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Metal Hammer Paradise Metal Hammer Paradise 2017
Venue: Ferienpark (Weissenhäuser Strand, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at Madhouse Eventarena (November 25, 2017)
Venue: Madhouse Eventarena (Marktredwitz, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at Essigfabrik (December 7, 2017)
Venue: Essigfabrik (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at Colos-Saal (December 8, 2017)
Venue: Colos-Saal (Aschaffenburg, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black with Kobra and the Lotus at Substage (December 9, 2017)
Venue: Substage (Karlsruhe, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at Werk, Backstage (December 11, 2017)
Venue: Werk, Backstage (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at Hellraiser (December 12, 2017)
Venue: Hellraiser (Leipzig, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at Markthalle (December 14, 2017)
Venue: Markthalle (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at SO36 (December 15, 2017)
Venue: SO36 (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black at Matrix (December 16, 2017)
Venue: Matrix (Bochum, Germany) Find tickets
Beyond the Black Oct 22, 2017
Autumn specials!! The new official tourshirt of our headline tour in December, calendar of 2018 with exclusive photos of us and other new shirt designs (and there's more to come! ;))! How do you like it?? Get your stuff here: Beyond The Black Shop #btb #specials #tourshirt #calendar
Beyond the Black Oct 19, 2017
It seems that we needed a few days to digest the impressions of our trip in Japan! ;) If you're interested how it was over there, please stay tuned! We're currently working on a short road movie about this stunning trip! #BtBgoesJapan #asakusa #temple
Beyond the Black Oct 15, 2017
LOUDPARK!!! What an amazing experience! You were an amazing crowd and we hope to come back as soon as possible! Thank you!🇯🇵🤘🏻 #btbgoesjapan #tokyo #loudpark17
Beyond the Black Oct 07, 2017
Japan!!! Just one more week to go!! This is how we're preparing for you. (Also check out our personal accounts on Instagram!) #BtBgoesJapan #preperations
Beyond the Black Oct 05, 2017
It’s almost one year ago we rehearsed a couple of days at a small village - without internet.. this is what happened after 3 days.. 😄 What funny memories do you have from one year ago? Share it with us! :) — Es ist ungefähr ein Jahr her, dass wir uns ein paar Tage zum Proben eingeschlossen haben. In einem kleinen Dorf - ohne Internet.. Nach 3 Tagen sah das ungefähr SO aus.. 😄 Welche witzigen Erinnerungen habt ihr von vor einem Jahr? Teilt sie mit uns! :) #btb #tbt #remix
Beyond the Black Oct 04, 2017
Our Shop has great news for you!! For the "not germans": To win the surprise you just have to "Like" our Beyond The Black Shop and comment or share the post at the shop-page with all of your friends! Good luck!! <3 --- Unser Shop hat großartige Neuigkeiten für euch! Klickt auf das Foto und erfahrt, wie ihr das Überraschungspaket gewinnen könnt! Viel Glück!! <3 #btbsurprise
Beyond the Black Oct 01, 2017
Beyond The Stage - Vol. 4! Todays topics: #NewCello #Vacation #GuitCon #StarWars
Beyond the Black Sep 29, 2017
So what are we doing besides Beyond the Black? Chris for example just met this guy: Mr. TheRealPhilX of Bon Jovi!!! And what are musicians usually doing when they meet? Performing! Check it out! #btb #bonjovi #rocknroll! --- Was machen wir eigentlich wenn wir nicht mit Beyond the Black unterwegs sind? Chris zum Beispiel hat erst diesen netten Herren getroffen: Phil X von Bon Jovi!!! Und was tun Mucker so wenn sie zusammen sind? Ab auf die Bühne und RocknRoll!!!
Beyond the Black Sep 25, 2017
Since this year we are finally "international" - so we wanna know: where are our fans living all over the world? Post your flag or write a comment - and maybe one day we will tour through your country!!! 🙌 #btb #btbinternational #curious
Beyond the Black Sep 21, 2017
Almost one year ago in December we were on tour with the legendary Scorpions all around Germany! This year you can join us again - on our Headline Tour through Germany! Who will be there?!
