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A New World
Live Acoustic at the Mercury Lounge
A Raven Has My Heart
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Two Strangers
Give Us Sugar: B-sides
Passion Leaves a Trace
See the Sun
Your Body above Me
Black Lab Oct 05, 2017
i love tom petty. he's my model for squeezing so much feeling out of something so simple. andy does him justice.
Black Lab Oct 03, 2017
feeling super grateful this morning to everything and everyone, especially all you peeps that keep us in the music biz. (booklet photo from ~a new world~ by bhu sullivan)
Black Lab Sep 26, 2017
Andy and i and 'something you don't know' acoustic/electric -- video at give andy a like while you're over there.
Black Lab Sep 25, 2017
with BID onstage at Hatch
Black Lab Sep 19, 2017
Andy going at it
Black Lab Sep 13, 2017
wrapping up at chez Andy
Black Lab Sep 11, 2017
out to sushi, plotting next steps w Andy and Elisa.
Black Lab Sep 05, 2017
something is coming...
Black Lab Aug 29, 2017
just trying to make something direct, simple, no fireworks, no gimmicks, no crutches. just a few chords, a few notes, maybe a story. just telling it, despite the fear and the bad habits. just saying what is to be said. immediate transmission.
Black Lab Aug 28, 2017
hells yeah! lillie rocking it hard
Black Lab Aug 23, 2017
a few years ago i got to play my dream gig -- in NYC to a room full of hardcore fans. what's your dream black lab gig? full electric? original band (with andy on keyboards of course)? your hometown venue? paris? lemme know!
Black Lab Aug 22, 2017
holy crap. coming up on 20 years...
Black Lab Aug 18, 2017
so apparently some band has again decided to name themselves black lab without, you know, checking the internet. unfortunately no, we're not playing in SLC in september, tho that does sound fun...
Black Lab Aug 10, 2017
with Geoff in the blue... #TBT
Black Lab Aug 09, 2017
at the photo shoot w Audrey and Kristen...
Black Lab Aug 08, 2017
sorry i keep posting these messages. i guess i'm really feeling them these days -- this one in particular hit very hard. i'm so sorry for your loss, rob, and so moved that our music could make a difference. thank you for reaching out.
Black Lab Aug 02, 2017
i miss playing live...
Black Lab Jul 25, 2017
Black Lab Jul 21, 2017
ok, ric has really outdone himself here... thanks to everyone who's been posting reviews!
Black Lab Jul 19, 2017
man, we're officially rated as a 5-star band! :) not sure what this means but thanks everyone! xxx
Black Lab Jul 18, 2017
hey drew, actually i did see it. thanks so much!
Black Lab Jul 11, 2017
woke up today feeling grateful to all of you who have supported us for so long <3
Black Lab Jun 08, 2017
that time we made a video while we were in different states. this is how two introverts make a record together... #TBT directed by scott chestnut
Black Lab Jun 07, 2017
ahh, the joys of turning this into a song