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Partie Traumatic
Black Kids Aug 04, 2018
y’ bff owen commissioned @alyssa.sax to make this for my 40th birthday. lol i love it. he crazy 🖤
Black Kids Jul 30, 2018
Black Kids Jul 22, 2018 reminded us that our debut, PARTIE TRAUMATIC, was released ten years ago today!? was number 5 in u.k. (wut) produced by @bernardbutlerofficial (double wut) wut’s your fave P/T track??
Black Kids Jul 10, 2018
stop tryna pet my cat like she’s a dog. she gonna get u
Black Kids Jul 08, 2018
yikes, been playing in bands since i was 18, so 22 yrs now (oof). silver lining, no one can say me being in bands is a midlife crisis. it’s been an ongoing crisis
Black Kids Jun 27, 2018
pun intended. pun ALWAYS intended
Black Kids Jun 18, 2018
comically susceptible to flattery 🙋🏾‍♂️ u?
Black Kids Jun 17, 2018
happy father’s day from the youngblood clan (want that striped shirt, pops) 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Black Kids Jun 06, 2018
yes reggie youngblood is my real actual name for real
Black Kids Jun 02, 2018
😍 besties get the dress code memo
Black Kids May 19, 2018
oy @Spotify is there a royal wedding reception playlist? asking for a friend 🤴🏻👰🏽
Black Kids May 16, 2018
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Black Kids Apr 28, 2018
brekky by myself 📸: my server #superchunk #latergram
Black Kids Apr 26, 2018
best friends reunite
Black Kids Apr 22, 2018
Timeline Photos
Black Kids Apr 14, 2018
Black Kids Mar 17, 2018
📸: @dustinwootenphoto
Black Kids Mar 17, 2018
📸: @dustinwootenphoto
Black Kids Mar 14, 2018
Black Kids Feb 13, 2018
Black Kids Feb 12, 2018
FINALLY HAVE MERCH STORE OPEN! Get “Rookie” vinyl and other dope gear while we got it!!
Black Kids Feb 09, 2018
sitting in the back of a car. 📸: dennis ho #tbt
Black Kids Feb 09, 2018
Timeline Photos
Black Kids Feb 06, 2018
LOOK at me when i —whatever
Black Kids Jan 10, 2018
She said “NO!”