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The Beast Shouted Love
Beautify Junkyards
Beautify Junkyards Oct 18, 2017
we are thrilled to announce that our new album will be released on Ghost Box , one of our favorite labels. the release is planned for the 1st quarter of 2018
Beautify Junkyards Aug 28, 2017
Beautify Junkyards's cover photo
Beautify Junkyards Aug 08, 2017
Beautify Junkyards Jul 31, 2017
Wire magazine JAN 2017
Beautify Junkyards Jul 26, 2017
is everybody in? new album mixing sessions about to begin...
Beautify Junkyards Jun 26, 2017
new album recording sessions #03
Beautify Junkyards Jun 20, 2017
We are featuring on the latest Kool Kitchen ! thanks Mariola Fiedorczuk , wonderful lineup
Beautify Junkyards Jun 19, 2017
new album recording sessions #02
Beautify Junkyards Jun 14, 2017
Ola's Kool Kitchen
Beautify Junkyards May 29, 2017
Beautify Junkyards
Beautify Junkyards May 23, 2017
new album recording sessions #01
Beautify Junkyards May 08, 2017
our album "The Beast Shouted Love" is now available on Spotify good stream flow to everyone
Beautify Junkyards Mar 31, 2017
Beautify Junkyards is the band of the day at Europavox follow the link for more details nice! #europa #bjentrance
Beautify Junkyards Mar 27, 2017
Beautify Junkyards -For Erica@MBox by Lois Gray
Beautify Junkyards Mar 27, 2017
Beautify Junkyards Mar 25, 2017
há um ano atrás tocámos no MUSICBOX LISBOA, numa tour conjunta com a Erica Buettner, hoje vamos estar a tocar por ela :) vamos estar muito bem acompanhados: Frankie Chavez, Selma Uamusse e Nice Weather For Ducks gostávamos que vocês se juntassem a nós For Erica | Concerto Solidário
Beautify Junkyards Mar 23, 2017
no próximo sábado vamos estar no MUSICBOX LISBOA numa noite de festa , com Frankie Chavez, Selma Tito e Nice Weather For Ducks , um pequeno gesto de solidariedade para com a nossa amiga Erica Buettner as portas abrem ás 22hs e o primeiro concerto começa às 22,30hs
Beautify Junkyards Mar 13, 2017
em contagem decrescente ! Vamos fazer esta noite para ajudar a Erica e celebrar a vida
Beautify Junkyards Mar 06, 2017
featuring on Europavox
Beautify Junkyards Feb 22, 2017
no dia 25 de Março vamos participar neste evento de apoio à nossa Erica Buettner ! Ajudem-nos a divulgar
Beautify Junkyards Jan 09, 2017
our latest single reviewed on the Jan 2017 issue of The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music
Beautify Junkyards Jan 08, 2017
PleniRockium reviewed our latest single on Ghostbox Beautify Junkyards “Constant Flux / Piramide” Ghost Box (7″) We renew our appreciation for Beautify Junkyards, Lisbon quintet interviewed in March 2016 on the enthusiasm generated by their second album “The Beast That Shouted Love”, now unchanged in listening to this single released by Ghost Box in a hauntological series on 7 inch vinyls. Two new songs to intensify a magnificent discography, communicating and facing (also) on modern psych-folk perspectives. Opens “Constant Flux”, at the same time warm and mysterious with his embrace of shadow generated by crystalline arpeggios moving in the flitter of synthesizers and resonant beats on the expressive singing by João Branco Kyron . The magic continues with “Pyramid” a twilight dance embroidered in Portuguese language by Rita Vian to get lost in the masterful acoustic – electronic balance, a journey from the hippy communes of Skye to the new Brazilian music. Entrancing.
Beautify Junkyards Dec 31, 2016
Beautify Junkyards's cover photo
Beautify Junkyards Dec 20, 2016
we have made a break in our new album jam sessions to produce a new "Perfumed Garden" to you all
Beautify Junkyards Dec 08, 2016
our single on Ghost Box is among the best of 2016 on US Goldmine: The Collectors Record And Compact Disc Marketplace