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A New World
Live Acoustic at the Mercury Lounge
A Raven Has My Heart
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Passion Leaves a Trace
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Your Body above Me
Black Lab Mar 16, 2018
so happy to be playing tonight with these peeps -- gonna be an amazing evening of stories and songs with KT Tunstall, Philip Sheppard, Kimberley Motley, and Steve Connell (with the relentless Aj Paron-Wildes making it all happen). if you're in the area i hope you can make it out to the Rialto Bozeman.
Black Lab Mar 15, 2018
I'll be playing this Friday night at the Rialto in Bozeman with some friends of mine. This is going to be an amazing evening of stories and songs, and I think it will blow your socks off. All of us have donated our time to support Kimberley Motley, a lawyer who has been working in Afghanistan to carve out basic social justice and representation to women through her Identification Project -- providing marginalized women with basic identification so they can access the human rights, services and opportunities that are otherwise unavailable. Kimberley is an incredibly inspiring storyteller, and the stories are going to be interwoven with the songs of KT Tunstall ("Suddenly I See," etc.), world renowned cellist Philip Sheppard and myself, featuring action-poet and man-on-fire Steve Connell. All of this brought to you #becauseofhatch. If you can come I think you will be deeply moved, inspired and happy you did. Tickets right here: Thank you!
Black Lab Mar 13, 2018
that neil is so cute.
Black Lab Feb 19, 2018
i love psychedelic stoner doom. i just hope no one confuses us for them...
Black Lab Feb 14, 2018
hey, here’s a lovely composition from andy from his new reel. check it out!
Black Lab Feb 08, 2018
i love 'a new world,' but i think my favorite is 'a raven has my heart.' yes, it's dark and it's slow, but it says things i never thought i'd say, things i never thought i'd be able to say. 'raven' is my soul laid bare. #tbt
Black Lab Jan 30, 2018
ok, i know someone said they were going to send me a ‘time ago’ clock but then someone actually did!! thank you! who sent this?? i remember you messaging me but can’t find the message... please let me know so i can thank you properly.
Black Lab Jan 25, 2018
had a lovely time playing at blunderbuss last week — and then setting these off:
Black Lab Jan 10, 2018
here's a room recording of 'this night' from my show with jesse (on sweet gypsy cello) from Audrey's living room last month. we'll be doing it again next thursday at blunderbuss in bozeman, playing a paper lanterns benefit for I Am Interchange. hope to see you there!
Black Lab Jan 09, 2018
hey everyone, jesse & i are doing a set at the fundraiser for interchange so if you're in the bozeman area come check it out.
Black Lab Jan 04, 2018
hey everyone, i've been avoiding my computer and realized i didn't wish you all happy new year so, you know, belated HAPPY NEW YEAR! i know 2017 was brutal. i know there's no switch that gets thrown on january 1 that makes everything different. but i also know that each one of us want something -- for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our world -- and that if we can remember what we want and remember to work towards it, 2018 will be better. there's no way we can fail if we never give up <3
Black Lab Dec 14, 2017
sad to say, i am selling my les paul. this guitar has been played on every black lab album, from 'your body above me' to 'a new world,' and could be seen onstage during the 97-98 tour. it's in great working condition (if a little worn) and sounds amazing. i've squeezed all the sounds out of this one i could and it's time to pass it along. i'll even autograph it for you if you want <3
Black Lab Dec 14, 2017
happy holidays, c1997! #TBT we're still celebrating the anniversary of our debut, 'your body above me.' get the remastered director's cut here in full resolution download: thank you everyone for 20 years!
Black Lab Nov 30, 2017
laying down a fat groove with the boys... #TBT
Black Lab Nov 28, 2017
i feel weird today... in freak alley, downtown boise. we used to make the two hour drive from twin falls to the record exchange, the nearest source of real music. it’s still there.
Black Lab Nov 16, 2017
that time we were in the top 40... #TBT
Black Lab Nov 14, 2017
with Jesse in Audrey's living room this weekend. thanks everyone for the excellent evening. pic by Rob.
Black Lab Nov 09, 2017
halloween ridiculousness from 1999 #TBT
Black Lab Nov 08, 2017
Black Lab's cover photo
Black Lab Nov 07, 2017
we're getting all sentimental over here on the 20th anniversary of our debut. i've never actually seen one of these but they're rumored to exist (someone posted a pic of one last week but now i can't find the notification!). do you have one? or a CD of our single for 'time ago'?
Black Lab Nov 02, 2017
#TBT 20 years since the release of our geffen records debut, 20 years of your love and support. thank you!! get yourself a download of the remastered version here:
Black Lab Nov 01, 2017
we're celebrating 20 years since the release of our debut, your body above me. do you remember? tell us your story of how you discovered it...
Black Lab Oct 31, 2017
20 years. can you believe it? get our 1997 debut in CD quality download right here. i'm out of hard copies so this is the only way to hear the remastered (with two bonus tracks) version from a few years ago: the director's cut. thank you everyone for your love and support these many years <3
Black Lab Oct 05, 2017
i love tom petty. he's my model for squeezing so much feeling out of something so simple. andy does him justice.