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blondfire Oct 19, 2017
🕷🕸🎃 photo by @kenamiphoto
blondfire Oct 18, 2017
💀Anthony and I, a.k.a. WORLDS made a cool/sexy/creepy Halloween inspired playlist for you! Click the link to get your fright night on! #halloween #halloweenplaylist 💀🥀🔪🖤👹
blondfire Sep 25, 2017
Please take a second to cast your vote for WORLDS on The World Famous KROQ!! <3
blondfire Sep 22, 2017
🎸🌃Rock City🌃 🎸 #flashbackfriday to playing the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs showcase last year at the Fonda Theatre with BØRNS ✨Fender💫 Song: True Confessions
blondfire Sep 18, 2017
☎️Gotta get the word out📞
blondfire Sep 16, 2017
"WORLDS debut is truly fabulous." Thanks so much for the kind words I Heart Moosiq!
blondfire Sep 11, 2017
Help WORLDS stay on the air!!💋
blondfire Sep 08, 2017
Staring at the sun...✨🕊
blondfire Sep 08, 2017
My new project/collab WORLDS is featured on this killer @Spotify playlist from Kick Kick Snare! Press play and get the weekend started! xo
blondfire Sep 02, 2017
🌎 WORLDS!!!🌎 We've arrived, the debut single from my new project/collab is out now!!🚀I hope you dig it!💋 Listen here: and be sure to follow along with WORLDS on Facebook!
blondfire Sep 01, 2017
🌎Today... WORLDS!!!🌎 It's here, the debut single from my new project/collab is out now!!🚀I hope you dig it!💋 Listen:
blondfire Aug 31, 2017
I'm excited to share the debut single from my new project WORLDS with you guys!! Out tomorrow!👾
blondfire Aug 30, 2017
💋My song "Kiss and Collide" is featured in tonight's episode of Younger on TV Land!!! 📺🥂💫 Tune in!! Listen here: #KissandCollide ✨
blondfire Aug 24, 2017
🌬Hazy Daze🌬 photo by Norman Wonderly
blondfire Aug 19, 2017
blondfire Aug 16, 2017
🔴⚫️⚪️WORLDS🔴⚫️⚪️ My brand new project! Debut single 9/1/17
blondfire Aug 14, 2017
🗣🎂Such a fun Birthday weekend!🍕🥂 Thanks so much for all the lovely bday wishes and making a girl feel special!💘
blondfire Aug 09, 2017
Listen to my True Confessions ep here: Photo my Eliot Lee Hazel
blondfire Aug 09, 2017
blondfire Aug 08, 2017
🌹Opening Up🌹Song: "Sex, Lies, and Destruction" from my True Confessions ep. Listen here:
blondfire Aug 04, 2017
🗣🔴⚫️⚪️ Introducing...WORLDS! I'm excited to finally share with you guys my brand new project WORLDS I created with my good friend Anthony Polcino aka Antoine Diligent. After accompanying me on lead guitar for the last year or so in Blondfire, Anthony and I connected on so much music, art and vibe that we started writing together. Inspired by our love of British, Brazilian, and Italian Dance, new wave and rock music of the 1970’s and early 80’s, psychedelia and a bit of cannabis, WORLDS was born. "Welcome to our WORLDS." Debut single “Good Sh*T” is out Sept 1st on WAX LTD Studios Please follow along with us on the journey here WORLDS 🔴⚫️⚪️
blondfire Aug 02, 2017
Look Ma I'm a cartoon! You can now play "True Confessions" with me on Rock Band!!
blondfire Aug 01, 2017
"True Confessions" is out on Rock Band!! Have you played it?! Let me know how it is. Xo
blondfire Jul 27, 2017
🕳🕳🕳...all in. Somewhere on the road #tourlife 📸photographer unknown.
blondfire Jul 21, 2017
🌈🤸🏼‍♂️Rolling into the weekend like🌈🤸🏼‍♂️