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Denim Devils
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NCoded Presents Legends Volume 2
Bonafide Oct 17, 2017
Hardest working drummer in the B!! Thank you Spirit of 66 you rock 🤘🤘🤘
Bonafide Oct 17, 2017
Tonight: Spirit of 66 in Verviers, Belgium. See you there! #Bonafiderocks #101drums #Masterworkcymbals #Bonafide #Spiritof66 #Verviers #Rocknroll
Bonafide Oct 14, 2017
5 mins to showtime
Bonafide Oct 13, 2017
Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon, Switzerland!! Saturday 14th October! *****Only show in Switzerland! Be there!*****
Bonafide Oct 12, 2017
Next Saturday headliner festival in France! Enjoying a night of fun and jamming in Bonafide HQ
Bonafide Oct 10, 2017
Europe, lets ROCK! Friday 13th - Grätchs Gasthaus, Amelinghausen (De) Saturday 14th - Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon (Ch) Tuesday 17th - Spirit of 66, Verviers (Be) Saturday 21st - Bully On The Rocks Festival, Lille (Fr) See you at a show near you... Pontus, Niklas, Martin & Anders
Bonafide Sep 27, 2017
We normally don't do this on fb but we have some unfilled dates in October. You want us to play in your local rock club? Dates up for grabs is: 15th october available for show in southern Germany, France, Austria 16th October available for show in Germany, France, Benelux 18th-20th October available for show in Benelux, Germany, France Pm for more information/suggestions!
Bonafide Sep 16, 2017
Thank you Harley's, Innsbruck! Wunderbaar!
Bonafide Sep 15, 2017
Back at lovely Harley's rock bar in Innsbruck! Leeet's rock!
Bonafide Sep 15, 2017
Bonafide Sep 15, 2017
Austria! Innsbruck! Harley's! See you tonight!
Bonafide Sep 09, 2017
France! We're coming to play for you in October! Bully on Rocks festival!!! 🤘🤘🤘
Bonafide Aug 31, 2017
AND IT'S HERE! Flames on 180g Vinyl! Get it at a show or your favorite record shop!
Bonafide Aug 31, 2017
Upcoming gigs; 15/9, Harley's open air, Innsbruck, Austria 16/9, Real music club, Lauchhammer, Germany 13/10, Grätsch Gasthaus, Amelingehausen, Germany 14/10, Hall of Fame, Vetzikon, Switzerland 17/10, Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium 21/10, Bully on Rocks festival, BULLY LES MINES, France Let's rock!!!
Bonafide Aug 13, 2017
Ängelholm! We have the opening slot, 26th August! Get there in time!! Leeeet's rock!!!
Bonafide Aug 08, 2017
Ängelholm nästa & Rock It Festival! Vi ses där rockers!
Bonafide Jul 15, 2017
Did you ALL buy this one?!
Bonafide Jul 14, 2017
Folks!!!! We have patches! Pm us or Niklas and you will get it by mail for a price of 5€, 5£, 5$, +shipping! PayPal only!
Bonafide Jul 14, 2017
Lets rock Switzerland!!!
Bonafide Jul 07, 2017
Thanks Peace & Love festival ❤️🤘🏻 we had a great time 🎸🎤🥁🍻
Bonafide Jun 25, 2017
Bonafide live på P&L fre 7/7 17.30!!!!
Bonafide Jun 20, 2017
Check out this Sweden Rock Festival video! Proud to be a part of it! The best rock n roll event of the year!!
Bonafide Jun 05, 2017
What a night we had at Garage - Good Stuff for Good People with the mighty Mustasch! Thaks to all who came down. Here's a little bit of fun from last years Sweden Rock Festival:
Bonafide Jun 02, 2017
Garage - Good Stuff for Good People
Bonafide May 28, 2017
På lördag spelar vi på bästa Garage i Höganäs! Gudomlig mat och öl i grym miljö! Våra raggarkompisar Mustasch spelar också denna kväll! Här är lite bilder från fredagens stockholmsgig!!