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Blooming Summer
Geoffroy with Paupière and Blue Hawaii at Imperial Bell (November 3, 2017)
Venue: Imperial Bell (Québec, QC, Canada) Find tickets
Blue Hawaii at The Hug and Pint (November 17, 2017)
Venue: The Hug and Pint (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Blue Hawaii at The Workman's Club (November 18, 2017)
Venue: The Workman's Club (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Blue Hawaii at The Joker (November 19, 2017)
Venue: The Joker (Brighton, UK) Find tickets
Blue Hawaii with C.A.R. at Pickle Factory (November 21, 2017)
Venue: Pickle Factory (London, UK) Find tickets
Blue Hawaii at Supersonic (November 22, 2017)
Venue: Supersonic (Paris, France) Find tickets
Blue Hawaii Oct 17, 2017
This mix was really fun to make... cop a listen! Ninja Tune NTS Radio playing *live* in NYC on Thursday nite w Olive T. The Duchess // Blue Hawaii, Olive T, The Duchess
Blue Hawaii Oct 13, 2017
2nite in LA 🌴
Blue Hawaii Oct 11, 2017
Los Angeles on Friday nite! Fri Oct 13 • Blue Hawaii • Moroccan Lounge Vancouver on Sat nite!! Blue Hawaii (Live) - Vancouver
Blue Hawaii Oct 03, 2017
'Do You Need Me' below and Tenderness out on Friday! *Ra here* This is my favourite track on the record. It's not exactly a single, you can't really dance to it or put it on at a party, but it's beautiful and emotional and that's the kind of stuff I love making the most. Owen Pallett composed, played and recorded all of the strings on this track. He's truly a genius and was amazing to collaborate with. Take a moment for yourself and have a listen on headphones or on some nice speakers, when was the last time you listened to something on some good gear ?!!!! I haven't in awhile either.... preaching to myself over here. Our record comes out this Friday, October 6th. The record has many of these moments - intimate and nostalgic. It feels so good to be coming out with music for Blue Hawaii after 4 years ! We're so excited for this record and can't wait to get on the road and bring this bébé to life ! Xox Ra (&ag) Tour dates: Pre Order:
Blue Hawaii Sep 28, 2017
Blue Hawaii Sep 21, 2017
Blue Hawaii's cover photo
Blue Hawaii Sep 15, 2017
Versus Game! 🐷
Blue Hawaii Sep 14, 2017
**new song! new video!*** new song! 🍂✨💜 Needed to have some fun with this one. Hope this brings a little lightness to your week. xo
Blue Hawaii Sep 01, 2017
s/o to Arvida Byström for these stunning photos! Ty Ty 💛💙💜#tenderness
Blue Hawaii Aug 22, 2017
Blue Hawaii Aug 22, 2017
**Video Alert** Robot dog and the phone are the same. Love and Bisou (the real dog) are the same. Raph cannot find true happiness from the robot dog or the phone. It is merely an escape, avoiding the discovery of deeper emotions brought on by living objects. Bisou is the one who is there for her. Bisou is the one who breaths, who feels. “there’s never been no one like you” she sings to bisou. Brought back to the present. To the thing which gives back when she gives out. This portrait into the ‘love of the real, love of the simple’ was filmed by the band, using the bands Benz, and the bands managers super pup, bisou. Wanting to keep this as close to home and the heart as possible, it shows a day in the life of ‘the broken heart, the broken phone, the broken moment’. **Article Alert** NYLON
Blue Hawaii Aug 18, 2017
Had a chat with our friend!
