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Drone Capacity E.P.
Granulart Compilation #01
The Untitleds
BLNDR Oct 09, 2017
Slowly coming back to life after friday's mayhem for our ultimate Container night at GLAZART. Our project as come to an end but i will never forget those four years beside my brothers DJ Varsovie, ILLNURSE, Panzer, PAULIE JAN, Mehdi Dims & Sacha Inisan. My deepest thanks to you guys... I'm so proud of what we achieved. This was our last Container Anthem.
BLNDR Oct 04, 2017
SEMANTICA 100 My track "Shape Location" is featured in the next massive Semantica Records compilation mixed by Svreca. Marvellous list of artist on this one and it also include tracks from my Hypnus Records brothers Luigi Tozzi & Korridor. My deepest thanks to Svreca. Don't sleep on it ... (Limited to one per Customer) Arquitectura del Sueño. includes Hand-made sleeve. DIN-A2 Printed Poster. 2xCDR Badge.
BLNDR Oct 02, 2017
All good thing ends. After four years of promoting our events in Paris we now feel that the time for us to move on different project and close the Container chapter as come. Join us on friday to celebrate our ultimate Container party at GLAZART from midnight till midday...
BLNDR Sep 18, 2017
Thanks La Machine du Moulin Rouge. Always a pleasure being on opening duty in this venue. Catch me on thursday on Rinse France with Waldman from 22:00 till 00:00. Get locked >
BLNDR Sep 13, 2017
Late thanks to everyone who showed up for our penultimate Container night at Nuits Fauves . Shout out to my brothers Panzer & ILLNURSE but also to Jeudi Techno for the trust they gave us to host one more night in collaboration with them... PS : This was the last track i played . Back behind the decks in good company on saturday at La Machine du Moulin Rouge for La Machine présente: Acronym, Aleksi Perälä, Iori, Blndr Feel free to come and say hi !
BLNDR Sep 07, 2017
Timetable for tonight at Nuits Fauves . I'll be on from 01:30 till 03:00 alongside my Container fellows Panzer & ILLNURSE and special guest Henning Baer... EVENT ◣ Closing Jeudi Techno x Container : Henning Baer •blndr •Illnurse
BLNDR Sep 06, 2017
Our collaboration with Luigi Tozzi is officialy out today at Hypnus Records Bandcamp . You can listen to the full streaming of the B side called "Dawn" on the Hate & Hypnus Records youtube channels . "Thule' is a journey divided in two parts where the thunderous night is dissolved by/into blissful morning rays of sunlight." I could not be more proud of the work we achieved together on this one ... Order Thule at : A. Dusk [10:10] B. Dawn [09:44] Love and light.
BLNDR Sep 03, 2017
I couldn't be more excited to get back behind the booth after one month on thursday for Jeudi Techno x Container with my brothers ILLNURSE & Panzer and special guest Henning Baer. I will be playing a DJ set and as a little preciseness i intend to play hard this time ... Unleash the beast.
BLNDR Aug 07, 2017
Today is a special day ... Time to announce my first collaboration EP with my Brother Luigi Tozzi for the 19th vinyl on our mother label Hypnus Records . 'Thule' comes pressed in 45 rpm on black 180 gram vinyl, cloaked inside a wonderful full-color printed hansaboard sleeve. A. Dusk (10:10) B. Dawn (9:45) Pre-orders is available at: 'Thule' comes pressed in 45 rpm on black 180 gram vinyl, cloaked inside a wonderful full-color printed hansaboard sleeve. A. Dusk (10:10) B. Dawn (9:45) We wish you all a peaceful full moon passing. Love and light
BLNDR Aug 04, 2017
Long time no see GLAZART ! Coming back tonight for the Ghost Lake Festival : présenté par Exil & RGS. I'm playing from 00:30 till 01:30 on the outdoor stage beside Subjected , Truss & many more ..
