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Post Vintage
Madame Libertánah
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 23, 2017
☆ATENCIÓN!☆ It's been one week since Post Vintage hit the streets! Which track is your favorite by now? We kinda like 'em all✌️ Have an awsome weekend yall!
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 23, 2017
Bohemian Lifestyle's cover photo
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 16, 2017
★THANK YOU!★ We couldn't be happier with all the great response we've had regarding POST VINTAGE, and last nights show at Nalen was beyond fantastic. Thank you all so very much! We're really proud of this album, and we would like to thank all those involved with making it, as well as the endevours of last night. So a great big thankt you for all those who showed up, and an equally big thank you to those listed below. Lastly, we are Bohemian Lifestyle and we salute you✌️ Peace out and stay boho! Attitude Recordings Nyman Audio Chartmakers West Jennika PhotographyMegapixel Group AB Nalen
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 15, 2017
✯IT'S HERE✯ "POST VINTAGE" is out and we're so f-ing excited. Can't wait to see yall tonight at Nalen to celebrate this badboy! There is loads to say about this release, but for now, please just listen to it🙏 It would mean the world to us! THANK YOU!
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 14, 2017
"POST VINTAGE" comes out tomorrow! To be first to hear the new release, we strongly recommend that you "follow" us on Spotify, that way you'll get a notification as soon as the album is out. Who wouldn't want to start their day with a sizzling fresh Bohemian record, eh?
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 14, 2017
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 13, 2017
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 12, 2017
And "Tuesday Night Special" is...track-listing! You excited yet or what? We sure are. POST VINTAGE will be out this friday, September 15:th✌️
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 12, 2017
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 11, 2017
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 08, 2017
ONE WEEK til' the release of "Post Vintage"! Time flies! We want yall to be there when we hit Nalen Klubb for Releasefest Bohemian Lifestyle , so tell ya friends and family to mark Sep 15:th as friends-night-out. But beware, only 150 tickets will be availible at the door.. Now, go have an awesome weekend✌️ !
Bohemian Lifestyle Sep 04, 2017
✯ALBUM COVER REVEAL✯ This is what the official artwork for "Post Vintage" will look like. Soon to be seen on the streaming service of your choice! Attitude Recordings Photo: Jennika Photography
Bohemian Lifestyle Aug 28, 2017
Have you heard Loaded Gun yet or what ?!🤟 If not, give it a go will ya. Perfect remedy for those all to long Monday hours!
Bohemian Lifestyle Aug 25, 2017
ϟ IT'S HERE AND WE CALL IT "LOADED GUN" ϟ Second single from "Post Vintage" out today! We hope you enjoy the sound on it! Why don't you tell us what ya think below👇
Bohemian Lifestyle Aug 24, 2017
★GALS AND BOYS!★ Something is coming up soon. We wont tell ya what, but it's something new and something that have to do with our new album (duh?). Until then, stay boho✌️ Over and out.
Bohemian Lifestyle Aug 21, 2017
Bohemian Lifestyle
Bohemian Lifestyle Aug 21, 2017
Bohemian Lifestyle
Bohemian Lifestyle Aug 21, 2017
"Bohemian's releaseparty is being held at Nalen? Only 50 kr to enter? AND it's a friday? No way man, no way. That's to good." Well, it's certainly good, and here you can read all about it on Nalen's website 👇
Bohemian Lifestyle Aug 19, 2017
☆PARTYPEOPLE OF THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE!☆ Wow, we have been working so intensely on this new album that we've hade to put these social media thingies on hold for a while. No more hiding though, 'cause things 'bout to get real. We can now tell you that our new album, "POST VINTAGE", will be released on SEP 15th, and we want to celebrate this occasion with a kickass party at Nalen Klubb on the eve of the release. Music, dance, swing and festivities will be provided, and all YOU have to do is show up. Real simple, huh? More info to follow soon, but be sure to attend STHLM Rockstars's event listed below! Together we'll dance, dance, dance the night away ✌
Bohemian Lifestyle Jun 20, 2017
So fun to hear that people have heard "Dance" on the radio these last weeks! Thank you for all your support and kind words 🙌 ! Stay Boho! Attitude Recordings Nyman Audio Moore To Be Chartmakers West
Bohemian Lifestyle Jun 14, 2017
WOW!! We are so incredibly grateful for all the support in the Bandit Rock Battle we fought last week. With all of your help we left the battle as winners and for that we would like to extend our deepest thank you and love! Listen in to Bandit Rock (Official) for a chance to hear our latest singel DANCE! Remeber to Dance everyone 💃💃❤️
Bohemian Lifestyle Jun 11, 2017
Thank you all for your votes so far! Last day to vote now! Help us out by giving the the "Dance!" album cover a thumbs up! Also tag your friends in the post!
Bohemian Lifestyle Jun 05, 2017
Hey check this! Vote for which track you want to hear on Bandit Rock (Official)! "Dance" is up against our friends in Grand Theft Culture with their new track "Time"! Click the image that you want to vote for and press the like button! Rock on!
Bohemian Lifestyle May 24, 2017
Have you heard "Dance" yet or what?! Give it a play and dance, dance, dance during this smooth summer night👌
Bohemian Lifestyle May 22, 2017
It is out in the wild! Dance! Check it out on Spotify now!