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Bedhead Oct 15, 2017
No idea why this remastered, gatefold, 180 gram LP is priced so low ($5.00!?)... but it may be best to not ask questions and just buy quickly...
Bedhead Sep 06, 2017
Thanks to POPnews (France) for the very nice "album of the year" review for The New Year's new album "SNOW." How to purchase:
Bedhead Aug 21, 2017
The New Year's "SNOW" LPs are finally back in stock! Get yours today since this second pressing could be the last. US - Europe - h
Bedhead Jul 23, 2017
Just one more reminder that today is the last day to get CDs for $5 on the Numero Group site. Both the 4 CD Bedhead box set and the "Live 1998" album are part of this sale. Incredible deal.
Bedhead Jul 21, 2017
"BEDHEAD 1992-1998" CD box 50% off! Looks like Numero Group is selling off all of their CD stock at big discounts. This weekend only, so do it now!
Bedhead Jul 21, 2017
Huge sale on CDs from Numero Group. Looks like they are selling off all of their CD stock. Get "BEDHEAD Live 1998" for $5.00!
Bedhead Jul 05, 2017
The New Year
Bedhead Jun 28, 2017
For everyone in Australia...
Bedhead Jun 26, 2017
Nice review of The New Year's new album "Snow" in Dusted Magazine
Bedhead Jun 21, 2017
The New Year's German label has sold out of the first white vinyl LP pressing. There are some left in a few stores out there and online so get one while you can...
Bedhead Jun 15, 2017
The New Year's cool, new "Snow" t-shirt. All sizes back in stock. Get one today!
Bedhead Jun 04, 2017
Matthew Gallaway, author who wrote the extensive liner notes for the Bedhead "1992-1998" boxed set, has written some thoughts on the The New Year's new album "Snow."
Bedhead Jun 01, 2017
Bedhead May 03, 2017
"SNOW" is the Bandcamp Album of the Day "The New Year return with another haunting, carefully-crafted masterpiece."
Bedhead May 01, 2017
Nice review of our The New Year's new album on Allmusic: Order your copy now at:
Bedhead Apr 28, 2017
We are very happy to finally say that The New Year has a new album out today called "SNOW." We have tried to make it available in as many territories as possible, so we wanted to provide links and info for everyone. HOW TO PURCHASE VIA MAIL ORDER - North America (via Undertow Music - all formats) - Europe/UK (via Grand Hotel van Cleef Records) (LP/CD package) (iTunes digital Europe) - Taiwan/China/Hong Kong/Malaysia/Singapore (via High Note Records) - Japan (via Big Nothing/Tower Records) HOW TO BUY FROM YOUR LOCAL RECORD STORE All of the above labels have distribution in their respective countries. If your local store does not have the album, pass on the above label information and they can order from them. OTHER ONLINE STORES - iTunes - Bandcamp - Amazon - THE NEW YEAR store If you post your purchase to Instagram, use the tag #thenewyearband Thanks a lot and we hope that you enjoy the album.
Bedhead Apr 24, 2017
Listen to Matt Kadane from The New Year and Bedhead on the Brainwashed podcast talk about the inter-workings of some songs from new album from The New Year and older Bedhead songs.
Bedhead Apr 05, 2017
New video for the song "Myths" from The New Year's forthcoming album. Thanks to Stereogum for the announcement.
Bedhead Apr 03, 2017
Many thanks to Stereogum for the announcement of the new album by The New Year.
Bedhead Mar 01, 2017
All BEDHEAD albums are now available on Bandcamp
Bedhead Feb 19, 2017
THE NEW YEAR / SNOW - Deluxe Edition Pre-order limited edition snow white vinyl with shirt, turntable mat, tote, and custom embroidered patch!