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Black Milk Sep 08, 2017
Black Milk
Black Milk Aug 02, 2017
Austin, TX! I'm coming to play a beat set for y'all on Friday, September 8 at Empire Control Room & Garage. Get your tickets!
Black Milk Aug 01, 2017
Coming to play beats and rap a little bit. Friday, August 11 - Stockton, CA - The Sycamore Sunday, August 13 - Boston, MA - Wonder Bar Sunday, September 8 - Austin, TX - Empire Control Room
Black Milk Aug 01, 2017
Black Milk Jul 21, 2017
Stockton, CA! Playing beats for y'all on Friday, August 11.
Black Milk Jul 13, 2017
Boston area. Live beat set. Aug 13. Tix
Black Milk Apr 05, 2017
Black Milk Mar 23, 2017
- 🏀 hoop dreams are officially over, guess I gotta do music now, and this cast is huge! p.s. this f*****g sucks! 😠
Black Milk Mar 17, 2017
-Prophet✔️Moog✔️Odyssey✔️JX3P✔️😎 Day 2 #SynthSessions n #Detroit @koltay
Black Milk Mar 16, 2017
- 🎹Synth sessions in Detroit, up @ @koltay's... lets see what kinda mess we can make today.
Black Milk Mar 14, 2017
- France 🇫🇷 Sweden 🇸🇪 thank u! Glad y'all rocked w/ me, even tho my Achilles was torn.. Promise I'll be 100% next time!! going under the knife soon 👨🏽‍⚕️🔪 🤦🏾‍♂️
Black Milk Mar 12, 2017
- 🚂5 hr train ride to Stockholm, time to make sum edits ... last show 2nite @ Fasching w/ Nat Turner, Stockholm see y'all in a bit!
Black Milk Mar 05, 2017
Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Malmo and Stockholm - the Nat Turner band and I are coming this week/weekend. Get your tickets!
Black Milk Mar 05, 2017
- had to chop/cover Ohio Players "Pride & Vanity" (R.I.P. Junie ) while going into Story & Her.. Great night in #Nantes #France #BlackMilkNatTurner
Black Milk Mar 04, 2017
- #Paris 🐐city!! Reached capacity 2nite! another one for the books (even tho I fumbled some of my words 🙄) Luv y'all!!!
Black Milk Mar 03, 2017
- 😄decide to flip that joint "France" by Opal on the MP w/ Nat Turner since I'm in Paris 2night, luv that song. Sold out show! About to be hot and sweaty!!! Let's go!
Black Milk Mar 03, 2017
- #Paris see y'all 2nite @ New Morning! hitting at 10pm w/ Nat Turner! 🇫🇷
Black Milk Mar 02, 2017
Lyon / Feyzin, France! I'll be live with the band Nat Turner at L'épicerie moderne / salle musiques actuelles on Wednesday, March 8. Get your tickets!
Black Milk Mar 02, 2017
PARIS! I'm back in your city this Friday at New Morning (Officiel). Get your tickets:
Black Milk Mar 02, 2017
Black Milk Feb 20, 2017
- Coming to Europe for a few shows starting March 2nd along side my guys Nat Turner, tix @ see y'all n a couple weeks! March 2nd-12th FRANCE 02 Rennes 03 Paris 04 Nantes 08 Lyon 09 St Etienne SWEDEN 11 Malmo 12 Stockholm
Black Milk Feb 15, 2017
- was in the studio working with your favorite drummers, favorite drummer last night... the alien @chrisdaddydave... s/o @jermaineholmes & @josefleimberg
Black Milk Feb 07, 2017
- will always be missed, your music is a religion for some of us, thx for showing us how far this music can go with only a drum machine. 🐐 #HappyBirthdayDilla #Dilladay #DillaMonth
Black Milk Feb 06, 2017
EUROPE! The Nat Turner band and I are headed over in March for a few shows and festivals. Get your tickets at MARCH 02 Rennes, France 03 Paris, France 04 Nantes, France 08 Lyon, France 09 St. Etienne, France 11 Malmo, Sweden 12 Stockholm, Sweden Photo by Michael Yohannes
Black Milk Feb 06, 2017
Looking forward to playing Pickathon this August with the band Nat Turner. Get your tickets at