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Rhythm & Reason
Bhi Bhiman Mar 16, 2018
Excited to be sharing the stage with Red Baraat tomorrow night at SF Jazz. It was sold out but they just released a few more tickets! Doors at 7pm and we start at 730pm sharp!
Bhi Bhiman Mar 15, 2018
Tha GOAT @oxfordamerican
Bhi Bhiman Mar 15, 2018
Harriet Tubman #hero
Bhi Bhiman Mar 15, 2018
Some amazing political music history here. Odetta's guitar, Sam Cooke's uke, James Brown's handwritten lyrics to "Black and I'm Proud" & "I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing", and Dylan's handwritten lyrics to "The Times They Are A-Changin'" @ William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Bhi Bhiman Mar 15, 2018
At the Hillary Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR. No books here, just emails...
Bhi Bhiman Mar 13, 2018
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Bhi Bhiman Mar 12, 2018
I'm live streaming my performance at Paste Music & Daytrotter today at 4pm EST / 1pm PST. Tune in here or on the Paste FB page to watch.
Bhi Bhiman Mar 11, 2018
Waterboarded (In Love) at soundcheck yesterday. Thank u for a great night NYC!
Bhi Bhiman Mar 10, 2018
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Bhi Bhiman Mar 10, 2018
Thanks BrooklynVegan - this is gonna be a fun night! Read the full article below + get tix here:
Bhi Bhiman Mar 09, 2018
My cover of "Break Free" by Queen is on the set list for TOMORROW (3/10/18) at CARNEGIE HALL! Tix:
Bhi Bhiman Mar 08, 2018
Just drivin' along in Jon Voight's car on my way to WFUV Public Radio to play some new songs and talk about my show this Saturday 3/10 at Carnegie Hall! Get tix:
Bhi Bhiman Mar 07, 2018
Headed to New York to play a show at Carnegie Hall and I'm missing this little superhero already. Not sure who hiked her pants up so high, but it's a sharp look.
Bhi Bhiman Feb 24, 2018
Countdown to Carnegie Hall is on! Saturday 3/10/18, get tix:
Bhi Bhiman Feb 20, 2018
My 1st visit to WFUV Public Radio was in 2011 where I got to chat w/ the incomparable Rita of the best ears in the game. Here's Kimchi Line, live in studio. I'll be playing this & many more at CARNEGIE HALL on March 10, presented by WFUV. Tix:
Bhi Bhiman Feb 13, 2018
Headline show at Carnegie Hall in NYC! I've assembled a killer lineup of musicians including guitarist Damien Verrett (aka So Much Light), Akie Bermiss (keys), Attis Clopton (drums), and Oscar Westesson (bass). Get Tix:
Bhi Bhiman Feb 10, 2018
She's been on this thing for an hour refusing to get off. 3 kids have gone home injured so far.
Bhi Bhiman Feb 06, 2018
3 yr old said her teacher talked to class about Black History Month. Then asked me if I heard of "Sugar Ray, separate." Then we had some real talk. #blackhistorymonth
Bhi Bhiman Jan 26, 2018
San Francisco! I'll be playing w/ Red Baraat at SF Jazz on March 17. Tix:
Bhi Bhiman Jan 26, 2018
Bhi Bhiman
Bhi Bhiman Jan 24, 2018
New record is done! I’ll be playing some of the new cuts at Zankel Hall at Carnegie - March 10. Tix ➡️
Bhi Bhiman Jan 17, 2018
Playing a set tonight in LA at Holy Grounds on Alhambra Ave. Gonna try out some new songs...
Bhi Bhiman Jan 02, 2018
Goddess Bennie, First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Protector of the Realm, Breaker of Chains, Stopper of Tops, Destroyer of All Things.
Bhi Bhiman Jan 01, 2018
Merry New Year everyone!! Life is tough but life is also beautiful!
Bhi Bhiman Dec 27, 2017
You can hear my song Ballerina a few times in this movie...including a version sung by Vincent D'Onofrio. #bizarroworld