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West Kirby County Primary (Bonus Track Version)
A Bad Wind Blows in my Heart
If ... (Bonus Track Version)
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 16, 2017
Is right Mick! Seems I've blagged my way into a decent bracket. Thanks to john for suggesting it.
Bill Ryder-Jones Sep 13, 2017
Playing a little acoustic set on 24th with some cool other people. Maybe see you there.
Bill Ryder-Jones Sep 05, 2017
Thanks to everyone who came to see me at End Of The Road Festival on the weekend. Playing Waterford in Ireland on 28th October. Tickets here
Bill Ryder-Jones Sep 01, 2017
Delighted to be producing the Our Girl album.
Bill Ryder-Jones Aug 26, 2017
Next Saturday. Thanks so much for having me again End Of The Road Festival. Can't wait. Bill X
Bill Ryder-Jones Jul 14, 2017
Bill Ryder-Jones
Bill Ryder-Jones Jul 13, 2017
I'm taking these offline next week guys so last chance to nab em
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 15, 2017
'The Bird Dog Tapes Volume 1' is now up on my bandcamp here If you want a hard copy it may be worth trying Boneyard Records, Omagh x
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 08, 2017
Obviously go and vote. On our way to Glasgow. My ice heart was slightly warmed by the wonderful people of Sheffield last night so gonna need some gobshites to turn up tonight pls #votelabour
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 08, 2017
Amber Arcades and me. Bill x
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 07, 2017
Bill Ryder-Jones
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 07, 2017
Also i'm selling copies of this uber rare 'Bird Dog Tapes Vol 1'. An album i made with The Lost Brothers and Nick Power. It's mainly an album of covers but with some originals on there too. Here's a track from it
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 07, 2017
Looking forward to stocking up on the black stuff today in Sheffield. I'm not writing a setlist so you're free to make requests
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 05, 2017
My new tour bus, heading to Birmingham. Photo by Styled by Kya.
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 04, 2017
Tonight! All tickets sales going forward go to the fund for the Manchester victims. Come bring the love.
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 03, 2017
Here's the EDL getting ran out of town again, this time some genius played the Benny Hill theme tune over the PA
Bill Ryder-Jones Jun 01, 2017
👍This happened today! Selling on the tour for now and then potentially online. And it'll be someone else who posts them, not me 👍Drawn by Knifeson Record!
Bill Ryder-Jones May 30, 2017
Very excellent work from the always excellent Now Wave
Bill Ryder-Jones May 24, 2017
A reminder about the tour in a few weeks. Tom Joshua and Westerman are both joining me for some dates. x
Bill Ryder-Jones May 23, 2017
Stealing Sheep
Bill Ryder-Jones May 16, 2017
A Up Let's Talk
Bill Ryder-Jones May 15, 2017
Just a wee reminder about the tour. Plus happy to say Westerman is now joining us for the UK dates. EDINBURGH NOW SOLD OUT Tickets here -
Bill Ryder-Jones May 10, 2017
The Summit
Bill Ryder-Jones Apr 28, 2017
Stop titting about...Theres still tickets left. Bill x
Bill Ryder-Jones Apr 19, 2017
Reminder about shows and this one in london...