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West Kirby County Primary (Bonus Track Version)
A Bad Wind Blows in my Heart
If ... (Bonus Track Version)
Deer Shed Festival Deer Shed Festival 2018
Venue: Baldersby Park (Thirsk, UK) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones with Our Girl at Chapel Arts Centre (September 19, 2018)
Venue: Chapel Arts Centre (Bath, UK) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones with Our Girl at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre (September 20, 2018)
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre (London, UK) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones with Our Girl at Howard Assembly Room (September 21, 2018)
Venue: Howard Assembly Room (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones with Our Girl at The Art School (September 22, 2018)
Venue: The Art School (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones Jul 04, 2018
Look here
Bill Ryder-Jones Apr 06, 2018
Hey everyone. Some of you may know that I moved into a local recording studio to record my latest album, well, the album is finished now and I'm bored. In the coming months myself and engineer Rich are going to be opening up the studio for bookings and I wanted to give you guys a heads up before we launch the website etc For prices, bookings, equipment list and all other enquiries email me here
Bill Ryder-Jones Mar 23, 2018
Played some tunes on BBC Radio Wales last night. Thanks to Janice long for having me. Listen back here. An hour in
Bill Ryder-Jones Mar 15, 2018
Happy to announce Our Girl are supporting on all dates. See a little video we did together.
Bill Ryder-Jones Mar 07, 2018
Here is a playlist that includes some of the wonderful artists I've been fortunate enough to work with. Thanks, Bill
Bill Ryder-Jones Mar 06, 2018
Playing The Good Life Experience for Caught by the River in Sept just before the tour. It'll be intimate and beautiful. X
Bill Ryder-Jones Mar 02, 2018
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 28, 2018
Something was happening...pre sale tomorrow via mailing list and normal sale on friday. Chapel Arts Centre Southbank Centre Howard Assembly Room at Opera North The Glasgow School of Art The Dancehouse Theatre
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 26, 2018
's cover photo
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 26, 2018
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 16, 2018
This May! Playing Wrexham with Euros Childs. 💪
Bill Ryder-Jones Jan 30, 2018
A massive happy birthday to by brother (Wild Roses co-writer and my touring guitarist) Liam Power AKA El Fodot AKA Beuford the Fist Here's one. of his finest moments Also you could make the strange boy happy buy buying his album here
Bill Ryder-Jones Jan 23, 2018
First festival of the year. Hi Deer Shed Festival! Full band and that. And new tunes, yes. New tunes.
Bill Ryder-Jones Jan 21, 2018
Love you Gintis x
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 22, 2017
Hello Facebookers. Just a little message before the New Year to say a few things and show some pics.. Firstly, I hope everyone enjoys themselves over the festive period and into the New Year. It can be a bit of a drag for some so I wish those people all the very best (good to know the solstice has been and spring is getting closer.) Feels like 2017 has been a particularly long year. Maybe it has for you too? I always dread when work stops, it's a strange kind of still that usually brings some unwanted self reflection... This year I'm into it tho! At times during 2017 I've felt a great deal of pride in myself, but at other times an awareness that I'm nowhere near as good as a person as I'd like (and purport) to be. That's one thing I want for next year, not to get to the end of it feeling like the version of myself I put out to world is different to the one my friends and family have to deal with. Anyway, once again I'd like to thank you all for your love and support, my partner Kya Buller, my friends, my manager Ellie, my label and publishers, the promoters who have put me on this year and the wonderful artists who've let me work with them this year: Our Girl, Gintis, Bryde, Milburn, Superego (sorry if I've left anyone out, hard to remember what was done this year and what was done last year) Let's all be a little bit more Neville Southall next year. Bill x Here's some pics from when it snowed...
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 14, 2017
My most listened to songs this year. Enjoy! X
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 03, 2017
Make an old man happy during this particularly skint time of year x
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 22, 2017
First show for next year...Happy to announce playing at FOCUS Wales between 10-12th May in Wrexham. The amazing Euros Childs is also playing too. Ticket link in comments.
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 06, 2017
Wow! 2 years since West Kirby County Primary listen here. #tbt
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 16, 2017
Is right Mick! Seems I've blagged my way into a decent bracket. Thanks to john for suggesting it.
Bill Ryder-Jones Sep 05, 2017
Thanks to everyone who came to see me at End Of The Road Festival on the weekend. Playing Waterford in Ireland on 28th October. Tickets here
Bill Ryder-Jones Sep 01, 2017
Delighted to be producing the Our Girl album.
Bill Ryder-Jones Aug 26, 2017
Next Saturday. Thanks so much for having me again End Of The Road Festival. Can't wait. Bill X
Bill Ryder-Jones Jul 14, 2017
Bill Ryder-Jones