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Rebel Child
Blackjack Billy at Big Whisky Saloon - Puyallup (November 1, 2017)
Venue: Big Whisky Saloon - Puyallup (Puyallup, WA, US) Find tickets
Blackjack Billy Oct 19, 2017
Chicago! We are coming back to Joe's Live Rosemont Dec 29th and we are quite the excited doggies. Get your tix at
Blackjack Billy Oct 14, 2017
Medford OR Nov 3rd our raucous west coast run rolls into The Rocky Tonk Saloon! #BjBLive
Blackjack Billy Oct 09, 2017
I figured we could all use some really bad humor right about now. Happy #mondaypunday!! #themanchild
Blackjack Billy Oct 04, 2017
After two days of anger and sadness, today I ask myself What Would Love Do Now? Today I am focusing on all the stories of the many people in the crowd helping each other, shielding strangers, some sacrificing their own lives to save others. I am focusing on the incredible and heroic job of the first responders that saved so many lives and also soaking in the large outpouring of love and cries for unity from all around. Yes I am deeply disturbed by the evil but I am proud and very inspired by our response and resolve. JC #whatwouldlovedonow #stopthehate #pickeachotherup #unite #hope
Blackjack Billy Oct 02, 2017
Sickened. When will this stop? #prayforvegas #prayforhumanity
Blackjack Billy Sep 29, 2017
Oregon! We are coming at you twice. Nov 2 Duke's Bar and Grill Portland Nov 3 The Rocky Tonk Saloon Medford Boom shakalaka boom
Blackjack Billy Sep 27, 2017
Puyallup WA see you 5 weeks from tonight at Big Whisky Saloon! Nov 1. West Coast Run. BjB Live!
Blackjack Billy Sep 22, 2017
Sewing badges on Sam's Girl Scout vest and then I have to do her hair and makeup for her Sleeping Beauty ballet dress rehearsal. Somebody get me a beer and a football game. #girlyman
Blackjack Billy Sep 14, 2017
WEST COAST SHOWS!!! Nov 1-Puyallup WA Big Whisky Saloon Nov 2-Portland OR Duke's American Bar & Grill Nov 3-Medford OR The Rocky Tonk Saloon Nov 4-Crescent City CA Elk Valley Casino Fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Blackjack Billy Sep 13, 2017
Here's how we can all help the hurricane relief effort. The lines will stay open. #handinhand
Blackjack Billy Sep 12, 2017
I was living in Brooklyn 16 yrs ago. Saw deep tragedy up close but saw what real heroes are. Saw how a city and a nation can come together to rise above. - JC #firstresponders #neverforget
Blackjack Billy Sep 07, 2017
Sat night! 5 Paces Inn Atlanta. Free BjB Live!!
Blackjack Billy Sep 04, 2017
Happy Labor Day!! Here's my special Labor Day edition #mondaypunday #sobaditsgood
Blackjack Billy Sep 01, 2017
Say hi to Dave Pittenger! #newBjBmusic #recording
Blackjack Billy Aug 30, 2017
Atlanta! Sept 9th we are coming. 5 Paces Inn. 9:30pm. Loud live BjB!
Blackjack Billy Aug 23, 2017
We started recording some new music! New single coming out everywhere soon.
Blackjack Billy Aug 18, 2017
Goofing off and potentially butchering a classic. #withalittlehelpfrommyfriends. #wingdickinit #onetake
Blackjack Billy Aug 17, 2017
We're coming for you Havelock Country Jamboree! Can't wait to play y'all some new tunes off our #ShowOut EP this Saturday! 📸: James Bennett
Blackjack Billy Aug 06, 2017
Gonna miss this boy like you don't know #weloveyoubrad.
Blackjack Billy Aug 05, 2017
Grubbin up on some good greasy diner food to kick off Brad's farewell weekend right. Harborfest tonight in Kenora ON #weloveyoubrad
Blackjack Billy Aug 03, 2017
To brother Noll aka Nollicus Maximus aka Puddin, Happy Birthday!!!!! #letyourfreakflagfly
Blackjack Billy Jul 31, 2017
I mean.....why not right? #mondaypunday #themanchild #tomcruise
Blackjack Billy Jul 24, 2017
This Saturday Des Moines IA Western Gateway Park 10pm!
Blackjack Billy Jul 22, 2017
Tom Selleck shrine anyone? Look no further than this local ice cream joint here in East Nashville. Pied Piper Creamery.
Blackjack Billy Jul 17, 2017
Question for all y'all..... What is your favorite song off our new EP?? Taking a fan poll. Thank you thank you thank you