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The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards
The Beast Shouted Love
Beautify Junkyards
Beautify Junkyards Mar 16, 2018
“...Like the best of Ghost Box’s output, The Invisible World Of Beautify Junkyards is immersive, haunting, and filled with little details that reward with each listen...A fifteen-track journey into something mesmerisingly otherworldly and out of time”
Beautify Junkyards Mar 14, 2018
terrific review on the latest Electronic Sound Magazine "...It’s splendid stuff, but then you’d expect nothing less from a band whose beatific cover versions of Kraftwerk’s ‘Radioactivity’ and Nick Drakes’ ‘From The Morning’ were as dizzyingly good as the originals. And as with their first two LPs, there’s much to love here — standouts include the swirling ‘Sybil’s Dream’, channelling Broadcast’s wistful retro-futurism, and the transcendental Os Mutantes-like ‘Manhã Tropical’. Anything but invisible, it’s a bewitching album that you’ll warm to immediately."
Beautify Junkyards Mar 10, 2018
entrevista para a LOOK mag
Beautify Junkyards Mar 09, 2018
Beautify Junkyards
Beautify Junkyards Mar 09, 2018
Beautify Junkyards's cover photo
Beautify Junkyards Mar 09, 2018
Today our new album is released and to celebrate Julian House has created a magical video-trailer "Atmospheric, immersive, and arcane, The Invisible World Of Beautify Junkyards is a record out of time" Shindig "Deep in the woods glows a masterpiece from Beautify Junkyards." Prog Magazine "Effortlessly blending English acid folk and Brazilian tropicalia, you may find yourself transported to another world via this sparkling new release... Brava!" The Big Takeover " album that will live long in the hearts of the listener." Strange Brew now available at Ghostbox store : and all digital platforms
Beautify Junkyards Mar 08, 2018
our new album being reviewed on Moof magazine.
Beautify Junkyards Mar 02, 2018
our new album reviewed in the latest issue of Prog magazine (UK). "Deep in the woods glows a masterpiece from Beautify Junkyards...something deeply special to Beautify Junkyards glows in their dense reverie...It all elevates their 21st-century psych folk to a magical higher level."
Beautify Junkyards Mar 01, 2018
great review in the italian magazine Il Mucchio Selvaggio "...The arrival on Ghost Box for this third album refines a timeless and irresistibly multi-faceted concept. A line that combines Broadcast with The High Llamas, pastoral sounds with sci-fi library music, autumnal acoustic guitars and spectral echoes, synths and cello, percussion with the ethereal voice of Rita Vian..." ****
Beautify Junkyards Feb 21, 2018
our "Golden Apples of the Sun" featured yesterday on Gideon Coe BBC Radio 6 Music follow the link to hear the show
Beautify Junkyards Feb 16, 2018
Pre-order of our forthcoming album "The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards" is now available on Ghost Box Pré-venda do nosso novo álbum está disponível através do link abaixo,
Beautify Junkyards Feb 13, 2018
Beautify Junkyards anunciam novo disco com o single "Aquarius" - LOOK mag
Beautify Junkyards Feb 11, 2018
Beautify Junkyards's cover photo
Beautify Junkyards Feb 09, 2018
Featuring in the newest Shindig! Magazine... the latest! our favourite magazine ! interview+review "so slowly has the Ghost Box family grown, and so rarely do artists become part of the small roster, that each new arrival comes with an implied certificate of authenticity. So this is with Portugal´s Beautify Junkyards...Atmospheric, immersive and arcane, "The invisible world of..." is a record out of time and as such a natural fit on Ghost Box" ****
Beautify Junkyards Feb 08, 2018
lovely early review about our forthcoming album "... ‘The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards’ continues to mine their unique path of pastoral acid-folk and shimmering electronica...Much of this material is stunningly gorgeous album that will live long in the hearts of the listener."
Beautify Junkyards Jan 26, 2018
our forthcoming album reviewed on Goldmine: The Collectors Record And Compact Disc Marketplace (US) "...The Invisible World is an inexorable step forward from The Beast…, just as that so clearly built on its predecessor. Indeed, Beautify Junkyards’ entire career-so-far has been forged upon a relentless journey through the darker hinterlands of what might once have passed for eerie psychedelia, but is now wholly out on its own..."
Beautify Junkyards Jan 23, 2018
Beautify Junkyards Jan 21, 2018
DJ Food saying nice things about us and about our new single on Ghost Box !
Beautify Junkyards Jan 18, 2018
falámos ao Rimas e Batidas acerca do álbum que se aproxima...
Beautify Junkyards Jan 17, 2018
in Raven Sings The Blues "...The first taste is this sparkling, polyrhythmic treat, “Aquarius,” along with a suibtably psyhchedelic companion video. The band melds chugging beats with a veil of sun-squinted haze...The track’s got repeat appeal for sure and serves to whet the appetite for a full platter of similarly minded psych-pop. At this point I’m always intrigued as to what’s coming down the Ghost Box pike and rarely have I been disappointed. Great way to start off the year! "
Beautify Junkyards Jan 16, 2018
we are thrilled to present our first single "Aquarius" from our forthcoming album on Ghostbox Records. Out on 9th March more soundclips, info and store at :
Beautify Junkyards Jan 09, 2018
Beautify Junkyards
Beautify Junkyards Jan 09, 2018
good things will happen next friday ! forthcoming album :: March on Ghostbox Records
Beautify Junkyards Dec 24, 2017
featuring Sunday Experience
Beautify Junkyards Dec 23, 2017
let the fog spread in your living room a gift to all our friends, thanks for your support 2018 will bring magick