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Blue Sky Black Death Jul 18, 2018
Televangel (AKA Young God) has been releasing teasers on his IG (@televangel) from his forthcoming album on Fake Four Inc. Help spread the word!
Blue Sky Black Death Jul 17, 2018
Rare baby pictures taken during the recording of our first album, A Heap Of Broken Images. Santa Rosa, CA. 2005
Blue Sky Black Death May 02, 2018
On April 29th, 10 years ago, Late Night Cinema came out. Can’t believe it’s already been 10 years! Have you heard it?
Blue Sky Black Death Jul 11, 2017
new video!! SAS x BSBD
Blue Sky Black Death Apr 27, 2017
Blue Sky Black Death Apr 08, 2017
**ANOTHER UPDATE** Now with any purchase you'll receive the "screwed up" version for free! **NOW on iTunes, Spotify and all other digital outlets** Does anyone want these instrumentals? Too bad. KRWU instrumentals, plus TWO PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS!
Blue Sky Black Death Mar 22, 2017
Blue Sky Black Death Mar 22, 2017
Blue Sky Black Death Feb 05, 2017
One year in the making, presenting the new production project Kaskets "Waves Of Ashes" available on Itunes , spotify & all digital resources shortly Music by BSBD cofounder Kingston & longtime collaborator Qreepz feat, our friends PRFCT Storm I Am Snow Angel Ceschi Ramos and more
Blue Sky Black Death Feb 03, 2017
Today, and today only, Bandcamp is donating 100% of it's profits to the ACLU, so now is a GREAT time to purchase something. Plenty of stuff to choose from, and for a good cause!
Blue Sky Black Death Dec 27, 2016
I contributed a brand new song for this cool "Sleep" compilation. As the name suggests, it's a bunch of songs to wind down to. Check it out! P.S hope everyone had a great holiday season and happy new year! -Ian
Blue Sky Black Death Dec 20, 2016
It's been long overdue, but it's finally here. SAS (Streets All Salute) album produced by BSBD now on iTunes, Amazon, plus VINYL on Man Bites Dog Records
Blue Sky Black Death Dec 11, 2016
new BSBD produced joint---- for British rap legends, SAS ( Streets All Salute ), featuring frequent BSBD collaborators, Child Actor
Blue Sky Black Death Nov 10, 2016
From Ian (BSBD): It feels weird promoting my music right now to be honest, but I think we all need to find some temporary refuge in things that can take our minds off this disaster of an election, if only for a moment (but not too long because there is work to be done). Anyway, there are now 16 (SIXTEEN) visuals that accompany parts of my new Televangel - We Dream Of Drones project. Check them all out here: Also if you haven't listened to the full project, you can do so here: PLUS. Check out my sister's amazing jewelry which she gave me a discount code for 20% off!! use TELEVANGEL20 Thank you to all of you who have supported this! It means a great deal to me.
Blue Sky Black Death Nov 04, 2016
*NEW ALBUM OUT NOW FROM IAN OF BSBD* Hey everyone! A couple of days ago I released some videos to parts of songs from a forthcoming ambient project. I decided to not wait any longer and let you hear the full project. It's well over an hour of music, and available exclusively (for now) on Bandcamp. I'll let you know when it goes to iTunes, Spotify etc. Thank you so much for listening and giving me your time. While it's not exactly a Friday party album, it is, I think, a good soundtrack to the fall and coming winter. Enjoy!! P.S. If you haven't already seen the visuals (and there are more coming very soon) visit my last FB post for the link.
Blue Sky Black Death Nov 02, 2016
**NEW music from Ian of BSBD** 7 new pieces of music with visual accompaniments and more to come! A quick note from Ian about his new ambient project, "We Dream of Drones," under the name Televangel: I decided to put this together after having amassed all these textures and piano melodies over the years that didn't really fit in to the other stuff I've been doing. I wanted to make it my most stripped down music ever, especially after being obsessed with the details that went into much of BSBD's music. There is much beat driven music to come, but this is not it. Find a quiet place to listen. Thank you all!!
Blue Sky Black Death Sep 28, 2016
This has been a long time coming! First video off "Celestial," an album from British rap legends SAS (fully produced by BSBD) featuring Roc Marci and NORE just premiered on XXL. Glad this has finally seen the light of day. 🙏
Blue Sky Black Death Aug 25, 2016
New remix for the great Brooklyn based band, Infinity Shred. Also, check out their accompanying video of the same title--it's amazing!!
Blue Sky Black Death Jul 20, 2016
Hey y'all... I did my first video for GOS --> "Tears In My Eyes" by Greenova South prod. By Young God 💧Please check it out. 💧
Blue Sky Black Death May 25, 2016
"Squadda B of Main Attrakionz, Arkansas OG Pepperboy, and experimental producer Ian Taggart of Blue Sky Black Death come together as an unlikely yet formidable trio"
Blue Sky Black Death May 17, 2016
Just in time for summer: Young God's project with Squadda B (Main Attrakionz) + Pepperboy Davie is finally here!! Stream on MISHKA soundcloud or you can support us directly on our bandcamp. Thank you all! #KRWU
Blue Sky Black Death May 12, 2016
88 ULTRA featured in Destoy The Internet!
Blue Sky Black Death May 03, 2016
Young God + Squadda B + Pepperboy Davie just released their last single before their #KRWU project comes out featuring Houston Screwed Up Click legend LIL FLIP aka FLIP Gate$
Blue Sky Black Death Apr 22, 2016
Young God of Blue Sky Black Death has BRAND NEW mixtape of exclusive beats to share with you as he continues to prep his official album. 18 tracks, spanning just over an hour!! If you enjoy it, It would be appreciated if everyone could spread it around as far as possible. Thank you for your continued support! P.S. Comment with your favorite track!