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The Devil (Remixes) [Instrumentals]
The Devil (Remixes)
Enemy (Remixes)
Antisleep, Vol. 04
The Devil
B - Sides and Other Things I Forgot
Antisleep Vol. 03
Blue Stahli (Instrumentals)
Antisleep Vol. 02
Blue Stahli
ULTRAnumb (Remix Contest Compilation)
Antisleep Vol. 01
Blue Stahli Aug 10, 2018
Blue Stahli Aug 09, 2018
‪While I still don't have a new production rig just yet, it's at least confirmed that previous backup worked and I have my sessions. Latest vocal single is saved!‬
Blue Stahli Aug 09, 2018
Blue Stahli Aug 07, 2018
If you're a Spotify person, I made a new playlist that will be updated regularly from the Sunset Neon angle to give you that "endless summer" vibe with nu disco, indie dance, and a touch of dreaminess.
Blue Stahli Aug 06, 2018
Blue Stahli Aug 04, 2018
More awesome music for your weekend! I just updated my Random Radness playlist with songs I love from Joi Gilliam, Polo & Pan and Ruby My Dear
Blue Stahli Aug 04, 2018
I loved what Virocity did with the art for the The Devil Remixes, so I clumsily show you these goodies while repeating the words "freaking" and "awesome" 200 times, both together AND separately. I know that isn't necessarily a skill, or even endearing. I just cling to what I have.
Blue Stahli Aug 03, 2018
In case you wanted a chill poolside summer track for your weekend, Savoir Adore remixed "Starlight" from my Sunset Neon project!
Blue Stahli Aug 03, 2018
An awesome analog gift from Virocity. What's YOUR favorite bit of #cyberpunk fiction?
Blue Stahli Jul 31, 2018
Got some months of extra out-of-state stuff wrapped up and am officially back at it. Hitting some sound design right now, making some cyberpunk evil.
Blue Stahli Jul 29, 2018
Holy hell! The INDO remix of my song "Demon" is on Spotify's official "Friday Cratediggers playlist!
Blue Stahli Jul 28, 2018
‪About to hop on a plane back to LA after wrapping up all this extra stuff. Now I'll be able to get back to making noise for you.‬
Blue Stahli Jul 27, 2018
Today marked final cleanout and selling of my place in Michigan. I'll miss the long walks in the woods with audiobooks. It's been a long weird year that also saw unexpectedly having to clean out and sell a house that was only ever in my family in Arizona. Once I'm back in LA, it's back to work making dark weirdo music...which, fortunately, is all I want to do.
Blue Stahli Jul 23, 2018
It's just been this track for me recently
Blue Stahli Jul 20, 2018
If you wanted to hear more of what the talented producers and remixers on The Devil Remixes album did *without* my dumb voice getting in the way of the beats, you are in luck...INSTRUMENTALS
Blue Stahli Jul 20, 2018
Tons going on (and still more to do), but a massively cool thing is that I'm about to wrap another new Blue Stahli vocal song today!
Blue Stahli Jul 14, 2018
Instagram Photos
Blue Stahli Jul 14, 2018
‪Left LA at 3pm and just now rolling in to tonight's destination near midnight. Tomorrow sees a piano transported into storage until I have an actual place to put it.
Blue Stahli Jul 12, 2018
Doin' stuff
Blue Stahli Jul 12, 2018
#tbt to when I was a pasty southwestern Christmas ghost.
Blue Stahli Jul 11, 2018
All about vocal production today
Blue Stahli Jul 09, 2018
The Devil (Remixes) is OUT NOW! Stream/DL: Music/Merch:
Blue Stahli Jul 08, 2018
Holy hot damn! Glitch Hop Community featured the Thomas Vent remix of my song "Shoot Em Up"! You guys know I'm a massive fan of all things glitch, so this rules. Show the Glitch Hop Community and Thomas Vent some love and play this action loud!
Blue Stahli Jul 07, 2018
I think Riley is pretty cool, too. If you need the perfect clothes and accessories to forge your way through the world like a living torch, I got you.
Blue Stahli Jul 06, 2018