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Bohnes Oct 13, 2017
New interview with Euphoria Magazine up now. Get to know me behind the masks and face paint.
Bohnes Oct 11, 2017
So here is my acoustic song, "702". My voice is pretty raw in it from all of the crying but I hope you don't
Bohnes Oct 05, 2017
To all of the people buying my new Bohnes merch.. THANK YOU! I'll be wearing it with you shamelessly.
Bohnes Sep 25, 2017
My new single "Six Feet Under" is available now everywhere.
Bohnes Sep 22, 2017
ICYMI my new single and video are out now! Thank you Entertainment Tonight! #sixfeetunder
Bohnes Sep 22, 2017
Bohnes Sep 21, 2017
Bohnes Sep 21, 2017
TOMORROW. my new single and first off of the full-length album. #sixfeetunder
Bohnes Sep 20, 2017
Pre-save my new track NOW on Spotify
Bohnes Sep 20, 2017
THE FINAL TRAILER. enough of the mysterious clips. i've waited too long for this. here is your first real peak at #sixfeetunder.
Bohnes Sep 15, 2017
Went to Japan. Broke into an abandoned theme park. Made a music video. Brought a story back from the dead. Check out the latest trailer for my first single off of my debut album. #sixfeetunder To be released 9.22.17
Bohnes Sep 08, 2017
the single art for the first song off of my debut solo album. i would be lying if i said i'm not emotional posting this.
Bohnes Sep 07, 2017
the time has come. the skin has been hung. the bells have been rung. the songs shall be sung. the journey has begun. join me in this dance of death. BOHNES- SIX FEET UNDER 9.22.17.