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Masculin Féminin
Freedom of Expression on Barragán
Blonde Redhead
La Mia Vita Violenta
Penny Sparkle
Misery Is a Butterfly
Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
In an Expression of the Inexpressible
Fake Can Be Just as Good
Blonde Redhead Sep 29, 2017
See you at Pioneer Works tonight!! Doors: 7:00pm Beacon: 8:00 Blonde Redhead: 9:15 BEARCAT (DJ): 10:50pm- 1:00am Tickets available at: #blonderedhead #live #brooklyn #newyork #pioneerworks #newstand #newnight
Blonde Redhead Sep 28, 2017
Here is the NYC Ferry schedule and route info for getting to our show at Pioneer Works tomorrow, September 29th. You can take the South Brooklyn line from Wall Street/Pier 11 or Dumbo directly to Red Hook. Alternatively you can take the East River line from 34th Street or Williamsburg and transfer at Dumbo onto the South Brooklyn line. It's a free transfer! You just need to ask for a transfer ticket on the boat. The options highlighted in green will get you to Pioneer Works for doors, the options in blue will get you there in time for our set. More info at See you there!
Blonde Redhead Sep 28, 2017
ELLE Magazine (US) has featured some of Kazu's favorite on-stage styles: We play Pioneer Works in #Brooklyn, NY on Friday, September 29th. Tickets at #blonderedhead #live #style
Blonde Redhead Sep 27, 2017
Listen below to Simone's playlist for New Stand ahead of the performance at Pioneer Works on Friday, September 29th. It's a rare mix of experimental rock, dub, pop-folk, R&B, and obscure film score gems. Tickets to the show available at #blonderedhead #live #pioneerworks #newstand #playlist
Blonde Redhead Sep 21, 2017
We are giving away a pair of tickets to our upcoming show in Brooklyn, NY at Pioneer Works on September 29th. The first person to "share" this post on their own page and say "I'm going to Blonde Redhead in #Brooklyn at Pioneer Works on September 29th" will win a pair of tickets to be held at wil call. We will message you to confirm. Don't forget to mention the date, tag the band, venue and city, and have your post set to public. See you soon!
Blonde Redhead Sep 20, 2017
See you at Pioneer Works on September 29th in #Brooklyn, NY!! Tickets at #blonderedhead #3oclock #live #newyork
Blonde Redhead Sep 16, 2017
See you today at 4pm with @pitchfork radio at Sonos New York
Blonde Redhead Sep 15, 2017
Our next show will be Sep 29 at Pioneer Works. We'll do some special! #3oclockep Tickets at
Blonde Redhead Aug 30, 2017
god you all sang so well... not an easy melody nor range at least for me. thank you for being such a beautiful country with amazing people in it 🇲🇽 #mexico #posoleforever
Blonde Redhead Aug 29, 2017
Day (night) 1 Mexico City. Thank youuuu for your musical minds and we shall have you once more tonight! Last night was 'melody of certain damaged lemons' tonight will be picked from many records (of ours). We play Foro Indie Rocks at 11:00pm. Doors at 9:00pm. #blonderedhead #live #mexicocity
Blonde Redhead Aug 28, 2017
We play Foro Indie Rocks in Mexico City tonight! Doors at 9:00pm, we're onstage at 11:00pm. #blonderedhead #melodyofcertaindamagedlemons #live #mexicocity
Blonde Redhead Aug 25, 2017
On Monday, August 28th, we will perform Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons at Foro Indie Rocks in Mexico City. Tickets at #blonderedhead #melody #live #mexicocity
Blonde Redhead Aug 24, 2017
We're performing at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, September 29th, with guests Beacon and BEARCAT. Tickets on-sale now at #blonderedhead #3oclock #live #pioneerworks #brooklyn
Blonde Redhead Aug 08, 2017
We've added a second show in Mexico City, on August 28th, as part of Semana Indie Rocks! It will be a special presentation of Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons. Tickets at #blonderedhead #melody #live #mexicocity Con alegría anunciamos una segunda fecha en México dentro de la Semana Indie Rocks! Un show único y muy especial para todos nuestros seguidores. Boletos disponibles a partir de hoy en esta liga:
Blonde Redhead Jul 26, 2017
#Seattle, see you at Neumos tonight! Doors at 8:00pm, Porcelain Raft at 9:00pm, we're onstage at 10:15pm. Photo taken by @curtiskoshimizu at Regency Ballroom. Dress by my soul sister @maisonmayle
Blonde Redhead Jul 25, 2017
We play Wonder Ballroom in #Portland tonight! Doors at 7:30pm, we're onstage at 9:45pm. Thanks @yayforsteve for the photo at FYF Fest! #blonderedhead #westcoast #tour #summer2017
Blonde Redhead Jul 24, 2017
Our set at FYF Fest will be broadcast live on Twitter! We play The Club stage at 8:15pm. Stream it at #blonderedhead #melody #live #fyffest #bestweekendofsummer
Blonde Redhead Jul 22, 2017
Our West Coast tour starts tonight at The Regency Ballroom in #SanFrancisco!! Porcelain Raft plays at 8:00pm, we go onstage at 9:00pm. Tickets at #blonderedhead #melody #westcoast #tour #summer2017
Blonde Redhead Jul 18, 2017
Dour! illuminated by magical Martino Cerati. #dourfestival See you next week on the West Coast! Dates and tickets at #blonderedhead #melody #westcoast #tour #summer2017
Blonde Redhead Jul 18, 2017
¡Hola amigos de México! Vamos a visitarlos el 29 de agosto como parte de la #SEMANAIR Compra aquí tu boleto, será una noche muy especial, ¡Nos vemos pronto!
Blonde Redhead Jul 17, 2017
We play FYF Fest in less than a week! See you all Sunday, July 23rd at 8:15pm. Full list of West Coast dates below, tickets at Saturday July 22 / Regency Ballroom / San Francisco Sunday, July 23 / FYF Fest / Los Angeles Tuesday, July 25 / Wonder Ballroom / Portland, OR Wednesday, July 26 / Neumos / Seattle, WA #blonderedhead #melody #fyffest #westcoast #summer2017
Blonde Redhead Jul 13, 2017
from Russia with love... seeing all your incredible faces made it all worthwhile! Tonight we hit the stage at Les Georges Festival. #blonderedhead #lesgeorges2017
Blonde Redhead Jul 11, 2017
We play FYF Fest on Sunday, July 23rd at 8:15pm on The Club stage. Tickets at #blonderedhead #fyffest2017 #live
Blonde Redhead Jul 10, 2017
She is on tour...that means lot of improvisation. #blonderedhead #europe #tour #summer2017
Blonde Redhead Jul 06, 2017
We are only a few weeks away from the start of our West Coast tour!! The first show is July 22nd in #SanFrancisco at The Regency Ballroom. Full list of dates and ticket info at #blonderedhead #westcoast #tour #3oclock #live