Beyond the Black Sep 19, 2017
The anticipation for our coming tour through Germany is rising, so we like to share this feeling with you with a special merch sale! Be fast before we are sold out! #btb #lostinforever #sale
Beyond the Black Sep 16, 2017
JAPAN!! Big news for you! We will release our debut album "Songs Of Love And Death" at your beautiful country! Sept 20th!! Tower Records: Disk Union: Amazon: See you at Loud Park in October! #btb #release #japan
Beyond the Black Sep 14, 2017
We walk down memory lane to that great moment with our Fans before our show in Munich! Again: Thank you so much for your support!! #btb #europeantour #fanblacker
Beyond the Black Sep 09, 2017
Beyond The Stage - Vol. 3!! 🎉 #btb #beyondthestage
Beyond the Black Sep 05, 2017
5.000 Follower on Instagram!! 🎉 Will you help us to share and make the 50.000 on Facebook soon!? ;) --- 5.000 Abonnenten auf Instagram!! 🎉 Helft ihr uns beim teilen, um bald auch die 50.000 auf Facebook zu knacken!? ;) #btb #5000follower #instagram #thankyou
Beyond the Black Sep 02, 2017
Don't be afraid - it's still us 😅 cause we can also be dressed like that! 💃🤵 Do you like it? #btb #weekend #dressedup
Beyond the Black Aug 31, 2017
As you can see, we're having a lot of fun during our rehearsals for our upcoming Headline Tour in December! Are you already prepared to party with us?! 🎉 --- Wie ihr sehen könnt, haben wir extrem viel Spaß bei unseren Proben für unsre Headline Tour im Dezember! Seid ihr schon bereit mit uns zusammen zu feiern?! 🎉 #btb #lostinforeverlive #partyhard
Beyond the Black Aug 29, 2017
Just back from our last summer festival show and straight to the studio of our producer Sascha Paeth, where Jennifer is just working on something new! Are you curious what it will be? #btb #studio #recording
Beyond the Black Aug 27, 2017
#bbq #btb #bandgoals Just came back from an amazing time @ Czad Festiwal in the beautiful Poland - so what's better to spend your sunday together than having bbq 🎉🎉🎉
Beyond the Black Aug 26, 2017
Saturday afternoon, first band of the day, in a tent... and this is what happened!!! Stage dive, Circle pit and more... Czadfestiwal, are you serious?!? We're so overwhelmed and say thank you for the crazy party you shared with us!!! 🎉🤘🏻💥 . #beyondtheblack #btb #crazy #partypeople #czadfestiwal #poland #whatthehell #overwhelmed #thank you #wewillbeback #femalefronted #symphonicmetal
Beyond the Black Aug 24, 2017
Winter is coming, and so is our headline tour in December! By the way, this is what happened last Winter at our headline shows. So: Be there and sing with us! 🎙🎶 Ticket-link in the comments. :) --- Der Winter naht und somit auch unsere Headline Tour im Dezember! Das hier passierte übrigens letzten Winter während unseren Headline Shows. Also: Seid da und singt mit uns! 🎙🎶 Ticket-Link in den Kommentaren. :) #btb #lostinforeverlive #singingtogether
Beyond the Black Aug 23, 2017
BANG!!! 💥💥💥 That's how we started our show at this years Wacken Open Air!!! We like the view from the audience! You, too? ;) ---- BANG!!! 💥💥💥 Der Start unserer Show beim diesjährigen Wacken Open Air!!! Wir lieben den Ausblick! Ihr auch? ;) 📹by Quwero | Youtube #btb #woa17 #beyondthecurtain #firewoman
Beyond the Black Aug 19, 2017
Poland! We'll meet again next week at Czad Festiwal/Straszecin! We're very excited! Who of you will be there?! #btb #festivalsummer
Beyond the Black Aug 17, 2017
Last week Jennifer and Chris had some fun at the photo shooting for our Merch Shop!!! The results (will be online soon) and "the blackest Merch on Earth" you will find in the Beyond The Black Shop! (Link in the comments below) #btb #merch #shooting
Beyond the Black Aug 15, 2017
So Jennifer finally got a new instrument today! It's never too late for that! Maybe acoustic tour soon?! 😉What kind of extraordinary instruments do you play? 🎻🎸🥁 #btb #beyondthestrings #acoustictour2030