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The Blue Swell
BeverlyB Oct 11, 2018
Live in about 30 minutes 🥁
BeverlyB Oct 11, 2018
Hey I will be LIVE again tomorrow 10 am ish Hawaiian time. Last week was crazy amazing let’s see what tomorrow will bring to continue our healing journey together. 😉
BeverlyB Oct 10, 2018 Let me know which songs resonate with you and I can tell you which oils compliment them. This is only for my CD Ecstasy 12 spontaneous piano 🎹 vibes played with an Intention and with essential oils assigned to them.
BeverlyB Oct 10, 2018
In May 2018 I prayerfully assigned essential oils to each song on my CD ECSTASY. Yesterday October 9th Jaclyn Smith shared her iTovi scan on FB and we both realized that she scanned the exact Frequency of my song Close Up. Music can go deep just like the oils. I use both and encourage you to do the same as well. Especially if some emotions continue to linger.
BeverlyB Oct 10, 2018
That’s right! Girl Power!
BeverlyB Oct 09, 2018
Crazy Fact: I just realized that I have scanned over 200 people over the last 4 1/2 years with my Zyto and now iTOVI scanner and I studied their emotions. I even scanned people in Uganda!!! Maybe we will talk about all of that Thursday while I play spontaneous music 🎵 we’ll see where it goes;)
BeverlyB Oct 04, 2018
I will be Live in about an hour. Living in this 🌎 what is it all about? 🎶
BeverlyB Oct 03, 2018
Some of you got your $10 discount tickets by emailing me at 👏 AWESOME!!!! Today and tomorrow then back to $35 for AVH concert tickets.
BeverlyB Oct 01, 2018
****DISCOUNT**** AVH concert tickets are $10 for the next three days only!!! for my email subscribers Email me
BeverlyB Oct 01, 2018
Another Powerful sista friend who is using her talents to make this world a better place. Thanks Jennifer Daleprane
BeverlyB Sep 30, 2018
Ancient Vibrations Healing Concert tickets are going on sale for $10 only from 1-3 October. ONLY for my email subscribers get the DISCOUNT email us ASAP
BeverlyB Sep 28, 2018
Hey friend after I forgave myself during our LIVE healing session yesterday. I literally felt my heart 💜 open up this morning and it created SPACE for me to Love 💕 more. There was LOVE that entered my ♥️ for this little person I don’t even know personally , never met , yet my heart is overflowing with so much HEART SPACE for this little person’s life here on this 🌏.
BeverlyB Sep 28, 2018
You got this! ❤️ Get the positive vibes right here
BeverlyB Sep 28, 2018
Forgive Yourself
BeverlyB Sep 27, 2018
Let’s hang out in about one hour.
BeverlyB Sep 26, 2018
Forgiveness heals my friend. I am holding and nurturing someone that murdered her own child. A child that I cared for as a foster mom. I forgave her and soon after RECEIVED the gift of Healing through spontaneous piano melodies. Join me Thursday , as I lead you and we grow together. ~love BeverlyB~
BeverlyB Sep 25, 2018
a HUG 🤗 another track from my CD Ecstasy compliments Frankincense, Geranium ❤️ and 🌹 Rose. This song came spontaneously the day after my sister hugged me, not once but pressed in and said:”Here 💜” She knew I was overcoming child hood pain of abandonment, rejection and not feeling wanted. These essential oils combined with the 🎶 music will HUG you. ~BeverlyB~
BeverlyB Sep 25, 2018
Check this out! Another amazing woman using her talents to Bless the world! Thanks Jennifer.
BeverlyB Sep 23, 2018
I have combined Essential oils with all my songs on my CD Ecstasy. Get out your Wild Orange 🍊 while you listen to JOY!
BeverlyB Sep 23, 2018
Keep walking 🚶‍♀️ forward!
BeverlyB Sep 21, 2018
I just love this man! He sits by me out of the spotlight when I play music and covers me in prayer. His words to remind me who I am as a woman Empower me and Encourage me to never quit! Is it possible to attract success into a relationship. Yes! Ask me and I will tell you how. or pm me.
BeverlyB Sep 19, 2018
Why is it so difficult for independent women to keep relationships? Why are so many single? I want to talk about that tomorrow and play my Healing Music over you with that intent. Join me LIVE right here 10 am Hawaiian time!
BeverlyB Sep 19, 2018
Did you get your copy of my latest CD called So Real yet?
BeverlyB Sep 19, 2018
This changed my family life. Once we knew which GEM we were it’s been an amazing journey as a mom and wife. Also figuring out the GEMS of friends and family helps to understand them better. We attended lots of Dani Johnson’s Conferences as well.