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Papa Roach with Blindside at Amager Bio (October 22, 2017)
Venue: Amager Bio (Copenhagen, Denmark) Find tickets
Papa Roach with Blindside at Rockefeller (October 23, 2017)
Venue: Rockefeller (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
Blindside Oct 01, 2017
Blindside Sep 28, 2017
Last night we got to host the John Little show! A huge honour! After our third rehearsal since internationals, we're ready to sing in the semi-finals today. Photo Credit: Adrian Gimple
Blindside Sep 13, 2017
In the run up to the Pan Pacific competition we've only been able to sing together twice. Our final rehearsal was at an amazing white wedding in Queenstown which we were honoured to sing at. We're looking forward to busting out two brand new arrangements and can't wait to share them with you all.
Blindside Aug 24, 2017
The Barbershop Harmony Society has uploaded all the songs from this years convention. It was such an awesome convention and we'd love to share a part of our contribution to it. This song was arranged by our amazing baritone Michael. . . . . . . Tim, Gareth
Blindside Aug 12, 2017
Awesome night celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Sunshine Coast with the Sunshine Statesmen. A huge thanks to all our friends up north!!
Blindside Jul 06, 2017
Tonight we sang in the open (big boy) quartet comp and were blown away with a score of 80.4 and a 22nd place finish. An amazing way to finish the week, we couldn't have dreamed of more. Thanks to all our BHA buddies, the amazing Lockout, and Sound Connection for their support in the crowd. Thanks all the more to our support back home; The Blenders, our families, and our coaches (Marty Lovick, John Newell, Steve Armstrong & Jono Albertini), without whom none of this would be possible. Photo Credit: Barbershop Harmony Society
Blindside Jul 05, 2017
Tonight we came 3rd in the International Youth Quartet Comp! Huge thanks to our families, friends, coaches and chorus who have made this amazing journey possible. Still more to come though! We are singing in the Open Quartet Comp tomorrow and can't wait to get back out there. Photo Credit: Trevor Bruger
Blindside Jul 04, 2017
This pretty much sums up our time in Vegas so far... We arrived yesterday and spent the whole time chilling in the hotel room and drinking water We're super excited to sing in the youth quartet contest tomorrow!
Blindside Jun 12, 2017
Wow... We had the honour of spending a small amount of time with the great Dr Jim Henry. The man is an absolute master of the craft. Sadly, Mike was interstate but was attentively listening over the phone.
Blindside Jun 04, 2017
It's less than 4 weeks until we fly over the Pacific for the international barbershop comp. With Mike in another state, we've struggled to get together over the last year. This weekend we all travelled to the Gold Coast and had some killer Skype coaching with Steve 'the General' Armstrong and John 'the real deal' Newell. We're getting excited!! 🤙💃🕺🎉
Blindside May 30, 2017
After a long day of coaching and singing with the men and women of Voices in Paradise we had the honour of singing a few songs ourselves. Song: Short People (Randy Newman)
Blindside May 28, 2017
Yesterday we were honoured to be a part of Voices in Paradise 2017. We had the privilege of working and singing alongside the amazing Drums of War with so many talented young singers to put on a show.
Blindside Jan 21, 2017
Today we had an awesome coaching session with the one and only John Newell! We're looking with eager expectation, toward the remainder of 2017 and all the things it holds for us.
Blindside Jan 13, 2017
Happy new year! We as a quartet are looking forward to a packed and exciting 2017. We've got a number of awesome opportunities coming up this year which we're excited to share with you down the track. Not least of all is that we, along with Drums of War will be featured at this years VIP. If you are aged 15-30 and you'd like to give singing a try, there is no better time than at VIP. Look forward to seeing you there!
Blindside Oct 04, 2016
Blindside's cover photo
Blindside Oct 02, 2016
We won! Blindside is Australia's 2016 Open Quartet champs. We were blown away to not only be awarded the title but also get Australia's first 80+ quartet score. Thanks so much to the BHA, The Blenders Chorus, those who have coached us, but most of all to our wives and families who have put up with us jetting all over for this crazy hobby. In the coming weeks we will be meeting and deciding what our plans are for 2017. We'll keep you posted!
Blindside Sep 29, 2016
What a weird, whacky and wonderful day! Today we had the joy of competing in the National Barbershop Open Quartet Contest, and we had a great time; it was great fun and better yet, we made it to the Friday Night Final! The final will take place at 7:30pm at the Newcastle City Hall tomorrow night, tickets at the door available for $25. Attached is a link for the webcast should you wish to watch along ( We thank you all for the cheers and encouragement, we look forward to singing again tomorrow!
Blindside Sep 29, 2016
He made it! We're now all accounted for and looking forward to singing.
Blindside Sep 24, 2016
Big news post: Next week we'll be heading to Newcastle to compete in the BHA national comp. We've been up against it as a quartet since getting back for entirely good reasons. Mike has taken up a job with the NSW ambulance service and has spent the last couple of months in Sydney. Tim is undertaking some exciting new work opportunities. Gareth is still plugging away at uni, work and church and Trent is still keeping the State Library afloat with his technical skill. We've struggled to get any time together but schedule permitting, we'll be competing this year and for as long as we can make it work. TL;DR: We're still best mates who love singing together. Thanks for all your support! As you can see we flew Jordan Travis out (first class) for the photo. Expensive, but worth it for the loosest of moose.
Blindside Jul 12, 2016
Wow what a week! Just arrived back in Brisbane following a long journey home from the USA and Canada where again we had the pleasure of representing Australia in the International Youth Quartet Contest. For us it was a trying and challenging week, but also one of great experiences and joys all the same. We met so many new friends, caught up with lots of old friends, and ultimately we've grown stronger and learnt so much more together as a group of friends and as a quartet. We are so honoured to be able to do what we do, and we thank all of you for your relentless support and encouragement! Until next time!
Blindside Jul 05, 2016
Hey guys! Just a bit of info about the contest; if you'd like to watch us in the international competition, you can via the BHS webcast! Below is the link for the streaming service and the schedule, we're on at approximately 12:06pm Brisbane time on Wednesday in the youth competition, make sure you leave enough time to log on. We'd love to hear your cheers from Nashville!
Blindside Jul 04, 2016
Last night we got to sing on the most incredibly stacked show in Nashville, Barberoo! (Photo credit to Genik) We were blown away by those with whom we shared the stage. Only two more days until we compete!
Blindside Jul 02, 2016
We had the honour of spending the last couple of days with the incredible Steve "the General" Armstrong and Jordan "the Loose Moose" Travis up at Harmony Ranch. We were blown away by their talent, generosity, and warmth. We can't thank them enough.
Blindside Jun 30, 2016
We have arrived in Toronto after 24 hours of travelling and are ready to smash some burritos before bed. We can't wait to catch up with Jordan Travis tomorrow and be shown the sights.
Blindside Jun 28, 2016
Last night we were sent off by our home chorus the Blenders and our beloved friend and mentor Jono. Even though we'll be on the other side of the world we won't help but be able to feel the love and support from home.