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Ben Rector Jan 02, 2018
My 2017 top 9 all pretty much look like this. Just look at how much this kid already hates pictures! I really like her and I like you too for being interested in my music. See you in 2018 with new tunes!
Ben Rector Dec 26, 2017
Trying to figure out what to do with those @iTunes gift cards your Grandma gave you? Good news. Every one of my records is on sale today.
Ben Rector Nov 01, 2017
Missing the cutest root vegetable in the world a lot from LA.
Ben Rector Oct 30, 2017
Missing this Razorback fan (who loves taking pictures) a lot from California.
Ben Rector Oct 25, 2017
Had a really great time getting to see the game and call the Hogs. I ❤️ Fayetteville.
Ben Rector Oct 23, 2017
Took Jane to Tulsa for the first time this week. She liked it. Also, she doesn’t like taking pictures, which I respect.
Ben Rector Sep 22, 2017
I have reached the point with voice text that I don't even try to proofread anymore and just count on the recipient interpreting it.
Ben Rector Sep 07, 2017
Thanks again to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for having me on the Soul 2 Soul tour. It was a genuine honor.
Ben Rector Sep 04, 2017
Take your kid to work day was a huge success (though I am told she slept through my entire set).
Ben Rector Sep 02, 2017
Chicago was wonderful last night! Sad tonight is our last show. If you get a chance to check out the Soul2Soul tour, go. It's fantastic.
Ben Rector Aug 31, 2017
Hey do u guys remember the eclipse
Ben Rector Aug 28, 2017
Samford you were ideal. See you Alabamians next time. Thanks for coming!
Ben Rector Aug 27, 2017
TCU you were great. Thanks for teaching me how to do the horned frog hand sign, hopefully I'm doing it correctly in this? Samford, we'll see you tonight!
Ben Rector Aug 24, 2017
Ames, you were wonderful! Thanks for making me feel right at home. One of my favorite acoustic shows in a long time. See your next time!
Ben Rector Aug 21, 2017
I got pretty into the eclipse. Jane did not. 📷: my wife
Ben Rector Aug 21, 2017
Ben Rector Aug 18, 2017
Does anyone know if an eclipse is happening anytime soon?
Ben Rector Aug 15, 2017
Stoked about coffee tomorrow.
Ben Rector Jul 26, 2017
Welcome to the world, Jane. You are perfect and your mother and I love you so, so, so much.
Ben Rector Jul 21, 2017
In the immortal words of Rob Thomas, 'man it's a hot one'.
Ben Rector Jul 20, 2017
When Topgolf invites you to hit golf balls in an NFL stadium, you say yes. I think you're supposed to aim at the targets in the field but I was absolutely going for the parking lot in this one (I did not get it there). #topgolfcrush was a blast, thanks for having me!
Ben Rector Jul 10, 2017
Minneapolis, you were wonderful. You always feel a lot like home. Thanks for coming out and thanks to Basilica Block Party for having us! Shoutout to Cory Wong for being the MVP of this video and to me for hitting the mic on my ear pack while raising my hands. See you again next time!
Ben Rector Jul 08, 2017
Milwaukee, you were a genuine delight to play for. Thanks for braving the weather and thanks to Summerfest for having us!
Ben Rector Jul 07, 2017
Had one of the best days I can remember playing Whistling Straits with college buddies yesterday. The course was, as the kids say, off the chain. Thanks so much to The American Club Resort for having us out!
Ben Rector Jul 05, 2017
I've wanted to play Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre for a long time, so pumped to get to do it this October at Laid Back Festival! Tickets onsale this Friday.