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Cover Your Heart and the Anvil Pants Odyssey
Lotus Island
The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall
Cover Your Heart
Cruel Melody
Cruel Melody (Clean)
Black Light Burns Jun 04, 2017
Black Light Burns May 03, 2016
Black Light Burns's cover photo
Black Light Burns May 03, 2016
Black Light Burns
Black Light Burns Jun 30, 2015
I'm playing with Queen Kwong in Denver tonight at The Lost Lake Lounge. Show at 10pm. -Wes
Black Light Burns Mar 26, 2015
Black Light Burns Feb 12, 2015
Dear friends, I'm heading to London on Saturday with the band Queen Kwong (Carré Callaway, Hayden Scott, Fred Sablan, and Myself). We are playing 4 shows in the city, Feb 17, 18, 20, 21, and are looking for someone to help us out driving a rental van. Please comment here and we can arrange a chat if you can be our hero. Thanks, -Wes
Black Light Burns Jan 14, 2015
I haven't been up to much Black Light Burns lately, and that's going to change later in the year. I have been playing guitar in Queen Kwong lately and this is a full show from last month. We're also coming over to London in February to play 4 shows. So check it out:
Black Light Burns Oct 05, 2014
There's a free Queen Kwong show Oct. 23rd in LA. Our friend Fred Sablan and I are playing in the band that night. Come buy us a cocktail! Hope to see some of you there! -Wes
Black Light Burns Jun 14, 2014
New @QueenKwong video 'Like The Swan'
Black Light Burns May 16, 2014
My brother Scott has just released his first EP. His project is called 'Land Of La Bora' and you can download it for free right here: I also painted the album cover, so check it out!
Black Light Burns Mar 23, 2014
Hi, Wes B. here. I wrote and recorded a song with my gal Carré Callaway from Queen Kwong. Check it out.
Black Light Burns Apr 01, 2013
Rolling Stone Russia
Black Light Burns Mar 31, 2013
Hard Copies of Lotus Island and much more available at the BLB store: hey, did that rhyme?
Black Light Burns Mar 17, 2013
Black Light Burns Mar 12, 2013
Just so you can enjoy the beard sale excitement with us, here's an update: We were up to $97 and then someone came to their senses and retracted their bid, so we're back down to $76 with 41 watchers so it could still get exciting. We also had the first question today: "pre or post shower?" which we were grossed out and horrified and tickled by. Does it really matter? We didn't answer the question, we just wrote back "gross".
Black Light Burns Mar 11, 2013
Congrats to our drummer Dylan Taylor on making the drive from NY to LA safely and just in time to get a quick jam session in tonight! It was a long journey but he finally made it in one piece! We're finally all in one place and functioning as a unit.. Feels good. Cheers!
Black Light Burns Mar 11, 2013
Black Light Burns
Black Light Burns Mar 10, 2013
We said we were going to sell our tour beards and we were not kidding. Let the bidding (or not bidding) commence! Help us buy Agata Alexander a present! Check it out weirdos:
Black Light Burns Mar 09, 2013
3/5ths BLB din din
Black Light Burns Mar 08, 2013
We love that so many of you want us to come play in places we haven't played yet, but if we missed you and you're wondering why, here's a general explanation of how booking shows and touring works: Before we go on tour a booking agent and a manager put feelers out all over the world to show promoters to see where there's interest. This includes the local place where YOU live, whether that be Egypt, or Ohio, or Chile, or Iran, or North Dakota, or Alaska, or Romania, or New Zealand, or wherever. Okay? The local promoters tell us how many people they think will come see the show and how much money, if any, they are willing to pay for the show. Once we collect all this information we put together a routing with it, and we include all the places whose collective fees add up to a number that balances or exceeds the cost of our vehicle rental, fuel, gear transportation, airline tickets, etc, etc and we go play shows. If your city or area isn't included, that means there wasn't enough local interest, or the cost of getting to that area outweighed our ability to offset that cost. Thank you for your attention.
Black Light Burns Mar 08, 2013
Moscow Rules
Black Light Burns Mar 08, 2013
Black Light Burns Mar 08, 2013
Black Light Burns Mar 07, 2013
Black Light Burns Mar 07, 2013