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Rare Live Recordings 1934-1959
Billie Holiday At Jazz At the Philharmonic (Expanded Edition) [Live]
God Bless the Child: Best of Billie Holiday
The Centennial Collection
Lady Sings the Blues
The Complete Commodore & Decca Masters
At Newport (Expanded Edition)
The Definitive Collection
Billie Holiday Remixed & Reimagined
The Complete Verve Studio Master Takes
Gold: Billie Holiday
Billy Remembers Billie
Billie Holiday for Lovers
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Billie Holiday
The Best Collection: Gershwin
The Commodore Master Takes (1939-44)
Ken Burns Jazz: Billie Holiday
V Disc: A Musical Contribution By America's Best (For Our Armed Forces Overseas)
Priceless Jazz Collection: More Billie Holiday
The Complete Commodore Recordings
Love Songs: Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday's Greatest Hits
Jazz 'Round Midnight: Billie Holiday
The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959
Lady In Autumn: The Best of the Verve Years
The Complete Decca Recordings
The Billie Holiday Songbook
Billie's Blues
Billie, Ella, Lena, Sarah
The Essential Billie Holiday: Carnegie Hall Concert Recorded Live
Billie Holiday
Lady In Satin
At Newport (Live)
The Blues Are Brewin'
Lady In Satin (The Centennial Edition)
Lady In Satin
Lover Man
All or Nothing At All
Stay With Me
Body and Soul
Songs for Distingué Lovers
Billie Holiday
The Lady Sings
Velvet Mood
Music for Torching
Billie Holiday At Jazz At the Philharmonic (Live)
An Evening With Billie Holiday
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 8
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 9
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 10
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 6
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 5
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 3
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 4
A Musical Romance
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 2
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 7
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia (1933-1944)
The Essential Billie Holiday
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, Vol. 1
Billie Holiday Sep 28, 2017
The Legacy of Billie Holiday’s "God Bless the Child," 75 years later
Billie Holiday Sep 17, 2017
Billie gets her own stamp on September 17, 1994 as part of the US Postal Service Legends of American Music, Jazz and Blues Singers series!
Billie Holiday Sep 13, 2017
Billie Holiday Aug 21, 2017
"I never planned in my imagination A situation so heavenly A fairy land where no one else could enter And in the center just you and me" "Stars Fell On Alabama" from 1957's Songs For Distingue Lovers #NowPlaying
Billie Holiday Aug 11, 2017
"We may never never meet again, on that bumpy road to love Still I'll always, always keep the memory of..." Another wonderful gem from Billie's 1957 album Body and Soul. #NowPlaying
Billie Holiday Jul 25, 2017
"My heart is sad and lonely For you I sigh, for you dear only Why haven't you seen it I'm all for you body and soul..." #lyrics "...she remains one of the best jazz singers, not only for her unique sound and attack, but for her straightforward, honest, musical communication." - The Saturday Review on Billie Holiday's Body And Soul, released 60 years ago in 1957. #NowPlaying
Billie Holiday Jul 17, 2017
We miss you Lady Day, now more than ever. July 17, 1959 - Billie Holiday died at 3:10 this morning in Metropolitan Hospital as simply and regally as she had lived. She was young-only 44; yet, as she was quick to point out, neither of her parents lived that long. She was beautiful; no one who saw her exquisite brown head against the hospital white pillow would dare talk of her loveliness in bygone days. She was poor; she had 70 cents in the bank,$750 in $50 bills taped to her leg and, with a $50,000 movie contract for her life story waiting for her signature, she was holding out for double or nothing. She was brave; at the slightest rattle of the oxygen tent, she lunged forward, dukes up, and barked out sharp orders, commanding those about her to slow down to her tempo: “Don’t be in such a hurry.” She was regal; intrigue marital, musical and political swirled about her bedside; cops and doctors took their turn as her wardens, but she was undisturbed by it all. She was triumphant; for 15 years the government had paraded her through a whirligig of couts, jail, bail as a horrible example of something called a drug addict; in the end she turned the tables on all of them. She was proud; she’d attained worldwide acclaim as the greatest jazz singer of all time and that was that. And she was alone. When her fighting heart gave out at 3:10 this morning, only her special nurse and this reporter were at her bedside. Billie fought like a tiger to leave Metropolitan Hospital on her feet. Her 46-day stand in room 6A12 was the longest engagement she had played anywhere – except for The Strand Theater on Broadway in 1948 with Count Basie. She had gained almost 30 pounds by last Sunday when complications set in. Her longtime manager Joe Glaser, made arrangements for a transfer to a private hospital; Billie waited for the doctor’s OK which never came. She had a hat-full of plans for the future; she had started with me on another book; we finished one chapter, and sold it Monday to a magazine. She took the advance cash in fifties and taped them to her leg; on Tuesday evening she fastened a gardenia in her hair and signed a contract to appear in a movie to be shot in New York this fall... - July 17, 1959 New York Post by William Dufty co-author of Lady Sings The Blues.
