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BedHead Jul 10, 2018
BedHead This Week Thursday...Silversands, Lossie. Yes, that's right. We're having a weekend off. It's planned that way so please don't try to book us.
BedHead Jul 07, 2018
BedHead Jun 25, 2018
BedHead this week....... Thursday...Greyfriars club, summer ball. Saturday... .Harbour Bar, Buckie. Sunday.....The Steamboat, Lossie (4pm).
BedHead Jun 23, 2018
BedHead this weekend Friday and Saturday 22 Club, Aberdeen
BedHead Jun 16, 2018
BedHead Jun 08, 2018
LOCAL DUO DECLARED DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL. Local Moray duo BedHead are "dangerous" and "harmful" according to a holidaymaker. Mrs Prodnose was enjoying a break at popular moray resort Silversands when BedHead arrived to set up for their gig at the seaside caravan park. As the band began their sound check, things took a sinister turn. "They sound checked with "Brass in Pocket" and I really hate that song." Said Mrs Prodnose, " Its about drugs and I knew I had to do something." Determined to spoil it for everybody, Mrs Prodnose whipped out her phone, tapped on an app she got for free on the interweb that measures sound levels and waved it in the band's faces. " It read 90 dB," she moaned, " I don't know what that means but it was nearly in the red bit. That makes it dangerous and harmful. I tried to tell the band they were killing people but they just held their hands up to their ears as if they couldn't hear me and I have a really strident, whinging voice. I tried to warn staff but they looked at me as if I was a complete fruitloop." Mrs Prodnose added that she was upset that there were no seats that were six inches away from the speakers. " That's the place you need to be to utterly spoil live music for the entire audience." She said. " I have no knowledge of sound legislation or A or C weighting of sound level checking but I have an app on my phone and an irresistible urge to be noticed and that trumps any specialist knowledge." Mrs Prodnose plans to return tonight to monitor the gig with her uncalibrated smart phone sound meter. " I've warned the venue that the bass better be turned off by 11.30pm. I don't know my rights but they're sure to be of a type that will annoy the shite out of everybody." BedHead were unavailable for comment as they don't give a fuck what a random stranger thinks. Based on a true story.
BedHead Jun 08, 2018
BedHead Jun 04, 2018
BedHead this week ...... Friday....Silversands, Lossie. Saturday.....Beach Bar, Lossie Sunday.....Northern Lights, Buckie
BedHead May 27, 2018
BedHead May 23, 2018
BedHead this weekend.... Saturday...For Folk Sake Festival. Sunday....Midas, Elgin 4-7
BedHead May 19, 2018
BedHead tonight...... The Pits, Buckie.
BedHead May 11, 2018
All set up and ready to go.
BedHead May 10, 2018
BedHead this weekend..... Friday.....Caley Bar, Peterhead Saturday... Diceys, Elgin
BedHead May 07, 2018
Tiring weekend with three gigs, including a wedding dance. All really good though, especially Cheers Cafe Bar & Tavern Fraserburgh. Even though the place was rammed to the rafters with folk that had been pissing it up all day, everyone was good natured and happy, even profusely apologising if they banged into us when dancing. Just shows it can be done.
BedHead May 07, 2018
Cheers Cafe Bar & Tavern Fraserburgh
BedHead May 02, 2018
BedHead this week...... Friday..... wedding, Stotfield Saturday....Sports & Social club, Lossie. Sunday....Cheers Cafe Bar, Fraserburgh.
BedHead Apr 29, 2018
Cheers Cafe Bar & Tavern Fraserburgh
BedHead Apr 27, 2018
BedHead this weekend..... Friday...Steamboat, Lossie Saturday....Beach Bar, Lossie.
BedHead Mar 30, 2018
Here we go again. 2nd last gig before hols.
BedHead Mar 30, 2018
BedHead Tonight........ O'donoghue's, Aberdeen (11 -2 am) Saturday.....612 Club, Aberdeen
BedHead Mar 26, 2018
BedHead Mar 26, 2018
Busy week ahead for BedHead.. Tuesday......Silver sands, Lossie Thursday... Greyfriars Club, Elgin Friday......O,donoghues, Aberdeen Saturday... 612 Club, Aberdeen
BedHead Mar 25, 2018
What a fantastic night at the RDA Gala night last night - good food, a fantastic show from HypnoTainment and a generous and dancey audience. Well done to the ladies who volunteered for HypnoTainment, you were amazing. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and thank you for supporting Moray Group RDA.
BedHead Mar 23, 2018
Fancy something different this weekend? Want to support a vital local charity? Come and join us for dinner followed by a fascinating and funny hypnotist show and live music to dance away the calories. Tickets still available at the Stotfield Hotel.
BedHead Mar 16, 2018
Double gig on Saturday for us. 4.45 ......O'donoghue's Aberdeen,St Patrick's day. 9.30 pm.....Portland Club, Aberdeen