BLNDR Jul 20, 2017
Throwback Thursday. This is what it sounds like when the mighty Cio D'Or was working with the stems from "Untitled 1" back in 2015 for the Hypnus Records ZODIAC compilation. Let your mind drift ...
BLNDR Jul 16, 2017
BLNDR Jul 11, 2017
Alex Huthwohl Série de transfert à l'acétone 15 x 21
BLNDR Jul 04, 2017
J-3 Till BLOCAUS x The Peacock Society Timetable is out 23H00 - 01H00 EXAL 01H00 - 02H00 BLNDR live 02H00 - 03H00 Varg live 03H00 - 04H00 Codex Empire live 04H00 - 06H00 Ancient Methods See you there ...
BLNDR Jun 27, 2017
BLOCAUS stage at The Peacock Society Festival 2017. ◣ Ancient Methods ◣ Codex Empire LIVE ◣ Varg LIVE ◣ BLNDR LIVE ◣ EXAL Unleash the beasts .
BLNDR Jun 22, 2017
I recorded a podcast for the Ghosts crew which invited me to play a year ago at ://About Blank in Berlin . Tracklist is included in the description and it features some new and oldies from my Hypnus Records fellows Antonio Vasquez, Ntogn, Luigi Tozzi & Feral मृत्युकर . Enjoy !
BLNDR Jun 09, 2017
I couldn't be more excited to play once again with Hypnus Records fellows Luigi Tozzi & Ntogn for our debut at Institut fuer Zukunft in Leipzig tomorrow night. Can't wait to discover this place of which i have heard so many things about. I will be playing live. EVENT : Aequalis x Modul w/ Hypnus Records Showcase & Perel
BLNDR Jun 08, 2017
🌐 COMING UP THIS SUMMER 🌐 Catch me playing live in 10.06 - Institut fuer Zukunft (Leipzig) 17.06 - Smolna (Warsaw) 07.07 - The Peacock Society Festival 2017 (Paris) 04.08 - Exil & RGS present : Ghost Lake Festival(Paris) For further booking requests please contact :
BLNDR Jun 02, 2017
My friend Synthek just released his debut album under his new alias Andaman on OVUNQVE. I've contributed to the project with a rework of his track "Vision IV" beside Refracted & Astronomy Domine on the remix duty as well . Hope you will like it ! The CD will be out in a Limited Edition of 150 copies . Produced by OVUNQVE © 2017 Release Date: 19-06-2017 (CD LTD+Digital).
BLNDR May 30, 2017
More than 2 years ago now . UN#43 for Smoke Machine. Let your mind drift...
BLNDR May 24, 2017
Refining some details before Spazio Tempo alongside natural/electronic.system. & the Spazio Tempo crew . See you on friday at Batofar !
BLNDR May 12, 2017
Catch me this weekend playing live for the first time in Le Havre on friday for 329 RE-THINK Festival alongside Polar Inertia Blck:Swn & many more ! On saturday i'll be back with my friends from Container in Paris . I will be opening the night before Headless Horseman, Ventress, Paulie Jan & ILLNURSE . EVENT ◣ Container XVII : Headless Horseman live, Ventress See you there ...
BLNDR Apr 19, 2017
Its been too long since i shared the booth with adepts Ntogn & Korridor ... I couldn't be more excited to see us gathered again at Elysia Basel this weekend for a special Hypnus Records label night . Proper mayhem in prospect... Records, slipmats and hoodies will be sold during the night. If you want to order some records in particular please send an e-mail to ▬▬▬ EVENT▸ Hypnus: Korridor & BLNDR & Ntogn
BLNDR Apr 15, 2017
Meet me tonight in Prague at cross][club for REM PHASE w/ BLNDR, Acidelika room w/ KUNO . I will be playing live from 1 till 2 . See you on the front row !
BLNDR Apr 10, 2017
Here's some selected pictures i’ve taken with a couple of disposable camera during my trip to Seoul & Tokyo a few weeks ago . Hope you'll enjoy .