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The Wrong Room
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Variations on Black
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B'Negative (Ill Skillz Remix)
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Paaspop Paaspop 2018
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Black Sun Empire Mar 17, 2018
Our tune with State of Mind just hit the top ten on Beatport Thanks PEEEPS <3
Black Sun Empire Mar 11, 2018
Have you guys check this monster out?
Black Sun Empire Mar 09, 2018
Let your speakers rattle with the brand new State of Mind release on Blackout! you can and get it exclusively on Beatport <3 <3 <3
Black Sun Empire Mar 08, 2018
Proud of this tune we did with our friends from State of Mind. It's one of the tunes taken from the first part of their new album 'Land of the Blind' coming out tomorrow!
Black Sun Empire Mar 08, 2018
Brand new at our webstore: Blackout Bomberjacks, The jacket comes with 10 iron-on patches with which you can customize your jacket and to finish it off you get 3 black and 3 orange zipper-tags! get it here:
Black Sun Empire Mar 06, 2018
Check out this new upcoming track by our friends State of Mind, out friday on Blackout!
Black Sun Empire Mar 03, 2018
Saturday is a great day to listen to new fire :D Whats your guys favourite rework from 'The Wrong Room - Remixed'? if you haven't check it out yet - see link in comments.
Black Sun Empire Feb 27, 2018
it is here!
Black Sun Empire Feb 22, 2018
YYEESSS Check out our friends State of Mind's new track Writhe!
Black Sun Empire Feb 20, 2018
Who's ready for this sneaky advance tune taken from State of Mind forthcoming release 'Land of the Blind - Part 1'. Coming out this FRIDAY :D
Black Sun Empire Feb 13, 2018
8Blackout a-z Black Sun Empire Drumsound & Bassline Smith Optical Signal Kolt MC Multiplex 18+ 23:00 - 06:00 14th of April Tickets:
Black Sun Empire Feb 12, 2018
Do you guys want to be Blacklisted? All you have to do it is follow our Spotify playlist (see link in comments below) 8-)
Black Sun Empire Feb 09, 2018
New caps at the Blackout store!
Black Sun Empire Feb 09, 2018
Get / Listen to it here:
Black Sun Empire Feb 09, 2018
Today is the day that the remixed version of our album 'the Wrong Room' has it's worldwide release! You can now get it at all the major online stores! And thanks again to everybody who made this happen: Noisia, Killbox, NEONLIGHT, The Upbeats, EmperorDNB, Misanthrop, State of Mind, Thomas Oliver, Virus Syndicate, Prolix, Current Value, Posij, L 33, HEZEN, THE PROTOTYPES, Belle Doron, Agressor Bunx, Pythius, Signal and ABIS - Blackout Get / Listen to it here:
Black Sun Empire Feb 08, 2018
OMG :)
Black Sun Empire Feb 08, 2018
Check out the Music Video for Pythius his track 'Monster Black Hole'! Out tomorrow on Blackout!
Black Sun Empire Feb 08, 2018
Playaz Recordings just announced our Printworks London debut on Sat 10th March! Final release tickets running low:
Black Sun Empire Feb 05, 2018
Black Sun Empire Feb 04, 2018
Sunday, a day off peace and TAKEOVERS! Blackout took over the I Love Drum & Bass Spotify playlist. So we hope you'll have a wonderful weekend :D
Black Sun Empire Feb 01, 2018
Yes! Pythius got a new single coming up on Blackout!
Black Sun Empire Feb 01, 2018
Let us know what your favourite 'The Wrong Room' remix is! You can check it on either Beatport or Spotify:
Black Sun Empire Jan 31, 2018
Black Sun Empire Jan 29, 2018
Thanks guys for the support! That went to nr1 like a #bassrocket! :))
Black Sun Empire Jan 29, 2018
Beatport selects! check out the crossover video of us dropping 'Black Sun Empire & Noisia - The Veil (Killbox Remix) on Let It Roll and Boomtown Fair last summer!