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The Journey Is the Destination
No Rush
Beatspoke Feb 14, 2018
#newtoy #studio @we.are.roli
Beatspoke Feb 14, 2018
#happyvalentinesday #myfunnyvalentine #tune #mood
Beatspoke Jan 16, 2018
#mood today. Seed of Doubt, filmed on the Costa Brava at 5 a.m. on my birthday, watching all the fishing boats race out to sea.
Beatspoke Jan 16, 2018
Beatspoke's cover photo
Beatspoke Jan 16, 2018
Beatspoke Nov 23, 2017
#happythanksgiving from #madrid
Beatspoke Nov 10, 2017
#dinnertime #yummy #hairstyles
Beatspoke Nov 10, 2017
#nofilter #madrid #tirsodemolina
Beatspoke Nov 07, 2017
Great night with @sallieford feat. our good friend @krisdoty on bass
Beatspoke Oct 31, 2017
#happyhalloween from inspector clouseau and Totoro the Forrest spirit!
Beatspoke Oct 17, 2017
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Beatspoke Sep 17, 2017
#10months today #max #love
Beatspoke Sep 17, 2017
#10months today! #barcelona
Beatspoke Sep 01, 2017
#firstdayofschool #daycare #dressedup #hairdone #ready
Beatspoke Sep 01, 2017
#firsts #kicks #9monthsold
Beatspoke Aug 19, 2017
#beachvibes #family #holidays #costabrava
Beatspoke Jul 08, 2017
#mybabyboy #retiro2017 #parklife #summer
Beatspoke Jun 18, 2017
#studio #workinghard
Beatspoke Jun 18, 2017
#happyfathersday #cooldads #howwedo
Beatspoke May 05, 2017
Love this tune #mood #onrepeat
Beatspoke Mar 30, 2017
Very cool
Beatspoke Mar 26, 2017
This freestyle studio session later became Sink or Swim, track 4 off our latest album ¨The Journey is the Destination¨
Beatspoke Feb 06, 2017
Digging this tune Loving this..
Beatspoke Nov 09, 2016
Beatspoke Nov 09, 2016
So Trump is the new president elect, the House and Senate have a Republican majority and there may be as many as three supreme Court judges to appoint during his legislature.That means that very dangerous decisions can be made and pushed through easily with a lasting effect on the future of America (and the world) for decades (or more) to come. What's first/next? Build a wall on the Mexican border, repeal the affordable Care act leaving people without healthcare, repeal roe v wade, building back up our nuclear weapon stocks, get rid of NAFTA, ban muslims, mass deportation, grab some pussys, reinstate stop and frisk racial profiling? The potential list goes on and on.... Thanks America, you've made me so proud today. Millennials and others who, with the intent of voting your conscience, went third party, time to reflect very seriously on what you've helped accomplish. I have to say that I feel that this result is our fault. Our fault for creating a country which professes to be a first world power with the `anything is possible American dream` at the forefront of our message but the reality is a large population of marginalized people living in poverty and debt without access to affordable education and healthcare, lacking in opportunities who are effectively disenfranchised and disillusioned, forced to desperate measures based on fear and hatred. It is indeed a sad day.