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Blackfield V
Welcome to My DNA
Once / 1000 People
Blackfield II
End of the World (RADIO EDIT)
Blackfield II
Blackfield Jan 31, 2018
‪My band and me would like to thank all our fans in Europe for incredible time in the last two weeks. U.S tour dates to announce soon...‬
Blackfield Jan 30, 2018
Tonight is the last show in Berlin Frannz Club
Blackfield Jan 30, 2018
Thanks Munich
Blackfield Jan 29, 2018
Playing Munich tonight in at Strom club, Tomorrow playing Berlin at Frantz club
Blackfield Jan 27, 2018
Ech Freu mech mega das ech höt sErst mol I de Schwiiz daf Spele !! Höt I de Jazzkantine ab em 9i!! Aviv Geffen
Blackfield Jan 19, 2018
European tour first day- Koln
Blackfield Jan 18, 2018
This Friday .. can’t wait to see you all
Blackfield Jan 15, 2018
Rehearsing in Tel Aviv..
Blackfield Jan 14, 2018
Liebe Fans, Ich freue mich sehr zurück nach Deutschland zu kommen. Kauft jetzt euer Ticket und wir sehen uns dann auf einer meiner Shows in Köln, Hamburg, Berlin und München. Deutschland, see you soon! Aviv Geffen
Blackfield Jan 10, 2018
Steven Wilson
Blackfield Dec 31, 2017
Happy new year to all my friends around the world. Can’t wait seeing you on one of my shows in Europe this January. U.S dates soon.. Aviv
Blackfield Dec 10, 2017
European tour dates 2018
Blackfield May 30, 2017
Danke Cologne!! Today is the last show on the tour in Berlin! You don't want to miss it
Blackfield May 29, 2017
In Hamburg zu starten ist ein wundervoller Weg die tour in Deutschland zu öffnen
Blackfield May 28, 2017
Pics from London show
Blackfield May 28, 2017
Thank you everyone for the support so far on this tour. After the amazing shows last week, and with a days rest, we're ready for Hamburg tonight. Hope to see you there! If you haven't seen the Lonely Soul video, here it is again.
Blackfield May 26, 2017
Ready to see Steven and Aviv on stage tonight side by side for a few tracks?
Blackfield May 25, 2017
'Following the horrific and tragic incident in #Manchester on Monday, I feel that a more intimate and respectful show would be appropriate. We have therefore moved the show to Soup Kitchen. All tickets will be valid for the new venue.' Aviv Geffen
Blackfield May 25, 2017
Following the horrific and tragic incident in Manchester on Monday, I feel that a more intimate and respectful show would be appropriate. We have therefore moved the show to The Soup Kitchen. All tickets will be valid for the new venue. Aviv
Blackfield May 23, 2017
Birmingham,sound check..
Blackfield May 23, 2017
‪What a sad morning here in England, My heart and soul with all those innocent victims. ‬
Blackfield May 22, 2017
What an amazing night in Brussels. Thank you to La Madeleine and to everyone that came to see us.
Blackfield May 20, 2017
For everyone going to the first show in Paris tonight, Aviv will be on stage at 8pm. See you there!
Blackfield May 19, 2017
I’m so excited to start my tour tomorrow around Europe. Can’t wait to see you all. We’ll play songs from all Blackfield’s back catalog including some songs from the new album. I’m sharing the stage with those amazing musicians . Tomer Z - Drums,Vocals Eran Mitelmann - Keys,Vocals Hadar Green - Bass,Vocals Omri Agmon - Guitars,vocals. expect some surprises on stage during a few shows.. I promise to return very soon to Italy,Spain,Netherlands ,Poland and more countries that we missed this time. See you soon Love Aviv Geffen