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Phantom Brickworks
Hand Cranked
The Serious EP
A Mineral Love
The Green EP
Silver Wilkinson
Mind Bokeh
Ambivalence Avenue
Vignetting the Compost
The Apple and the Tooth
Bibio Jul 14, 2018
Bibio Jul 06, 2018
Bibio Jun 21, 2018
Bibio Jun 09, 2018
These new tee shirts designed by Bibio and Timothy Donaldson are selling quickly! Available exclusively from the Bibio Bleep store.
Bibio Jun 05, 2018
New Bibio tee shirt designed by Bibio and Timothy Donaldson now available to order exclusively from the Bibio Bleep store!
Bibio May 18, 2018
Bibio May 16, 2018
Bibio May 06, 2018
End of the roll
Bibio Apr 30, 2018
Bibio Apr 16, 2018
Bibio will release ‘Zen Drums/Dada Drums’ as a limited edition vinyl at the weekend for Record Store Day 2018. Each copy of the two-track 12” has a unique hand-painted sleeve. Watch a short film of the sleeves being created below, featuring an excerpt of ‘Zen Drums’.
Bibio Apr 15, 2018
New music coming soon for Record Store Day Zen Drums/Dada Drums with artwork by Timothy Donaldson
Bibio Mar 31, 2018
Loch Lomond
Bibio Mar 25, 2018
Part 2. New Instrument. Bach.
Bibio Mar 25, 2018
Part 1. New instrument. Bach.
Bibio Mar 01, 2018
Something exciting in the pipeline for Record Store Day...
Bibio Jan 30, 2018
Bibio Jan 10, 2018
Bibio Dec 26, 2017
Watch the new video for the title track from Phantom Brickworks.
Bibio Dec 10, 2017
Bibio Dec 01, 2017
's cover photo
Bibio Dec 01, 2017
Capel Celyn Watch the whole video here:
Bibio Dec 01, 2017
Bibio Nov 27, 2017
Parisian workshop.
Bibio Nov 17, 2017
Bibio’s Beyond Serious has been nominated in the Art Vinyl best record cover design competition! Lots of other good covers in there too.