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Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton Oct 16, 2017
‪Countdown to #TexomaShore is on y'all!! Preorder to get the new single!
Blake Shelton Oct 12, 2017
Nashville!! Lets cheers to new music! FREE Pandora #SoundsLikeCountry show on 11/3 at Oz Arts with Maggie Rose! RSVP here:
Blake Shelton Oct 11, 2017
Some damn good bundles for #TexomaShore pre-order… Go get ‘em! - Team BS
Blake Shelton Oct 06, 2017
Pre-order Blake's new album, Texoma Shore, now!
Blake Shelton Oct 04, 2017
Carpool Karaoke
Blake Shelton Oct 03, 2017
‪Go behind the scenes of the new single!! #IllNameTheDogs
Blake Shelton Oct 02, 2017
‪My deepest sympathies and prayers to anyone who has been affected by the Vegas shooting last night. I don't even know anymore... Why?‬
Blake Shelton Oct 01, 2017
Thank you Tish!!! #Home
Blake Shelton Sep 30, 2017
‪Cheers to everyone making the Ole Red Tish opening possible.. let's party tonight Tishomingo!!
Blake Shelton Sep 29, 2017
Ole Red Tishomingo
Blake Shelton Sep 28, 2017
Headed back toward Lake Texoma this weekend.. thanks to yall who've preordered #TexomaShore!!
Blake Shelton Sep 28, 2017
Dang!! We’ve got tons of #TexomaShore pre-order bundles in the store for ya right now! - Team BS
Blake Shelton Sep 26, 2017
Tonight NBC The Voice is back!!!!! And sadly so is Adam.... Tune in anyway!!!!
Blake Shelton Sep 22, 2017
‪Y'all I'm excited to get this out!! Preorder #TexomaShore, available November 3rd!
Blake Shelton Sep 22, 2017
Blake Shelton Sep 22, 2017
Blake Shelton Sep 21, 2017
Tomorrow!! Preorder #TexomaShore
Blake Shelton Sep 21, 2017
YEEEHAWW who's ready for some more new music??!! #TexomaShore coming at y'all November 3rd preorder TOMORROW!
Blake Shelton Sep 21, 2017
Hot DANG! Who’s that on the cover of Spotify Hot Country?! - Team BS
Blake Shelton Sep 18, 2017
This is awesome!
Blake Shelton Sep 18, 2017
‪Congrats to my voice family for ANOTHER #Emmy!!!!
Blake Shelton Sep 16, 2017
This is so good... Eddie and Troy have made some great records over the years. This is the latest..
Blake Shelton Sep 15, 2017
Damn!! Glad y'all like this tune as much as I do.. love y'all #IllNameTheDogs
Blake Shelton Sep 14, 2017
Let’s make this one count!!! Join me in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/16 for the last stop of my Doing It To Country Songs Tour. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to stop by the Nissan TITAN booth.
Blake Shelton Sep 14, 2017
Hell yeah, thanks Amazon Music for adding “I’ll Name The Dogs” to #FreshCountry. – Team BS