Billie Holiday Jun 27, 2017
The incomparable Audra McDonald returns as Billie Holiday! The London engagement of Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill is now open at the Wyndham’s Theatre. The play with music will run through September 9. McDonald won her record-breaking sixth Tony Award for her performance as Billie Holiday in the Lanie Robertson play, which offers a glimpse of one of the final performances from the legendary jazz and blues singer before her death in 1959. The Lonny Price-directed production premiered at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre in April 2014.
Billie Holiday Jun 06, 2017
Oh you can go to the East, go to the West But someday you'll come Weary at heart Back where you started from You'll find your happiness lies Right under your eyes Back in your own backyard #TheLeftovers #NowPlaying
Billie Holiday May 13, 2017
It’s showtime for Lady Day! The famed Apollo Theater will host a one-night-only concert spectacular honoring jazz legend Billie Holiday on May 16. Tickets are on sale at
Billie Holiday May 03, 2017
A tinkling piano in the next apartment Those stumbling words that told you what my heart meant A fair ground's painted swings These foolish things Remind me of you... #NowPlaying
Billie Holiday Apr 17, 2017
Legacy Recordings
Billie Holiday Apr 15, 2017
Legacy Recordings
Billie Holiday Apr 07, 2017
Today we celebrate the life of Billie Holiday, born April 7th, 1915! Share with us your favorite photo, song or memory! #HappyBirthdayLadyDay
Billie Holiday Mar 20, 2017
"Some other Spring Will my heart awake Stirring to sing Love's magic music..."
Billie Holiday Feb 28, 2017
Legacy Recordings
Billie Holiday Feb 14, 2017
Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you Embrace me, you irreplaceable you Just one look at you My heart grew tipsy in me You and you alone Bring out the gypsy in me I love all the many charms about you Above all, I want these arms about you - Love, Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday Feb 03, 2017
The Carnegie Hall Digital Hall of Fame recognizes individuals intrinsic to the founding and continued existence of the Hall and whose lives or careers are inextricably woven into the fabric of the Hall’s history. Today we induct jazz singer Billie Holiday into the Carnegie Hall Digital Hall of Fame. Holiday made her Carnegie Hall debut on April 2, 1944 and went on to perform at Carnegie Hall 21 times over the next 12 years. During her 1956 two-concert event, she was praised as “the best and most honest jazz singer alive” (Nat Hentoff). Learn more about Holiday and see who else is included in the 2016–2017 Digital Hall of Fame here: Portrait by Stanley Chow Illustration
Billie Holiday Feb 02, 2017
Thank you to all for the million strong monthly listeners at Billie Holiday's Spotify! "God bless the child that's got her own."
Billie Holiday Dec 24, 2016
Lady Sings The Blues released this week 60 years ago! From Billboard Magazine's December 22nd, 1956 review, "Lady Sings The Blues is the title of the singer's recently published autobiography, and the LP offers a worthy musical complement to it".
Billie Holiday Dec 08, 2016
"The snow is snowin' The wind is blowin' But I can weather the storm What do I care how much it may storm I've got my love to keep me warm" #NowPlaying
Billie Holiday Nov 29, 2016
Billie Holiday's Lady Sings The Blues, released in 1956, is finally in the Grammy Hall Of Fame. Thank you to the Recording Academy for accepting this landmark album that included Lady Day classics like "Strange Fruit", "God Bless The Child" and "Good Morning Heartache". What's your favorite Lady Sings The Blues song? #GrammyHallOfFame #LadySingsTheBlues #NowPlaying
Billie Holiday Nov 24, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Lee Morgan, and more with a playlist crafted for this very day. Enjoy Wynton Marsalis Presents Jazz For Thanksgiving (including Billie's "Autumn In New York"): #NowPlaying:
Billie Holiday Nov 10, 2016
“Lady Sings The Blues at Carnegie Hall – The Songs and Story of Miss Billie Holiday”. On this day in 1956, in support of her new Lady Sings The Blues autobiography and album, Billie plays two sold out shows at Carnegie Hall. Gilbert Millstein of The New York Times reads passages from the book with Billie stepping in to sing a career spanning set list of her fabled songs including debuting "Lady Sings The Blues". Listen to Billie’s final Carnegie Hall appearance at Spotify: "Throughout the night, Billie was in superior form to what had sometimes been the case in the last years of her life. Not only was there assurance of phrasing and intonation; but there was also an outgoing warmth, a palpable eagerness to reach and touch the audience. And there was mocking wit. A smile was often lightly evident on her lips and her eyes as if, for once, she could accept the fact that there were people who did dig her. The beat flowed in her uniquely sinuous, supple way of moving the story along; the words became her own experiences; and coursing through it all was Lady's sound – a texture simultaneously steel-edged and yet soft inside; a voice that was almost unbearably wise in disillusion and yet still childlike, again at the centre. The audience was hers from before she sang, greeting her and saying good-bye with heavy, loving applause. And at one time, the musicians too applauded. It was a night when Billie was on top, undeniably the best and most honest jazz singer alive." – Nat Hentoff from Downbeat Magazine
Billie Holiday Oct 27, 2016
"If you hear a song in blue Like a flower crying for the dew That was my heart serenading you My prelude to a kiss"