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Low-Speed Detonation
Bit-Tuner Mar 12, 2018
Every last thursday of the month, Bit-Tuner is working live with his gear and playing new sounds and tunes at the Helsinkiklub.
Bit-Tuner Mar 06, 2018
📣Out now! New track feat.🎹Andro A. Elhawy🎺Play it loud!🔊
Bit-Tuner Feb 13, 2018
Free download!🛸
Bit-Tuner Feb 10, 2018
Sanggalle hüt!
Bit-Tuner Feb 02, 2018
See you later on the dancefloor!
Bit-Tuner Jan 31, 2018
Live @Soirée Saint-Galloise
Bit-Tuner Jan 24, 2018
Every last thursday of the month, Bit-Tuner is working live with his gear and playing new tunes at the Helsinkiklub. Special Guest DJ: B. Fritz
Bit-Tuner Jan 19, 2018
It’s gonna be xtrm hot tonight @Palace St.Gallen 🔥💎💓🔊
Bit-Tuner Jan 11, 2018
🚨Tonight: Live im Sender! 🆗🆒Better be there🔊📈🎶
Bit-Tuner Jan 14, 2018
Live im Sender
Bit-Tuner Dec 28, 2017
Tonight: It's the last thursday of the year! At work, with special guest Vincent Glanzmann on the drums & lights by🔮 Starts around 21:30 at Helsinkiklub. Be there!
Bit-Tuner Dec 13, 2017
🔉It's not too late to listen to my mix for Black Athena🔊 Tracklist: Too Late - Bit-Tuner Ecstasy Brooklyn 3 Am - Göldin & Bit-Tuner with Sensational The Failed Sons and Daughters of Fantasia - Chino Amobi Hour Glass - Kuedo Illusion Rmix999 - Conolk Take Time (feat. Novelist) - Mumdance Veteran - Bit-Tuner Ghost Raid - Fatima Al Qadiri The Promise - Bit-Tuner feat. Alaa 50 & Andro El Hawy Beachfires - Burial Ask Yee - Hype Williams Shut Shit Down - Kutmah Manual Decapitation - Ikonika Mavericks One - Sami Baha Forever Young - Metro Boomin Happy Nation - Kamikaze (Bit-Tuner Remix) Grotto - Lil Jabba Bow! - Zuli Plagueboy - Acre Hatshepsut - Jlin Sega Sunset - Lorn
Bit-Tuner Dec 02, 2017
Marathon der Tiere: Grass & Chang
Bit-Tuner Nov 30, 2017
Tonight at Helsinkiklub: My monthly ceremony with drum machines, synthesizers and sampler --> at work. Special Guest Dj: Nitrate /// Bar 8pm, Music 9:30pm
Bit-Tuner Nov 10, 2017
Tonight i'll support the legendary Young Gods in Zürich! Starts 20:00. Be there!
Bit-Tuner Nov 21, 2017
Live @RBMA Weekender Zürich 2017
Bit-Tuner Nov 06, 2017
LIQUEFY! Last time in Switzerland. Tonight at Moods🔊
Bit-Tuner Oct 26, 2017
Let's celebrate 6 years of "at work"@Helsinkiklub tonight! Special guests: Taima Digital & Fritz. Bar opens 20h / Music from 21:30h
Bit-Tuner Oct 20, 2017
🔊Check out my guest mix (it's actually a live-set🎛️) presented by Paranoise Radio. Play it loud!🥓🍄🍾🔈
Bit-Tuner Sep 28, 2017
I'll play for you tonight.
Bit-Tuner Sep 28, 2017
Bit-Tuner's cover photo
Bit-Tuner Sep 23, 2017
Bit-Tuner Sep 22, 2017
Heute: 1 Bassgewitter (Party) in Basel.
Bit-Tuner Sep 06, 2017
Heute um 23:00 Uhr am Fantoche Festival 2017: Smack My Gif Up! Livevertonung!
Bit-Tuner Sep 02, 2017
Tonight! Inner Landscapes: 3 musicians, 5 sets, 9 movies. Start: 9 pm 📽️🎞️