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Hoco Fest Hoco Fest 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Tucson, AZ, US) Find tickets
Black Marble Jun 25, 2018
LA bands, who is your go to screenprinter in town.. Must be fast and pro. Cheap preferred but if I can only have two I'll take fast and pro. Thanks.
Black Marble Jun 23, 2018
Catch us and @BoyHarsher @deathbells__ & @survive__________________ on Aug 31st at HOCO Fest!
Black Marble Jun 22, 2018
Houston tonight w/ @choirboyslc and @coldcave23
Black Marble Jun 22, 2018
Happy selfie day
Black Marble Jun 21, 2018
Tonight in New Orleans! 4 bands, 10 bucks, we play last! See ya there.
Black Marble Jun 16, 2018
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Black Marble Jun 14, 2018
New York! We play in U 2nite at THE WARSAW. So psyched. We play EARLY at 845. Come even earlier b cause Choir Boy is rad. See u tonight w/ @coldcave23 and @choirboyslc
Black Marble Jun 04, 2018
Tualatin, Oregon
Black Marble Jun 03, 2018
PLZ come if you are in Boise@tonight, this is going to rule.
Black Marble May 31, 2018
Team Millay holdin’ it down. @trever_millay @choirboyslc @coldcave23
Black Marble May 22, 2018
Black Marble May 12, 2018
This is how you rock without the devil getting you.
Black Marble May 12, 2018
Idk about the arctic monkeys music one way or another but I’m down w/ these dad slax
Black Marble May 11, 2018
Best ever
Black Marble May 09, 2018
Hey I’d like to focus group these shirts real quick, should I make these?
Black Marble May 07, 2018
Don’t sell drugs kids.
Black Marble May 03, 2018
Album art is done for next LP. Sick cutout game has been stepped up. Who cares about foil this is pop-up level artistry fam.
Black Marble Apr 29, 2018
BTW. I have almost 30k Facebook followers and this is how many people they served up my recent post about our new shirts to. 600. Out of 30,000. Solid company. 🙈
Black Marble Apr 28, 2018
Friends, after three millennia Black Marble will have a new T-Shirt design courtesy of @jessexfeinman in honor of our upcoming tour with @coldcave23 and @choirboyslc. These will be coming to a city near you next month. Also available for pre-order on our site. Link in Insta bio. @ Downtown Rehearsal 2
Black Marble Apr 13, 2018
Tour again soon. Bathroom one via Jansen Interiors. Bathroom two via @astraldeeps @ Downtown Rehearsal 2
Black Marble Apr 12, 2018
I wonder if I would like making this kind of music so much if all the gear looked different. Garbage 80s is my aesthetic sonically and visually.
Black Marble Apr 11, 2018
Body Language @ Downtown Los Angeles
Black Marble Apr 10, 2018
Hi, look 👀 over here. Psyched for this upcoming tour, most of all to play the famed Warsaw in NYC. Only venue I know where old Polish ladies fed you perogies. Hope that’s still the case. @coldcave23 @choirboyslc
Black Marble Mar 14, 2018
See you at the Pringletarium™
Black Marble Feb 12, 2018
Hello friends, tune into your internets in a half hour to hear me play some songs while I eat this bag of cashews w/ my buddy @zaneistrouble I'm playing many sad Valentines songs 4 all u hopeless lovrz. 😥