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Dead People's Choice
Eyes on Fire (Re-Work, Remix & Instrumentals)
Blood Moon
In My Mind I Am Free (Bonus Track Edition)
In My Mind I Am Free Reconstructed
In My Mind I Am Free
Tankograd (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sweep (Remixes)
Life of a Ghost
Sweep of Days
Blue Foundation
Wiseguy & Hollywood
Blue Foundation Mar 08, 2018
Blue Foundation
Blue Foundation Mar 08, 2018
Blue Foundation’s Tobias Wilner Official has directed this music video for the Paris band RAVAGES. Enjoy!
Blue Foundation Mar 05, 2018
Thanks Bands of Tomorrow for the sweet words!
Blue Foundation Mar 03, 2018
Listen to this incredible remix by Shield of Blue Foundation's "Brother and Sister".
Blue Foundation Mar 02, 2018
Let's celebrate this Friday with some new music. Blue Foundation "Brother & Sister" EP is out! 1. "Brother & Sister" - Shield Remix 2. "A Woman Stands on the Stairs in the Shadow" 3. "Brothers & Sisters" Thousand Years Remix 4. "Stained / Cut Me Down" 5. "Brother & Sister" 6. "Stars Fall Quiet" Live
Blue Foundation Feb 27, 2018
Thank you The 405 for premiering our new video!
Blue Foundation Feb 26, 2018
New video for the Blue Foundation song "Brother & Sister". Directed by Colin and Dayla Kennedy featuring Felix Stec. Enjoy!
Blue Foundation Feb 24, 2018
Can’t wait to play China in April!
Blue Foundation Feb 23, 2018
Thank you Bands of Tomorrow for sharing our new video "Brother & Sistser". The video is directed by Colin Kennedy & Dayla Kennedy featuring Felix Stec.
Blue Foundation Feb 19, 2018
Monday vibe.
Blue Foundation Feb 01, 2018
Soundtrack of my day. Love everything about this. Sort Sol (Official Site) Badass! -t.w.
Blue Foundation Jan 30, 2018
So proud of being part of this fantastic project with Leonardo DiCaprio and being able to contribute with music for this film. - Bichi aka. Tobias Wilner
Blue Foundation Jan 25, 2018
Mark E. Smith R.I.P.😢😢😢
Blue Foundation Jan 22, 2018
Live TV performance of "Equilibrium".
Blue Foundation Jan 10, 2018
Listen to Lil Durk sample one of our songs.
Blue Foundation Dec 31, 2017
Happy New Year!
Blue Foundation Dec 17, 2017
Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for all the great and beautiful moments we shared together in 2017. We feel so fortunate about all the fantastic and interesting people we have met, played for and worked with throughout the year. We can’t wait to share new music and moments with you in 2018. We feel this video from one of our concerts shows it all.. - All the best Blue Foundation
Blue Foundation Dec 13, 2017
Read Shredderslodge interview with Tobias Wilner about skateboarding and life in general.
Blue Foundation Nov 22, 2017
Listen to 2 songs by Tobias Wilner aka. Bichi featured on this compilation by Forward Festival 2017. The Forward Festival is curated by Blue Foundation drummer Federico Ughi. The festival takes place December 7 & 8 at ShapeShifter Lab in NYC.
Blue Foundation Nov 19, 2017
My friend Jeremy Cohan has used my song "Layers of Generation Without Numbers" from my Bichi album for his beautiful portrait of photographer Jonathan Mehring Photography, featuring some of my favorite east coast skaters Zered Bassett, Jake Johnson, Brian Delatorre & Eli Reed NYC Brand. T.W. Listen to the song here:
Blue Foundation Nov 17, 2017
Casual Friday
Blue Foundation Nov 15, 2017
Blue Foundation will play compositions from their catalog the 9th of December at KUNSTHAL AARHUS. It will be a one time experience with special arrangements by Tobias Wilner & Bo Rande for classical choir and the Turkish Oud in cooperation with NordSang, Orhan Ozgur Turan and Maher Mahmoud. Aarhus 2017 - Europæisk Kulturhovedstad Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture det turkise telt
Blue Foundation Nov 14, 2017
Shield is cooking something with Blue Foundation ingredients. While we're waiting enjoy this piece of music from him.
Blue Foundation Oct 27, 2017
Check out our remix of @dropthegun. Listen here: #bluefoundation #dropthegun #sarasavery #remix #brooklyn #nyc #copenhagen #electronica
Blue Foundation Oct 25, 2017
The 917 video is so far my favorite video this year. Props to Hugo Boserup for his shared part with Nik Stain in the 917 video! Check the full video here: