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Black Roots
Black Roots Oct 18, 2017
Listen to latest Global Reggae Charts on Spotify * this one features the latest release by the the band * I Believe featuring Jah Garvey * gwaan check it out!
Black Roots Oct 06, 2017
Check on this playlist complied by Danakil on links provided. Played on main stage on same day @ Garance Reggae Festival in 2014 * great band * bless up and respect.
Black Roots Oct 06, 2017
Yes The Mighty King Benoni love and respect.
Black Roots Sep 27, 2017
Black Roots Sep 19, 2017
I Believe featuring Jah Garvey by Black Roots, the single released in May 2017, enters the Global Reggae Singles Charts @ No 17 in September 2017. For more information check out the September issue of the full magazine
Black Roots Sep 11, 2017
Some great shots of the band @ Main Stage Rototom Reggae Sunsplash 2017 - Bless Vibes Connection for posting these.
Black Roots Sep 05, 2017
Came across this version of Juvenile Delinquent by Macha on YouTube posted in March 2016 * first time that we have heard a cover of the song sung by a woman * nice vibe to it so check it out!
Black Roots Aug 31, 2017
More pics of the band at Rototom - this time as part of a photo album of the 6th day of the Festival put together by Wise Up Station * loving it.
Black Roots Aug 28, 2017
New link to the live set played by the band @ Rototom Reggae Sunsplash this year. This link is on our Youtube channel. Open the link in Youtube and then click on the start time of a song on the track list provided and it will take you to the start. This way you can check out the live version of a song that you want to listen to. LISTEN, ENJOY AND SHARE
Black Roots Aug 27, 2017
Black Roots with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, at Govanhill Against Racism Festival 27th August 2017 in Glasgow. Definitely one for the scrapbook!
Black Roots Aug 21, 2017
Rototom - band performing on main stage Thursday 17th August 2017.
Black Roots Aug 19, 2017
riddim Mag
Black Roots Aug 19, 2017
Check out this radio show that is doing a special on Black Roots from tonight. Respect for that - Bless
Black Roots Aug 19, 2017
Some nice pictures of some of the artists that played on the main stage at Rototom on Thursday 17th August 2017 posted on the Reggaeville online magazine. Just click on the link to open the photo album and for Black Roots scroll down to see some great shots of the band performing.
Black Roots Aug 19, 2017
@ Rototom Reggae Sunsplash 2017 Main Stage * It was a privilege to play at this Festival. Bless up and Respect the Rototom crew.
Black Roots Aug 12, 2017
Another great moment captured on camera. Errol one of the singers in the band giving it all to express that message that they put out to the crowd taken at Nomade Reggae Festival at last Sunday's gig there.
Black Roots Aug 12, 2017
Black Roots tonight at Afro C Bredene Belgium magic moments
Black Roots Aug 08, 2017
Groovalizacion Radio
Black Roots Jul 14, 2017
For those of you that have been waiting for Black Roots to play a gig in Scotland your patience has been rewarded * We are coming very soon to 'Celebrate Govanhill' in Glasgow to perform that unique and harmonic brand of deep roots reggae. CHECK US OUT @ ROOTS ROCK REGGAE AGAINST RACISM on Sunday 27th August 2017 alongside 2 other UK Reggae greats Misty in Roots and Aswad.
Black Roots Jun 15, 2017
Bamboo Station
Black Roots Jun 02, 2017
Sending out good wishes and irie vibes to our friends in Rosario Argentina - maximo respeto y abrazo fuerte para todos los fans de Black Roots y de la musica reggae positiva.
Black Roots Jun 02, 2017
Mukambo Groovalizacion Respect and Blessings for your continued support boom!!!
Black Roots May 29, 2017
Eventi Reggae - Italian Reggae Web Magazine
Black Roots May 27, 2017
Listen to the new release on Deezer
Black Roots May 26, 2017