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Big & Rich at Cocopah Casino (October 21, 2017)
Venue: Cocopah Casino (Yuma, AZ, US) Find tickets
Big & Rich Oct 18, 2017
Caption THIS:
Big & Rich Oct 18, 2017
Hanging out with Harry Connick Jr on #HarryTV TODAY! Make sure to tune in to watch us play some muzik!!!
Big & Rich Oct 17, 2017
Got this video of Cowboy Troy RAWKING out to #California and it got us thinking...we’d love to see you guys singin’ and dancin’ to #California! Share your video with #BandRCaliDreams and your video could get featured on our YouTube channel! 🙌
Big & Rich Oct 16, 2017
WHOWEE!! That’s a lot of John Rich(s)! According to our research, it takes 202 to fill up his new pool! Did you guess correctly? We just replied to the winner on our previous post...check and see if it's you!
Big & Rich Oct 15, 2017
Only a few more hours remain to LIFT your chance of winning our #DidItForTheParty Giveaway by getting all your entries in at!!!!
Big & Rich Oct 14, 2017
Big & Rich Oct 13, 2017
What song from #DidItForTheParty are you rawking to this Friday?!
Big & Rich Oct 12, 2017
WALK the set of our #California music video in this TOUR of the set!!!
Big & Rich Oct 11, 2017
Took the Pontiac through the streets of Nashville today!!! So pumped for our friend Tracy Lawrence 👊
Big & Rich Oct 11, 2017
We’ve got your chance to meet us CRAZAY people in our #DidItForTheParty Giveaway at
Big & Rich Oct 10, 2017
How many John Rich(s) would it take to fill up his new Gibson guitar pool? Comment below with your guess for a chance to win some swag from us!
Big & Rich Oct 09, 2017
MICHIGAN! Thanks for coming out and RAWKING with us this weekend!! We loved seeing everyone come together through the power of muzik!! #DidItForTheParty
Big & Rich Oct 08, 2017
‪Skedaddle over to for a chance to win some concert tickets, exclusive merch, and a meet and greet with us!! 🤘 You’ll feel like this afterwards!!!‬
Big & Rich Oct 07, 2017
‪Saturdays are for PARTIES! Grab #DidItForTheParty at and let us know in the comments below the CRAZIEST partay story you’ve got!!!‬
Big & Rich Oct 06, 2017
Leaving work on a Friday feelin’ like a BOSS 🤣
Big & Rich Oct 05, 2017
BRb we’re heading to Target to pick up a copy of #DidItForTheParty!! 🎉 Who else went to Target to get our new album and then ended up getting 80 other things too??
Big & Rich Oct 04, 2017
All day, every day.
Big & Rich Oct 03, 2017
‪This is a POWERFUL moment of American unity. No politics, religion, race...Just AMERICANS. It's time to unify. We love the fans and are heartbroken #prayforvegas‬
Big & Rich Oct 02, 2017
‪Sending prayers to everyone involved. To do your part in helping, donate to the Go Fund Me at
Big & Rich Oct 01, 2017
Grab your copy of #DidItForTheParty at Target this weekend to give your weekend some 💥💥
Big & Rich Sep 30, 2017
‪We want YOU to enter our #DidItForTheParty Giveaway! Enter at
Big & Rich Sep 29, 2017
The west and east coast came to a head as we explored New York City last week while performing #California and promoting #DidItForTheParty! 🎉🎉
Big & Rich Sep 29, 2017
Charlotte! We’re playing the 96.9 The Kat 6 Man + Cam Acoustic Jam on November 2. Tickets are on sale now and benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Buy tickets here:
Big & Rich Sep 28, 2017
#TBT to the original Wrecking Ball!!!! Grab #DidItForTheParty at your local Target store to get your partay started!!
Big & Rich Sep 27, 2017
You end up doing the craziest things at parties…