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The Barman and Other Stories
Blyth Power Jul 19, 2018
Okay, so it's that happy time of year when you get daily updates about the Ashes and who's performing this year, you lucky, lucky people... Well, when I remember anyway. Let's get the inevitable over quickly, eh? Yes, Blyth Power are indeed playing πŸ˜‰ This is from the Bring Back British Rail benefit at the Green Door Store in Brighton.
Blyth Power Jul 18, 2018
Write up of last year's Ashes has finally mad it on to the website, complete with photo report from Mr Hotrod Hector.
Blyth Power Jul 17, 2018
Saturday 4th August sees Blyth play Rebellion, firstly as part of the Almost Acoustic stage at 3.20 and then later at 6 at the Opera House. Weekend and day tickets on sale now. See you there! Rebellion Festival Almost Acoustic Stage
Blyth Power Jul 02, 2018
Don't forget Blyth play the splendid Trowbridge Festival on July 21st and day tickets are now on sale. Beans on Toast, Kiki Dee, how could you say no?
Blyth Power May 28, 2018
Only a few days to go until this so don't miss out on tickets as it is going to be fabulous as usual. Popguns, Barnstormer, Lovely Brothers, Lovely Eggs, Robin Ince, Joe Solo... So many great acts and weather is going to be sunny!
Blyth Power May 22, 2018
Just a quick thank you to everyone who made Saturday such a truly splendid evening, especially Scott, Malcolm, Munch, Dion, Mr Pump, Attila, Jerry, Hugo & Tommy the Otamatone and Joseph 'The Loaf' Porter, for playing, Mark and Alice for having us, and all of you who cam along. The behind the scenes threads trying to co-ordinate everyone make for a jolly good read, especially Munch's ideas on how to make the evening special for Ben... Word is it is his best birthday yet :)
Blyth Power May 19, 2018
Now Ben is off his computer, for anyone I've not managed to contact, there is a secret party for Ben's 40th tonight at the Duke of Wellington in Shoreham, featuring Ben playing in two of his bands. Blyth on around 9, Lovely Brothers around 10pm. Starts around 8pm, and yes, there's cake :)
Blyth Power Apr 05, 2018
Gig page now updated on the website, rest to follow. Events to catch up on here soon, but for now please note new date on Saturday June 9th in Warsop.
Blyth Power Apr 04, 2018
Breaking news here is that Blyth Power will be playing the splendid Trowbridge Festival on July 21st around 7pm. Also on the bill is Beans on Toast. Tickets on sale now on the festival website.
Blyth Power Apr 03, 2018
Rare solo appearance from Joseph coming up this Friday in Halifax. Tickets on sale now in aid of Ryburgh Valley labour party.
Blyth Power Feb 20, 2018
Just confirmed, it's the Saturday we are playing Rebellion, for those who've been waiting to get day tickets 😊
Blyth Power Feb 19, 2018
Last couple of hours to support the new Robb Johnson Kickstarter project, so be quick if you don't want to miss out!
Blyth Power Dec 10, 2017
Right, you lovely people. All orders are packed up and going in the post in the morning. Wednesday will hopefully see our last trip to the Post Office before Christmas, so if you're planning to get any last minute presents please do so soon... CDs, t-shirts, Ashes tickets, you want it, we have it.
Blyth Power Nov 24, 2017
The very splendid Johnny Campbell has a new shiny CD coming out, and you can pre-order it here. In fact you can pre-order lots for all your friends... 😊
Blyth Power Oct 19, 2017
Well, would you look at that... Date for your diaires, chaps :)
Blyth Power Oct 18, 2017
There's a new edition of ZOMBN1 out, which is updated with a new two player game, new cards, and all kind of exciting bits and pieces. There are also two new companion games, which are stad alone but can be played using the ZOMBN1 pieces. Get your copy now :)
Blyth Power Aug 31, 2017
Well you lovely ashes people, the money raised for the local air ambulance this year (not including that raised for the National Autism Society), from stalls, tourettes bingo, raffle and of course the auction for skip's amazing painting of the horse, reached a whopping Β£647. Hurrah for you splendid people! Many thanks in particular to Aston and Skip x
Blyth Power Aug 31, 2017
We're very nearly full... x
Blyth Power Aug 30, 2017
Huge thanks to all who came along and made it the best one yet. You were all simply splendid, from bands to stalls, from Tourette's bingo to Barbara Woodlouse, from manager mike (who took over four days before we arrived) to all the staff (the barman in the marquee who was putting in fifteen hour days had never pulled a pint before Friday morning), to all of you who were there. It wouldn't happen without you, and it seems more like a proper family reunion every year. Roll on next year, same time, same place, same result in the cricket! πŸ™‚ 🏏 ⛺️ 🍻 πŸ† 🐢 🎻 🚽 πŸ™‚
Blyth Power Aug 28, 2017
Ashes Monday this year brings you The Guns of Castle Cary, in its entirety. How can you resist?
Blyth Power Aug 27, 2017
Ashes Monday at 2pm catch the brilliant Disinclined.
Blyth Power Aug 26, 2017
Someone who The Ashes just really wouldn't be the same without, our very own Tigger, Mr Wob Williams. Sunday at 11pm will bring you him as never seen before.
Blyth Power Aug 25, 2017
Make sure you're at the marquee bright and early Saturday at 12.15 to see James Bar Bowen strutting his lovely stuff. Hurrah!
Blyth Power Aug 24, 2017
And we're off. See you at the hop!
Blyth Power Aug 24, 2017
Ashes Friday at 10pm brings Project Adorno so make sure you have your National Trust cards at the ready!