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Bohnes Jan 17, 2018
ICYMI I released the My Friends Remix EP with remixes from Pretty Sister, VCDC, Chace, Chantry and Milk N Cooks. Check them all out here:
Bohnes Jan 12, 2018
More Bohnes Music is finally here! So honored to be releasing this remix EP with all of these geniuses putting out their own twist to my song. Would love to know which one is your favorite! One thing that makes music so special is how people can all interpret the art in different ways. Check it out:
Bohnes Jan 11, 2018
Tune in tomorrow @2pm EST to watch the premiere of the music video for the acoustic version of “My Friends” Check it out at: Alternative Press
Bohnes Jan 10, 2018
Has everyone been listening to the new clips of all of the “My Friends” remixes in! Have a favorite?
Bohnes Dec 20, 2017
Thank you NYLON for the write up on “My Friends” and the Video!!!! 💀🙌🏻😈😈
Bohnes Dec 13, 2017
It’s not every day the Victoria's Secret Angels make a music video for your song 💀😳😱😈 “six feet under” performed by the lovely Josephine Skriver, Sara Sampaio, Jasmine Tookes and Lais Ribeiro
Bohnes Dec 08, 2017
Bohnes Dec 06, 2017
Bohnes Dec 01, 2017
the words were too real and painful not to. enjoy seeing the world through my eyes for a few minutes. run your fingers through my mind. “MY FRIENDS ACOUSTIC” OUT NOW!!
Bohnes Nov 17, 2017
this industry is hard. life is hard. music is hard. so I wrote an honest song hoping people could relate. I need you guys. would mean the world if you listened...
Bohnes Nov 16, 2017
new single out tomorrow. "My Friends"
Bohnes Oct 31, 2017
watching this would mean world to me. where else will you be to hear a love song in abandoned caskets and hearses? thank you Ones To Watch!
Bohnes Oct 27, 2017
Acoustic song is also out on all platforms now too. Apple Music, Spotify etc. All of the links can be found here 💀👊🏻
Bohnes Oct 26, 2017
NEW SONG ALERT! thanks HuffPost for debuting my new acoustic single for “six feet under”!
Bohnes Oct 23, 2017
broke into an abandoned funeral home and shot a video for an acoustic version of “six feet under”. song and video out friday.
Bohnes Oct 20, 2017
Official remix of “Six Feet Under” by badhabit is out today. Kind of has early *NSYNC vibes.... check it out!
Bohnes Oct 13, 2017
New interview with Euphoria Magazine up now. Get to know me behind the masks and face paint.
Bohnes Oct 12, 2017
My acoustic version of "702" is now on iTunes. Every cent I make is going straight to victims of the Las Vegas tragedy. Every penny helps.
Bohnes Oct 11, 2017
So here is my acoustic song, "702". My voice is pretty raw in it from all of the crying but I hope you don't
Bohnes Oct 05, 2017
To all of the people buying my new Bohnes merch.. THANK YOU! I'll be wearing it with you shamelessly.
Bohnes Oct 04, 2017
Why my name is Bohnes.. what this project stands for.. what it means to me.. why you should join..
Bohnes Sep 25, 2017
My new single "Six Feet Under" is available now everywhere.
Bohnes Sep 22, 2017
ICYMI my new single and video are out now! Thank you Entertainment Tonight! #sixfeetunder
Bohnes Sep 22, 2017
Bohnes Sep 21, 2017