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Billie Myers Oct 16, 2017
What the hell happened to Saturday and Sunday?
Billie Myers Oct 14, 2017
Some real truths around homophobia right here. Love it!
Billie Myers Oct 13, 2017
Knowing our luck mercury is probably in retrograde too! Where are the black cats to walk in front of you when you need one! 🤞🐾
Billie Myers Oct 13, 2017
This is so close to the truth it's actually a little embarrassing!! Anyone else?
Billie Myers Oct 11, 2017
I wish we lived in a time where the gender of who we fall in love with didn't matter, but sadly we don't. #NationalComingOutDay is about awareness, not timing. So don't feel the need to come out today or tomorrow. Simply know that when or if you do you're won't be alone. So to celebrate today I'm popping up a song written about a very special woman. Co writer @georgehutchison
Billie Myers Oct 10, 2017
Enough with the question “Why ...why didn’t all those women come forward earlier ?“ about Harvey Weinstein like somehow they are at fault or failed in their moral duty or responsibility to warn others.,, least I remind you that the last time woman came forward to voice harassment that very same man was ELECTED by the voters to be president of the United States of America - A president who then threatened to sue them on his first day of office. .... so, if you want to know why woman don’t come forward - take a long look in the mirror .
Billie Myers Oct 06, 2017
Couldn’t resist! ... too early?
Billie Myers Oct 04, 2017
From the heartbreak of Kiss The Rain to something far more Wonderful. Anyone in your life makes you feel this special?
Billie Myers Oct 01, 2017
Celebrating 20 years of Kiss The Rain! Can you remember what you were doing when it first came out? Why not jog some memories and tag a friend too!
Billie Myers Sep 25, 2017
Wonder if she's up for a duet?
Billie Myers Sep 25, 2017
An important lesson of the many faces of depression and the damage stigma can do in stopping people from speaking out.
Billie Myers Sep 24, 2017
Just saying ".....Freedom of speech is the right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction. ..Colin Kaepernick #takeaknee
Billie Myers Sep 24, 2017
Sending huge congratulations and big kisses to Jools Holland on celebrating 25 years and 50 series of Later with Jools Holland and what better place to mark it than at the Royal Albert Hall! Such a gracious, lovely man! Here's to another 50 years!
Billie Myers Sep 21, 2017
It's been a while Facebook fam... but just wanted to drop in and remind you that I think you're all wonderful! How the devil are you all?
Billie Myers Aug 31, 2017
Well bugger me he's fab! ##edSheeran one man... one guitar .. huge talent..seriously lost my voice singing along !! Go see this chap if you can- such energy
Billie Myers Aug 29, 2017
Sometimes people live up to, and exceed your expectations..this artist did just that! Kudos to #pink --this is how you teach and guide children..
Billie Myers Aug 18, 2017
Incredibly sad to hear this news
Billie Myers Aug 11, 2017
Love that #TaylorSwift is taking a stand . I have always personally found her to be gracious and funny ,now I'm adding the word 'kick ass' to that list. This type of thing happens to women every day and more often than not, society just turns a blind eye or finds it funny . Well, it isn't funny or acceptable and that's what we should be teaching our kids. Kudos Ms. Swift.
Billie Myers Jul 31, 2017
How's your Monday going? Answer only using a GIF.. Ready steady... GIF
Billie Myers Jul 30, 2017
What an amazing idea. Dutch police handing out trauma teddies to kids after a car crash <3
Billie Myers Jul 28, 2017
LOVING all your song choices! Find out what mine are in the comments... Don't judge me!
Billie Myers Jul 28, 2017
What's your go to song when things get tough in life? I'll reveal mine later! EDIT: Love your choices!! Check mine out here:
Billie Myers Jul 22, 2017
What memories does Kiss The Rain bring back for you? I'd love to know!
Billie Myers Jul 21, 2017
"Anonymous is all about depression, about feeling alone and isolated… it’s about when you feel desperately lonely, and yet you want to be alone at the same time."
Billie Myers Jul 20, 2017
Incredibly sad news. You never know the battles that people are secretly fighting.