We would like to thank and salute him for all the time we shared on and off stage the past 20 yrs. The very best of luck with all future endevours! As a sidenote, Borknagar is currently working on a new album, roughly planned for a late 2018 or early 2019 release. More info soon!
Borknagar Jan 15, 2018
Our friends in Borknagar Chile made this interview with me ( Jens F. Ryland ) and created this article on our web, first one in a while. Y también está en español.
Borknagar Jan 06, 2018
An interesting little documentary based on Borknagar drummer Baard’s way to his career coming up!
Borknagar Nov 24, 2017
Winter, black friday and Xmass approaching! We have some brand new Zip - hoodies and T-shirts available at Kings Road Merch- with new, exclusive design. Check it out! ...and for our beardy friends out there, make sure to get a bottle of our branded premium beard oil. You won't regret;-)
Borknagar Nov 15, 2017
Borknagar Aug 18, 2017
So. Apparently. Today is exactly 20 years since "The Olden Domain" was released worldwide by Century Media Records. In regards to this both Øystein and first vocalist Kris(Fiery G. Maelstrom) from Ulver had a nice long chat with Jon at Invisible Oranges! Enjoy!
Borknagar Aug 07, 2017
Our friends in Sao Paulo, Brazil have confirmed that Kings Road Merch ship our official merch to South America.
Borknagar Aug 01, 2017
Hi Folks! We would like to notify you all that we have parted ways with Art Worx Merchandising in Europe and upscaled our deal with Kings Road Merch in US. From this day on Kings Road Merch and Kings Road Merch Europe will be our official merchandiser worldwide. Check out our OFFICIAL webstore at: More and new designs will be available soon!
Borknagar Aug 01, 2017
's cover photo
Borknagar Jul 13, 2017
See you guys very soon! 🤘
Borknagar May 14, 2017
I need to learn spanish... -----------J
Borknagar Apr 27, 2017
Borknagar Apr 27, 2017
Borknagar Apr 13, 2017
Thank you INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL NORWAY. Now homebound to shake of the jet-lag and have some norwegian cuisine.
Borknagar Apr 09, 2017
15 flights, 11 concerts into the tour we find ourselves in Mexico City. We are ready for the last show in Latin America this round before we head back to Oslo and INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL NORWAY Who's coming?
Borknagar Apr 06, 2017
San Salvador!
Borknagar Apr 05, 2017
San Salvador done, what a night!!
Borknagar Apr 03, 2017