Blue Hawaii Aug 04, 2017
We discovered quite quickly that our favourite type of show to play is one that is heavy, energetic and extremely danceable. We will be bringing you this on the Trublu Tour !!! Get ready to throw down with us 💙🔥 October 6th | Montreal, QC | Club Lambi - TICKETS October 7th | Toronto, ON | Longboat Hall - TICKETS October 12th | San Francisco, CA | 1015 Folsom - TICKETS October 13th | Los Angeles, CA | The Moroccan Lounge - TICKETS October 14th | Vancouver, BC Celebrities Underground - TICKETS October 19th | New York, NY | Good Room - TICKETS November 16th | Amsterdam, NL | Muzieklokall @ de School - TICKETS November 17th | Glasgow, UK | The Hug and Pint - TICKETS November 18th | Dublin, IE | The Workman’s Club - TICKETS November 19th | Brighton, UK | The Joker - TICKETS November 21st | London, UK | Pickle Factory - TICKETS November 22nd | Paris, FR | Supersonic - TICKETS November 23rd | Cologne, DE | Gewölbe - TICKETS November 24th | Heidelberg, DE | Karlstorbahnhof - TICKETS November 25th | Berlin, DE | Internet Explorer - TICKETS November 26th | Warsaw, PL | Kulturalna - TICKETS November 28th | Milan, IT | Circolo Ohibò - TICKETS TIX:
Blue Hawaii Jul 28, 2017
*tw* gender hierarchy and power imbalance within music communities are real problems. these issues are often swept under the rug, but we believe artists need to take accountability for their behaviour and address the conversation. to honour this, and in the interests of restorative justice and transparency, we want to share something. we encountered our own version of these issues: someone raised concerns about alex back in January. this is what happened, an excerpt from his statement of accountability in April: "i’ve abused my position in the music industry, using the social capital I gained towards unfair ends. I met people through their knowledge of me as a public figure, led them on and carried out manipulation with multiple partners, often at the same time… seeing people whenever it was convenient for me. i further compounded this power dynamic by seeing people much younger than myself. i’ve upheld a power imbalance and hurt a number of people in the process." he and the person who raised the concern have since had numerous conversations, discussing and working out solutions for healing. he sought therapy and followed up with a full statement on his own Facebook in early May. the two continue to speak, and this person now supports this record. in going through these steps we have learnt about harmful behaviour and both raph and alex are serious in saying in this case the pattern has been changed. this kind of situation is happening in many communities throughout the world. we hope that by talking openly about these private matters more conversation will occur about the changes we all need to make towards a better culture and safer spaces. we hope to heal and restore the community we are part of, and are open to any questions anyone might have. going through this process is the reason why we decided to donate 5% of profits from this record to the Centre for Gender Advocacy. thanks for your time
Blue Hawaii Jul 25, 2017
We’re back ! It feels so good returning to Blue Hawaii after taking the past few years off. Today we’d like to share a new song, No One Like You, and announce our new record Tenderness. It’s a heartfelt one, opening up about an intimate relationship Ra was experiencing mostly online. It speaks of the need for more tenderness between each other in virtual and real life. Musically, it draws influence from 90's dance tracks and deep disco cuts, mixed with with Ra’s acoustic guitar playing, confessional lyrics and unique vocal lines. Think: Bjork meets the xx and DJ Koze. As part of this release, we want to show support to our community in Montreal. 5% of profits from Tenderness will be donated to the Centre for Gender Advocacy which promotes harm reduction and empowerment while providing resources for community building and gender equality. We will be heading out on tour this fall, and would love to see you all! Our shows in the past have usually turned into impromptu raves and celebrations - so come prepared to dance with us :~) love ra & ag Pre-order and listen here! and tour dates below >>> November 16th | Amsterdam, NL | Muzieklokall @ de School November 21st | London, UK | Pickle Factory November 22nd | Paris, FR | Supersonic November 23rd | Cologne, DE | Gewölbe November 24th | Heidelberg, DE | Karlstorbahnhof November 25th | Berlin, DE | Internet Explorer November 26th | Warsaw, PL | Kulturalna Tickets here -
Blue Hawaii Jul 21, 2017
Blue Hawaii Jan 17, 2017
*NYC* we been hard at work in the ~studio~ finishing our new record so don't miss this... will be MEMORABLE! PopGun Presents Nosaj Thing [DJ], Blue Hawaii [DJ] + Octo Octa in the Bad Room
Blue Hawaii Jun 28, 2016
AYE we made a tune with Brian Fresco and Chance The Rapper !!! Ra sings on it... shek it out over at the FADER.... #summer
Blue Hawaii Jun 16, 2016
Turned Kauf's new tune into pure fire 🔥
Blue Hawaii May 13, 2016
DJ shows announced! Heading out from sunny Glendale, CA for a wee jaunt... And I will have some new BH tracks to test out on c'hall ! May 21st | Vancouver, BC | Index May 27th | Detroit, MI | Marble Bar - June 2nd | Montreal, QC | Mutek - June 4th | Montreal, QC | Arbutus June 9th | Montreal, QC | Datcha - free entrance June 10th | New York, NY | Trans Pecos - June 11th | Toronto, ON | Bambi's - June 14th | Berlin, DE | Das Gift - free entrance June 17th | Berlin, DE | St Georg
Blue Hawaii Apr 29, 2016
I made the music for this dancing blob video by Bronwyn Ford with dancer Alexsa Durrans. shek it oot!
Blue Hawaii Feb 16, 2016
Remix for Glassio's If I was Your Boy over here... ! <3
Blue Hawaii Jan 01, 2016
HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM RA AND AGOR <3 PROMISE YOU'LL SEE MORE OF US IN THE COMING YEAR.... in some form or another ;" (pic by Abe Deyo in Moganshan Forest, China)
Blue Hawaii Dec 24, 2015
NYE in Los Angeles! DJ sets by Blue Hawaii Project Pablo Arbutus RecordsCooper SaverSage Caswell !
Blue Hawaii Oct 28, 2015
🎃 HALLOWEEN 🎃Rotating some discs this weekend in *NYC* tix: (discount code: SPOOKY) *MTL* tix: Also did a remix for Antoine93 Berlin Community Radio here!